Here it is, my biggest writing work to date. Note that this is only my second work on the site, but I've been writing for a bit longer than I have done fanfiction. Regardless, I consider this my biggest masterpiece, and I hope that you enjoy reading it even more then I enjoyed writing it… which was a blast

Without any further ado, here is the first prologue to wars of the rift, expect even more worlds to get brought in when the story advances.

Prologue- The snowball effect

Giving the right circumstances, one small mistake can lead to total catastrophe

"Ah, welcome home my master, how were your travels?"
"Rather boring, old friend. I found myself seeing the same sights and doing the same things countless times over, yet it wasn't completely uneventful"
"How so, master"
"Stop calling me master, for the last time we are equals. Regardless, I did a little bit of work on the most amusing planeswalking theory. It was more out of boredom than actual practicality"
"Oh? Please tell me more"
"It's actually turned up some interesting results, but I'm nowhere near foolish enough to actually try it, now that the proper planeswalking technique is no longer a mystery to me. It involves ripping a hole in the fabric of space in order to… actually here, why don't you just read my notes on the subject, they're right-"

*Fumbling through bag*

"… What's the matter, Urza?"
"Oh… shit…"


Such a wondrous discovery had to be some sort of blessing from a god. Mother Brain thought of this as nothing short of an absolutely foolish remark, yet she knew that the information she now held had to be a gift from a higher being then herself, god or no. For years she schemed and plotted possible events that would result in the death of the bounty hunter that caused her so much pain. The brain wanted nothing more in the whole universe then to cause the death of the dreaded Samus Aran. For years she plotted and schemed, tried desperately to invent the perfect plan, yet only came up with mindless ravings that would not even kill a cockroach, but one day one of her henchmen came across the most astounding book, a novel which explains of a way to tear a hole in between entire universes. The Mother brain was skeptical of this theory at first, but once the book was fully translated, it spoke of methods and styles of using technology that Mother Brain never before even considered. After a small test, she was stunned to be staring through a rift into a completely different universe.

That would be the solution; surely somebody in an alternate universe had to hold power enough to slay one female bounty hunter! Mother brain almost broke her storage tank out of sheer excitement, her day had finally come. All that she had to do now was pick the right universe, the right individual for the job. Which would prove to be a more daunting task then brain realized, as there were so many living things in her universe alone, finding one to stand out in so many other universes outside hers… It would have been enough to drive any living human insane, but the mother brain was far from human, she was lucky enough to find a perfect candidate for her mission within the shockingly short time frame of only two months.

His hair was pale white, his sword was long enough to match his entire body, his garb were as black as a cloudy midnight sky, on the outside he was an ideal warrior, and on the inside he was laughably easy for a being like Mother brain to manipulate. Yes, this 'Sephiroth' person would be absolutely perfect for eliminating Samus Aran, and act as Mother Brain's sword as she moved to rule over her entire plane of existence. She found her pawn; the hard part of her operation was over.

"My dear son… Come to me"
"M-mother!? Jenova!"
"It is me, child, please come, there is much I need your help with"
"Anything you ask, mother"

The deed was done; Mother Brain opened a full sized rift between the two universes from the small hole that she had used to get into contact with him. It appeared in front of Sephiroth as a black portal, leading to the deepest sanctum of Mother Brain's lair.

"Come to me, my dear, dear son"

Following even more blindly then mother brain expected, Sephiroth passed through the rift and into an entirely different universe. Once he was through, Mother Brain carefully sealed the rift, ensuring that no trace of it was left behind. Sephiroth stood in mother brain's lair; he stood in a universe outside his own. Although mother brain looked nothing like this 'Jenova' that the men held so dearly, she realized that he was so desperate for his mother's love that he didn't even notice. The man simply lowered his head in a sign of servitude to his 'beloved mother' and he spoke in a quiet tone.
"My life is yours, mother"

Those were exactly the words that Mother Brain wanted to hear, victory was hers.


What the wretched being known as Mother Brain failed to take into account, was that once the fabric of a universe is torn, it cannot be re-sealed. Although Mother Brain did seal the rift in her immediate area, because the rift was made by destroying part of the walls between universes, another hole appeared far away. This new hole began doing what rifts are designed to do, destroy. It destroyed more of the universe protecting walls around it, this 'devouring' rift moved at such a slow pace that it would be unnoticeable to the naked eye, taking whole minutes to devour even molecules, but it was growing, and affecting the universe at large more and more with each passing second.


The walls around the building suddenly caved in, causing uproar on the streets below as debris fell from the sky and crashed to the ground. From the plume of smoke that roared up with each collapse, came a very familiar insane laughter. It came from a mentally unstable Maverick known the world over as "Sigma". Sigma tried countless times to overthrow the world and put himself in charge, yet he failed each and every time, thanks to the heroic duo that protected the world, Megaman X and Zero. X charged forward through the debris towards the laughter, while Zero landed gracefully on his feet after hurdling himself backwards to avoid a falling rock. Zero could hear X shout as he charged towards their sworn enemy.

"Sigma, this time we will finish you once and for all!"
"Very well then, X, but this time it is I who shall emerge victorious"

The sounds of a battle rang out as smoke cleared up, X was skating across the ground smoothly using his propeller boots, which allowed him to slightly hover above the ground and move at much higher speeds without the use of his legs. He was moving to flank Sigma's left side, the Maverick responded by pulling a rod off of his hip, it suddenly rang to live as purple energy flowed through it; he effortlessly spun it around between his fingers to deflect each and every shot that X let loose. Without even thinking, Zero rushed forward and jumped into the air, slashing down at Sigma's exposed back with his trademark 'Z-saber'. Sigma countered at the last second by turning around and blocking Zero's descending slash with the other side of his rod. After realizing he was being struck with a pincer attack, Sigma rolled backwards and transitioned into a backflip that got him out of the duo's combined attack.

The battle was about to rage on again, as X and Zero began to attack again, the ground beneath their feet began to quake. The streets split like a jagged mountain because of the sheer force of the tremor that was laying assault on the city. Time only caused the tremor to get more violent, and once the duo of maverick hunters got their bearings back, Zero looked at X with an upset glare.
"Damn it, X, we have to get out of here."
"This place is falling apart, we can't stay here, we have to leave, now!"

And without another word, Zero vanished in a beam of red light. Zero never fled from a fight without a valid reason, and he was very wise when it came to picking between a suicide battle and a heroic struggle. Before X also took to retreat, he looked over at Sigma, who seemed to be enjoying the violent shaking.
"Sigma! What did you do!?"

Sigma did not turn to face X, and in his response came a tone of awe.
"Kid, this one isn't me…"

Buildings everywhere began crumbling and falling to pieces, collapsing under the raw power of the furious tremor. Before X got buried in the rubble, he teleported away from the scene, becoming nothing more than a beam of blue light as he flew into the sky.

X re-appeared after managing to trace Zero's location. And when he finally caught up to his red armored partner, X walked up to see Zero's face showing a look of raw shock. X looked over at the scene, and he was able to understand why. X saw a chaotic nexus of planets raging towards each other, spinning around what looked like a massive black hole. Unable to pull his eyes from the scene, X spoke to his partner.
"Z- Zero… what are we looking at?"
"I- I just looked for a place where the earthquake wasn't wreaking havoc. It seemed like the world over was suffering from it. But then I found a place and it's… it's… here"

The two could only stand and watch, as the planets moved ever closer and the black hole got even bigger with each second.


"Wake up, Chief, we have a problem!"

A familiar voice rang throughout the cut off section of the ship; it was the voice of a certain A.I. that had lived in solitude for what must have been an eternity. Cortana's voice caused Master Chief to awaken from his nap in cryosleep. Because of advances in UNSC technology, it was possible to be frozen alive in a special pod, and then awoken at a later date without aging so much as a day. For several marines it allowed month long voyages across galaxies to pass in the blink of an eye. For this particular Spartan, it was the only reason he was still alive.

The green armored giant forced his way out of the opening pod, if Cortana was waking him up, it meant there was something serious going on.
"Cortana, what is it?"

Cortana's digital form appeared on a nearby terminal, her bodily motions and her desperate facial expressions proved that she had gone as rampant as is possible for an AI to go, but Cortana was extraordinarily important to the chief, the little blue digital woman standing before him was the only thing he had left that reminded him of his days on reach (save his MJOLNER armor), a time when he was one of many Spartans, when he fought in a squad with dear friends who all died years ago. Cortana was all he had left, and he wasn't going to let her go for anything.

The AI was frantic, it was obvious that whatever Cortana had woken Chief up for, it was important.
"We've come across something, something big"
"What, like a UNSC or covenant ship?"
"No, judging from its size and monstrous gravitational field, I'd say it's a black hole."

Before Chief could respond, he felt the cut off section of the frigate shift in flowing direction violently. And a moment later the world around him became a violent blur of steel. Chief felt as though he was thrown into a tornado the size of a planet. Grabbing onto the nearest pole, Master Chief hung on tighter than he had ever done before. He was gripping the wall so tightly that his armor made gash like dents in the stainless steel of the ship's inner framing. After several minutes of being thrown round like some kind of child's toy, Chief felt the frigate become strangely calm, and then he felt the very familiar feeling of falling.

From somewhere nearby, Cortana was shouting again, calculating the rate of falling against any and all probable reasons for it. But Chief didn't need an AI to tell him what was happening. They had come within a planet's atmosphere, and gravity was pulling them towards the ground like a steel comet from hell.
"We're crashing, Chief!"

Another familiar feeling came to the Chief as they finally met the ground of whatever planet they landed on. The feeling was familiar, was it was far from the Master Chief's favorite. The force from the impact sent chief crashing violently through several layers of steel, eventually smashing his armor against the ground of this unknown planet. As he laid there, he could hear yet another familiar voice in his mind, this one send pains of nostalgia into the Spartan's heart.

"heh, crazy fool. Why do you always jump? One of these days you're going to land on something as stubborn as you are, and I don't do 'bits and pieces'"

The voice of a man Chief greatly respected, Sergeant Johnson. Who had a perfectly valid point about Chief's jumping habits. A black fog enshrouded the chief's eyesight, and darkness took presence over light in the Spartan's gaze.


Ajani Goldmane stood by the side of Jace Belerin as the two planeswalkers looked at the rift, as well as all of the worlds that were being sucked towards one another at a growing rate. As the rift grew bigger, more and more planets became part of the constantly growing vortex. Ajani was the first to speak, setting the tone for the rather unpleasant conversation that was about to take place. The white robed lion man looked over at the rather small human with a gaze of fear and dreaded anticipation.

"It's only a matter of time before all of these worlds collide…"
"You're right, I was correct to trust this view to you, Ajani, if there's any walker out there I can trust to be honest, it's you""
"Enough flattery, Belerin… Who do you think caused this disaster? Was it Lilliana? Maybe Gurruk?"
"Lilliana may be smart, and evil… but she'd never do something like this… and Gurruk? Don't make me laugh."
"Then who would be capable of doing this? And why would they want to cause such disaster, any planets that don't get completely destroyed are going to be meshed together in a chaotic mixing bag that I can't even begin to fathom."
"Ajani, I doubt it was a planeswalker that's responsible for this"
"… Either way, we must find a way to destroy this… this rift, or all existence may be devoured into nothingness"