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She threaded her fingers through his hair, pulling his face to hers. His breath was hot against her lips; his mouth opened over hers, tongue thrusting forward, claiming her as his own and she could finally - finally - taste him, as sweet and hot and wild as she'd ever imagined he'd be.

Pulling away, she slipped to her knees in front of him, fingers fumbling only briefly as she undid the belt at his waist and the button and zipper beneath it. She pulled down the waistbands of his belt and pants together, down past his hips, and he sprang forward, released. Leaning forward, she took him into her mouth, grasping his base with her hands, licking and stroking and sucking until he was moaning with the pleasure of it. His hands on her head pulled her closer as his hips thrust forward, forcing her to take more. To take all of him. And she did, every sense alive at this new taste of him, salty and sharp, and in the contrasts against her tongue, soft and hard and smooth, filling her mouth and senses with all that was him.

Then the rhythm was lost and he was jerking forward, thrusting one last time hard and deep and she had to swallow to keep from choking on his seed. "Sam…" Nothing had ever tasted so sweet, nor been so perfect as her name on Jack's lips, harsh and ragged with need and desire as he came in her mouth. "God… Sam…"

He spoke again, "Carter?"

Sam looked up, startled by the sudden abruptness in his tone, shaking her head slightly to clear her vision. General O'Neill - so very different yet so very much the same as the man in her daydream - sat looking at her across the conference table.

"Ah… Yes, Sir?"

"Well, Colonel…?"

She hoped the flush she felt spreading across her features wasn't as visible as she feared it certainly was. "Uh.. I'm sorry, Sir. I was…" She couldn't think of a single thing to say.

"Distracted?" Daniel offered from the other side of the table.

Sam wasn't sure whether to kick him for the slight knowing grin on his face or thank him for coming to her rescue. She chose to ignore him. Turning back to the General, she said, "Yeah, I'm sorry, Sir. What were you asking?"

He shot her the Look - the one she'd never have imagined possible until just recently - expressing frustration and exasperation as though he'd said them out loud and which always made her certain she was failing miserably in his eyes. "I said," he snapped, then, taking a deep breath, he continued more calmly, "Do you think your team can talk the Arlins and into agreeing to the mining arrangement? You're the one always going on about how crucial new sources of Naquadah are to the F-303 program…"

Sam nodded before taking a deep breath of her own, desperately trying to gather together the frayed ends of her body and soul before speaking. "Yes, Sir. I believe we can. They seem very eager for improved agricultural techniques, and the Naquadah itself has very little value to them. I don't see any problems."

"Good." The General gathered up his papers, preparing to leave. "Then.. If we're finished here?" He waited a moment for Sam and the rest of her team to nod. "I'll see you at 0900 tomorrow in the 'gate room."

Sam stood stiffly to attention as he stood up and walked back into his office. When he had left, she gathered up her own papers from the table in front of her. Trying to ignore the sympathetic looks from Daniel and Teal'c, she hurried from the room.


He was on her doorstep promptly at 1800, dressed and ready for their date, a bunch of flowers - predictably by now - clasped in front of him. It didn't take much work to talk him into her house and even less to seduce him back into her bedroom. They had each other's clothes off within minutes and were soon lying naked together in her bed.

One slick stroke of his fingers between her legs assured them both that she was more than ready and she grabbed his shoulders, pulling him on top of her. She neither needed nor wanted further foreplay. She only wanted him inside her, and he needed no further invitation, pressing her open with his thighs and thrusting into her.

God it felt good. She'd needed him so badly. Wanted him so desperately. She clenched his shoulders, encouraging him on. With each thrust the tension inside her mounted, rapidly, and it was only a very few minutes before she was climaxing in his arms, burying her head in his shoulder as she cried his name.

He came himself a few minutes later, a low grunt escaping his lips as he spilled into her before collapsing down onto her. For several long moments he held her close, and it felt so good to be safe in his embrace, loved and cherished and wanted so desperately.

Then he rolled off of her, and got to his feet, retrieving his clothes from the floor as he did so. "Well, that was unexpected," he said, "I take it you missed me?"

She looked up at him with a smile, "Of course."

She always missed Pete when he was gone. Always.

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