He slid her zipper down and reached inside her flight suit, cupping her breast and slipping it free of the bra which constrained it. His thumb lightly brushed her nipple; her knees buckled beneath her. He glanced up, a brief smile playing across his lips at her obvious reaction. She leaned forward to kiss him, but he ducked his head again, watching as he freed her other breast. He cupped her in both hands, thumbs playing lightly across her nipples, teasing them into exquisite hardness.

Moisture pooled between her legs and, no longer able to support her own weight, she leaned fully into him, resting her forehead on his shoulder. He slipped one hand to the small of her back and gently lowered her to the bed behind them, his other continuing to tease her exposed flesh. Momentarily abandoning her breasts, he pulled her zipper fully down and slipped her flight suit off her shoulders, helping her tug it down and off completely. Her underwear followed.

She lay naked on the bed before him, and he kneeled over her for a moment, eyes roaming freely over her, drinking in the sight. Then his eyes caught hers, pupils nearly black with desire, and she had never felt more beautiful.

He bent back down, holding one recently abandoned breast in his hand, finding and quickly teasing her nipple into a hard peak once more. His mouth claimed the other, teeth raking lightly over her nipple before finally taking it with lips and tongue, tugging and sucking until it grew as hard as the other and she thought she might come from the sheer pleasure of mouth and hand alone.

As though sensing her mounting urgency, he released her and moved further down, trailing a chain of light kisses down the soft curve of her abdomen from breasts to belly. His hands caught her hips, holding and lifting as his thumbs slipped between her thighs, opening her to him. He bent his head to her, lightly stroking the opening between her legs with his tongue, tasting her readiness. Even that gentle touch nearly undid her; her back arched to meet him, pressing herself against him. Forcing him closer.

He chuckled. She didn't care.

She just wanted more.

She needed more.

His tongue slipped inside her, stroking her softest flesh for the briefest of moments before sliding back out and up, finding and teasing the tight nub hidden at the very apex of her thighs. Desire, thick and hot, coiled within her, demanding release.

He nipped her with his teeth.

The world exploded around her.

Within her.

And by the time she remembered how to breathe again… … and how to speak… and even how to think… before she realized once again that there even was a Samantha Carter… he was on top of her, buried inside her. Riding her orgasm along the whole of his length.

Still unable to speak, she threaded her fingers through his hair and kissed his cheek; he began to move again, thrusting into her. Pushing her somehow… impossibly… still higher. And this time when she came, her body clenching around him in a nearly instinctive need to become him and never let go… he came too, burying himself completely as he spilled deep inside her.

Some time later - it might have been hours but it was probably mere minutes - Jack rolled off her and, lightly stroking her forearm with lazy fingers, asked sleepily, "All better?"

She nodded and tucked herself against him. "Mhmmm…" she murmured into his chest, happier than she'd been since… well… since the last time she'd been home on leave.

His arms pulled her closer still.

Some things really were worth doing right.