"No! No! Bad toaster, bad!" The well beloved AoStH Incarnation of Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik screamed as he was backed into a wall.

The mutant toaster bellowed loudly as it tackled into the wall, with Robotnik dodging to the right at the right moment. Robotnik was then screaming for his life as he was being chased by the gigantic mutant toaster, which was a big as a normal sized couch, of which came to life after too many failed experiments. Vector The Crocodile, meanwhile, was working on a prototype money maker, of which was actually working, much to his pleasure.

"Vector! Help me!" Robotnik shouted as he slid on a banana, crashing into a pole as he fell on his back, moaning weakly as the mutant toaster growled, looming over him. Robotnik screamed as he zipped away, running to the east as the toaster shook the entire garage.

Vector growled as he tried tuning up his money making machine, covering his ears as he turned around, shaking his left hand, which was holding the grayish wrench he was using. "Do you mind! I'm trying to make this perfect money maker, so that we can make big bucks!"

"Forget money!" Robotnik shouted as he started running up the wall, the toaster roaring in anger as it barked at Robotnik. "Do something with this damn toaster!" The fat mad scientist then grabbed the chandelier, holding on with all his might as he trembled, iny parts of his big, beautiful orange mustache falling down on the toaster, which only made it angrier.

Vector sighed as he wiped his forehead with his right arm, approaching Robotnik as he looked up, shouting, "All right, I'll be up in a minute." Vector cracked his knuckles as he chucked the wrench behind him, walking right up to the ceiling in mid air as he grabbed Robotnik's butt and pulled him away. Robotnik screamed in pain as Vector was holding him too tightly.

"You bumbling rrrreptile! Can't you be a bit gentler?" Robotnik snapped as he flailed his arms about, his beady red eyes popping out as he noticed the toaster slowly trying to climb up the wall. "Go! Go, at post haste!"

Vector shrugged as he turned around, walking casually on the ceiling as he began whistling. He then grabbed a rope that was placed on the ceiling, whirling it as he chucked it at the toaster. The toaster hissed as it was roped, trying to pull away, but Vector had the advantage, pulling the toaster closer to him as he laughed. Vector then jumped on the toaster, doing several punches to it as Robotnik cheered, tossing his popcorn bucket down, causing it to splatter everywhere as rats appeared, choking on the popcorn.

"Damn, we rrrreally ned an egg-o-matic cleaner for this place," Robotnik commented as he folded his arms disgruntled, shaking his head as Vector whooped ass on the mutant toaster, which whimpered in pain as it still tried pulling away from the burly crocodile.