Dragons Don't Cry

I never understood why humans were the way they were.
I always looked upon them as just another species, another fruit that I would share my land with.
But it was always so hard to watch them quarrel, watch them fight.
And when the Winglies added more bloodshed to Endiness, I was heartbroken.
Our world was created for all of us species to share.
A perfect utopia where everyone was equally honoured and special.
But for some reason Soa gave some species greed, jealousy, and want for power.
I detest that.
Soa should have thought, and even if he did plan ahead with the God of Destruction, it wasn't enough.
What would be the point of spending all that time creating just to destroy in the end?
Why destroy so many lives for a useless reason?
I never understood.
I'll never understand.
Dragons don't cry.
But I did.
And even me, a dragon, must defend myself in a time of duty.
I loved Rose, my vassal Dragoon, she was a beautiful and special woman.
I was honoured to be called the vassal dragon of the darkness Dragoon.
She named me Michael.
But something was there that didn't seem right.
And when she stabbed her single sword through my beating heart, I shed a tear.
Dragons don't cry.
But I did.
Not out of physical pain, but of the pain that I could not control myself.
That damned dictator had created a world where she saw me as a threat, where she was forced to destroy me.
And I was powerless to stop myself from attacking her, from sending my own powers blasting through her guard shield.
The look on Rose's face when she struck me down, I'll never forget it.
I was here, with all the other dragons, up where Soa lives his days.
I watched Rose sorrowfully walk away from my slain dragon body as my soul ascended to this holy place.
I watched as Rose wiped her blade clean of my blood, praying for my happiness.
And I wept.
Dragons don't cry.
But I did.
Her beautiful raven hair, her deep, dark eyes.
They looked upon me with pity and sadness before she drove that sword into me.
I will never forget my strength, my fighting of how I longed to tell her that I didn't want to hurt her, it wasn't me, it wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
I love you Rose.
And now I can tell you because you are here with me, up in Soa's world.
Soa has his own utopia, which is why he allowed you and those humans to defeat Melbu Frahma.
He realized that even though these species fight, and quarrel, and kill, there are some who do it to protect their way of life.
I don't understand.
Yet I never will, because I am a dragon.
But I am different.
Dragons don't cry.
But I did.
I did.