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Tifa couldn't help but smile at the busyness that was her house these days. She didn't mind at all though. It made her happy, having a full house of people to look after. After the Omega incident, she had all but begged Vincent to visit more regularly, which he had agreed to. Every other weekend, Vincent would make the trip from Kalm and come over to the bar to stay with them.

He would spend the weekend helping Cloud organize deliveries, or helping Tifa around the bar. He spent a lot of time with Denzel as well, which made Tifa happy. Cloud was still here and there, and having Vincent around as a role model, even if only every other weekend, was something that Denzel needed. Regardless of all the time Vincent spent with the other members of the household, it was Marlene who truly captured his attention whenever he would come to stay.

The little girl would wrap her tiny arms around his legs the moment he walked through the door, excitedly yelling to let everyone know that her Uncle Vincent was there. He would help her with her homework if she had any, and more often than not, they would wind up in the lounge behind the bar, curled up together in the reclining chair in the corner while Vincent read her whatever book she happened to bring to him.

It remained the same when he and Yuffie had moved in together, except she also began accompanying him on his bi-weekly visits. Tifa didn't mind in the slightest. It made the house busier, but it also reminded her of the days when they had all traveled together and the companionship that she had felt then.

It had been almost two years since Omega, a year and a half since Yuffie and Vincent had come out and been open with everyone about their being together. Tifa chuckled at the thought. She had known from the moment Vincent had returned that things would be different. He had looked lighter, freer – as if this battle had both literally and figuratively released him from the grasp of his demons. When Yuffie had bounded down the stairs and crashed into him, sending them both crashing to the floor with her on top, he had looked at her almost with new eyes.

While they had waited three months to move in together, and six to officially tell everyone that they were indeed together, Tifa had known in that very instant when Vincent's eyes had fallen on Yuffie and shown nothing but love. Now, almost two years later, his eyes still had that same look whenever she was around. It made Tifa happy to finally see him so at peace with the world, and himself. Yuffie seemed to finally be at peace with herself as well. After finding out that she was living and engaged in a romantic relationship with Vincent, Godo had disowned her. Tifa didn't think she had ever seen Yuffie smile wider than the day she had received that particular notice from the Wutai High Council.

Yuffie and Vincent had arrived for the weekend yesterday. Yuffie was currently out in the backyard with Denzel, attempting to teach him how to do a cartwheel, which is what he had asked her to help him with as soon as she had walked through the door the day before. They had been at it since lunchtime, which was several hours ago. Tifa wandered out back to check on them. Passing the lounge on her way out, she listened closely and heard the soft sound of Vincent humming a lullaby.

She walked out the door just in time to see Denzel finish off a perfect cartwheel. She clapped approvingly as Yuffie cheered him on. "Good job!"

Yuffie threw up a peace sign, grinning. "That's my boy! I told you we'd get it!"

"You guys want to come in and take a break?" Tifa asked as she smiled at both of them.

Yuffie nodded, giving her an appreciative look once Denzel's back had turned. Though she absolutely adored spending time with the kids, doing cartwheels out in the heat of the backyard for five hours would exhaust even the most hyperactive of ninjas. The group moved back into the air-conditioned house, Denzel in the lead.

As soon as Yuffie and Tifa were both in with the door closed, Denzel had turned around in the hallway and pressed his finger to his lips to quiet them.

"Shhhhh," he whispered, pointing with his other hand into the darkened lounge. Yuffie and Tifa walked over to look in.

On the big chair in the corner lay a sleeping Vincent, his arms wrapped loosely around an also sleeping Marlene. The little girl was snuggled against him as close as she could get with her head tucked underneath his chin. The book they had been reading was draped across the arm of the chair.

"Oh, that is too cute," Tifa said with a light laugh, taking out her phone to snap a quick picture of the pair. Who would have guessed that their mysterious gunman had such a soft spot for children? Denzel shook his head, leaving the pair to watch Vincent and Marlene sleep in silence. Yuffie was smiling, though it was a different kind of smile than Tifa usually saw her make. Softer.

"Have you two talked about kids yet?" Tifa asked quietly, looking over at the younger girl. Yuffie had grown up so much since Vincent had returned, making every effort to show everyone just how ready she was to move on to the next stage in her life. It only seemed natural to Tifa that the next step for them would involve having a child.

Yuffie looked down at the floor. "Not really. He told me once that he doesn't think he can have any. You know, all the experiments."

"That's unfortunate," Tifa replied, frowning. "He's so good with Marlene. He'd be a wonderful father."

"Well, he was also wrong," Yuffie said suddenly, looking up at Tifa with a slight grin on her face. "The doctor says I should start showing in about a month."

Tifa's jaw dropped as Yuffie's words finally clicked. "What?! When? Oh my Gods!"

"Shhhhhh," Yuffie said, pointing into the lounge. "I'm almost two months along. Went to the doctor's two weeks ago. I'm due in December."

"Does Vincent know?" Tifa asked, wondering just when Yuffie had been planning to make that announcement to the rest of their motley crew.

Yuffie shook her head. "No. I was going to tell him when we got home this weekend. Figured he needed some time to get used to it on his own before we told everyone else."

Tifa smiled, looking in at the older man in the lounge. He would be overjoyed at the knowledge that he was going to be a father. After living a life so marred by tragedy, Vincent deserved every bit of happiness that came his way. Tifa reached over, taking Yuffie by the arm.

"Let's go up to the attic and see if we've still got any of Marlene's baby clothes up there," she suggested, pulling the younger woman down the hall.

In the lounge, Vincent let a slight smile grace his features. It had taken every ounce of his strength not to jump up out of the chair and spin Yuffie around in excitement. A child. He sighed deeply, reaching down to move a strand of hair out of Marlene's face. The little girl's eyes opened, and she looked up at him with a smile.

"Uncle Vincent, what're you smiling about?" She asked as she looked up at him.

"Life," he replied, letting his hand soothingly stroke her small back as she closed her eyes again. He resumed humming a soft lullaby that he remembered from his own childhood before he too drifted off to sleep again, dreaming of his future.