The scene is Nick sitting on his bed with his laptop looking over at a text book Macy is laying on the floor near his bed

Nick looks at Macy "Have you found anymore information ?"

Macy looks up at him "No but this is really depressing"

Nick looks up at her from his text book "Macy it's a report on the great depression"

Macy looks at him "I don't think it's over"

Nick smiles at her "How about we go down to the kitchen and find something to eat" he gets up and walks over toward the fire polls Macy follows him he starts to slide down the fire poll then climbs back up and looks at her "What's wrong come on"

Macy looks at him "I don't know how to"

Nick looks at her "Don't know how to do what ?"

Macy looks at him "How to slide down the fire poll"

Nick gives her a look "Come on Mace all you do is grab a hold of the pole wrap your legs around it and slide down"

Macy looks at him "That sounds easy anothe"

Nick looks at her "Cool" he slides on down Macy grabs a hold of the same poll and slides down

Nicks voice comes from downstairs "Macy"

Macys voice also comes from downstairs "Yea"

Nick sounds in pain "Don't come down the same pole as someone else"

Macy sounds concerned "Sorry"

The scene switch's downstairs Nick walks over holding his arm Macy sits down at the bar Joe and Kevin are looking at an old year book Nick grabs a container out of the fridge walks over and puts it in the microwave "What's that ?" He grabs some plates from the cabinet and walks over to Kevin and Joe

Kevin looks up from the book "It's one of dads old year books"

Macy looks over the cabinet at the book " Who is that girl standing beside your dad ?"

Joe looks at the book "I don't know but she's pretty cute"

Their dad walks in and looks "Oh I see you found a picture of me and your mom"

The boys back off from the book in disgusted their dad flips over to another page "Oh this is from prank week"

Joe walks over to him "What was prank week ?"

Their dad laughs "Oh it was a week where the seniors played tricks on the Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors I know one time we filled a dumpster full of sophomores and pushed them down dead mans hill" he sees Nick and Macy looking at him concerned "Don't worry it hasn't been around for a long time"

Nick looks at him "Good I don't feel like getting pushed down dead mans hill"