The scene changes to the boys living room Nick is working on a song Kevin is watching TV and Kevin's playing solitar their in their night clothes Stella runs in her bathrobe and pajamas with her hair French braided "Help me"

Joe looks at her "What's wrong ?"

Stella looks at them "You're mom is driving me insane"

Kevin looks at her "What do you mean ?"

Stella looks at him "She won't leave me alone she wants to have a make up party"

Nick looks at her "Give her a break Stella she's never had a daughter let her have a little fun"

Their mom yells from the other room "Stella"

Stella looks at the door "coming" then she turns to nick and begins to pull her house robe off and pulls a blond wig out "come on stand up"

Nick stands up "What ?" she pulls his robe of and puts hers on him and puts the blond wig on him

Joe looks at her "Stella what are you doing ?"

Stella smiles at him "Your mom just had a daughter" looks at Nick "Have fun" She pushes him toward the door

Nick looks at her "Can we talk about this ?" his mom grabs "There you are Stella" Stella exit's the room

A few minutes later Nick yells from the other room "Mom"

Their mom sounds shocked "Your not Stella"

The next morning Nick is standing at the mirror of the boys bathroom rubbing some cream on his face Joe walks in followed by Stella

Joe walks over to Nick "Good Morning Frosty"

Nick gives him a look Stella walks to the other side of him " What happened ?"

Nick looks at the mirror "I think I had an allergic reaction to the blush mom put on me last night" he looks over at Stella

Stella looks him "Ok I'm sorry I just couldn't take it anymore"

Joe looks at them "Come on lets get ready for school"

They turn around to leave when Kevin steps through the door "You kid napped frosty"

Joe and Stella at each other as Nick looks at Kevin "Kevin it's me"

Kevin looks amazed "Oh my gosh Nick's Frosty !!"

They give him a look as they walk out of the bathroom Kevin looks at them "What did I say ?"

The scene changes to the next day at school Nick walks over to where Joe and Stella "Dose my face look better now ?"

Stella looks at him "Yea I think the cream helped some why do you ask ?"

Nick looks at her "Maybe it's because people keep laughing at me" he looks annoyed at two kids that are laughing then turns back around

Joe smiles at him "Well maybe it's because you look like a rose"

Nick gives him a look and turns around Kevin runs up "Has anybody been pranked today ?"

Joe looks at him as Nick begins to open his locker "Not yet"

They hear Nick scream and turn around to see a spider hanging on a string and Nick doubled over trying to catch his breath

Kevin looks at them and then at him "Seniors strike again"

Joe walks over to his brother who is starting to stand back up straight "Are you okay ?"

Nick looks at him "I'll let you know as soon as my heart starts again"

Joe looks at him "Sounds good" He walks of along with Kevin and Stella