What I did this Summer.

Summary: Rachel is new in Lima and the first person she meets is the pool boy, Noah.

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A/N: Ok, I know that I shouldn't be starting another story but I had this idea kicking in my head and it wouldn't get out and I can't think of anything else but this story line.


Noah Puckerman was tired. Why in the hell had he decided to continue his pool cleaning business this summer? And this was only his first week. He looked at his list of houses. It was a new client and his last house before the weekend.

He walked up to the back gate and made his way towards the pool. It was a nice yard, very private. He kept that in the back of his mind in case he ran into a cougar or hot cheerleader. What he got though was so much better.

In the sun, lying on one of the lawn chairs was the more beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her eyes were closed and the music playing in her ears was loud. He knew he had a while to admire her. He could tell that normally she wouldn't stand very tall, but her tan, creamy legs seemed to go on forever. He imagined what they'd feel like wrapped around his waist. Her brown hair illuminated in the sunlight. She was slim but not super skinny like his cheerleader hookups. Not to mention her boobs looked amazing in the pink and white striped bikini she was wearing.

He shook his head. God she was gorgeous and he definitely wouldn't mind hitting that. He took off his shirt and started to clean the pool, occasionally stealing glances at the beauty.

The silence of the playlist ending on her iPod woke Rachel up. She opened her eyes and stretched slightly. Mid-stretch she noticed a shirtless man standing by her pool. He dad's had told her the pool boy would be coming today. She didn't want to say anything because she hoped she was dreaming. The pool boy was built like a greek god.

"Take a picture princess, it will last longer." Noah called from the other side of the pool.

Rachel sat up. Nope. Wasn't a dream. The Greek god was standing in her back yard, for real. Maybe this two-bit town wouldn't be so bad after all.

Rachel was feeling bold. There was no way this guy was in highschool. She would never see him outside of her backyard and her Dads would be out of town all summer, leaving her to finish unpacking and re-decorating the new house. She stood up from the chair and smiled at him. "Trust me, I'm no princess. But I do have a very photographic memory." Noah smirked, "it's uhh… pretty late in the day for you to still be cleaning pools isn't it?"

"Well, I'm just finishing up and then I'm done for the day."

"Great. I need to cool off." Rachel walked onto the diving board and dove in. Puck couldn't help but stare. He watched her swim the length of the pool and came up for air by the stairs "You look pretty hot yourself. Why don't you jump in to cool off?" She suggested.

Puck didn't have to be asked twice. He quickly took off his jeans revealing his boxers. He ran to the edge of the pool and cannon balled into the pool, causing a huge splash. He swam over to the shallow end of the pool without taking a breath and came up to the surface right in front of Rachel, merely inches from her face. "Hey." He whispered, smirking at her.

"Umm, hey." She breathed. "I'm Rachel."

"Puck… I mean Noah… Noah Puckerman." He couldn't figure out why he was so nervous around this girl.

"Well Puck… I mean Noah… Noah Puckerman. It was nice meeting you." Rachel turned around and walked out of the pool, giving Rachel an excellent view of her backside. He watched her walk towards the house. She turned to his again. "I trust I'll be seeing you again next week?" She asked him sweetly.

"You can count on it Princess."