Chapter 9

Rachel had spent her Saturday hung over, then went shopping with Kurt and Mercedes in the afternoon. On Sunday, she spent her entire say studying. It was still warm out and late that afternoon she heard Noah outside cleaning her pool. She made sure all of her doors were locked and tried to tune out the sound of him humming 'Defying Gravity' from outside her kitchen window.

Sunday night Rachel barely slept so she got up and went to school early. She still didn't know the school very well so she decided to give herself an unguided tour. She ended her tour in the band room where she way Artie playing on the guitar.

She walked in slowly, "You're very good."

"Ohh, uhh, thanks."

"You're here awfully early Artie" Rachel said, taking a seat by the piano.

"My dad has to drive me and he has to get to work early." Rachel nodded in understanding. "You should give Puck a chance."

"Excuse me?"

"I saw you two... In the summer... You were at the movies. You two looked really happy."


"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone anything."

"Thank you."

"Puck went through alot last year. I mean, he used to roll me down hills and lock me in port-a-potties." Rachel cringed, "but he changed. He joined Glee and beat up anyone who picked on us. I guess after Quinn lost the baby he went back to his old ways."

"He was great through the summer. But that's all I really wanted. I don't have the time..."

"Maybe Puck could be worth the time."

Rachel thought for a moment but didn't answer.

"So... you uhh... Wanna jam or something?" Artie asked.

Rachel sat at the piano, "I'd love to."


"So Rachel, I talked to Sue and she said that she could let you audition. I can teach you all the moves. I'm sure you'll pick them up quickly."

"Wow... From being slushied to being the one that slushie's." Kurt replied.

"Kurt, I made sure that the Cheerio's stopped with the slushies last year. It's just the jocks now, and Finn is working on it."

"As long as my diva doesn't lose her roots."

"Your Diva won't." Rachel finally got a chance to speak for herself. I'd love to try out Quinn. It would look good on my University transcripts."

"Is that all you think about?" Tina asked.

"What else is there? I know none of you want to stay in this town. I plan on doing everything I can to be a star." She said a little forcefully.

"I don't think I have to worry about my Diva and her roots at all."

"But what about boys? And dances? Parties?" Mercedes asked her.

"I've never had the time. I had a boyfriend once... but it didn't last. I go to dance classes, but I've never really gone to a party."

The bell rang signalling the end of lunch and Rachel couldn't be happier. She wasn't used to talking about her past and she'd prefer that.

"Hey Rachel! Wait up!"

She looked behind her and Brittany was following her.

"Did you need something Brittany?"

"Well; not going to high school parties is sad... So, you should come to mine! On Saturday night ok?" Before Rachel could answer, Brittany skipped away.

"I guess I'm going to a party." She said to herself.


The rest of the week Rachel managed to avoid Puck outside of Glee and Mr. Schue hadn't given them a duet yet. He only reason she was even going to go to Brittany's party tonight was because Quinn had mentioned that Noah wasn't a party guy; more of a 'drink beer in a parking lot' kind of guy.

She dressed in her jean mini skirt and a white halter top. Her dad's were out of town so she didn't take herself a coat to cover up her clothes. She wasn't going to drink tonight so she grabbed her keys and drove over to Brittany's.

When she got there she was glad she spotted Quinn right away, but was disappointed to find out that most of the Glee club wasn't invited to the party. All Rachel saw were cheerleaders and jocks.

"Rachel, can I get you a drink?" Quinn asked her.

"Rachel, can I get you a drink?" Quinn asked her.

"No, that's ok. I drove here."

"Great! You can drive me home later!" Quinn said, taking a gulp of her drink.

"No problem."

Quinn noticed Rachel scanning the crowd. "See anyone you like?" Quinn giggled. She was obviously already a little drunk.

"Not yet... But i'm not really looking-"

"Well, we should dance, maybe someone will catch your eye on the dance floor."

Quinn pulled Rachel over to the living room where everyone was dancing. They made their way towards Brittany and Santana, who had every guys attention.

Rachel had never really danced like this before but it wasn't hard to pick up. Stick your butt out and grind your hips closely with another girl. Not hard but the guys loved it.

After a few songs Rachel had to get herself something to drink. She left Quinn on the dance floor.

She made her way past the crowd into the kitchen. "Need to get away from all the noise too?" Rachel looked up. It was a football player she didn't know. He was cute though.

"Yeah. It's a little loud. I came to get something to drink."

"Let me make you something? I'm Darren Langenthol."

"Rachel Berry. Does Brittany have any diet coke in her refridgerator?"

"I didn't see any in there but there is some in the pantry. I'll so get you one."

"thank you." Rachel smiled.

He went to the pantry and got a diet coke, a glass from the cupboard and some ice from the freezer. "here you go maám." Darren said, putting the drink in front of her.

"Thank you bartender." Rachel laughed. He was cute. She could flirt with this guy a little.

"You're looking a little red Rachel. Do you want to sit outside with me?"

Rachel touched her face. She was a little flushed. "I'd love to." She smiled.


Noah spent his evening drinking with some guys at the football field. He was on his way home when his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID.


"Noah?" Was whispered on the other line.

"Rach.. What's going on?"

"I don't feel so good." She said slowly. "I think he put something in my drink. I'm so tired."

"Rachel? Rachel where are you?"

"Party." He could barely hear her. Maybe she had dropped her phone or something. Where was she? Who was with her?'

"Where's the party Rachel?" No answer "Rachel?"

Finally, in the background a voice was heard.

"You're looking a little tired. How about I take you upstairs."

The line went dead.