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Summary: It's Christmastime, and Yugi and Heba are spending the holiday at Duel Academy with some of the students they are fond of. Thier friends are coming as well. The gods of Egypt, deciding they deserve it, have sent Yami, Atemu, Marik, and Bakura back to the present day to live with their Lights. It's a surprise for them, but the Darks are getting a surprise, too. They're all fathers! It's going to be a Christmas to remember for this group.

Warnings: yaoi, implied mpreg

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot.

Chapter 1- Christmastime

It was getting close to Christmas, and most of the students who attended the Duel Academy had gone home to their families.

There was a small group that hadn't gone back home because they either had no one to go home to or they didn't have a family that cared.

"What now?" Alexis Rhodes asked, looking bored.

"Well, a boring Christmas. That's what." Chazz Princeton replied.

"Come on, guys. There's no reason to be blue." Jaden Mutou said.

"Sure there isn't. None of us have families to go to. They're either none existent in our lives, or they don't want us around. We have no where to go." Axel Brodie said.

Syrus Truesdale looked at them all. "Come on, guys. Just because we don't' have families to go to doesn't mean that we can't have Christmas." Syrus said.

"What do you propose, little brother?" Zane Truesdale, Syrus's older brother, asked.

"Well, hwy don't we have our own Christmas celebration. I mean, we are all here, so we could have a party." Syrus said.

"Hey! That's not a bad idea!" Atticus Rhodes, Alexis's older brother, said rather enthusiastically.

"I'm all for that." Bastion Misawa added.

"Why not? Just because we don't have families doesn't mean we can't celebrate Christmas." Jesse Anderson agreed.

"Glad to hear it." a voice said.

All of the teenagers turned to see two people in the room.

"Hey, Dad. Uncle Heba." Jaden said.

Yugi and Heba Mutou walked into the room.

"We are going to have a Christmas celebration." Yugi said.

"When though? I mean, it's two week before Christmas and we're on an island." Alexis said.

"Simple. We'll take the boat to the mainland, and we'll get all the Christmas decorations we want. We'll liven up the dorm we all live in. I've talked to Seto, and he's agreed to let us do this. In fact, Seto is going to come here next week with Joey, Mokuba, Ryou, Malik, Tristan, and Tea." Yugi said.

"Really?" Syrus asked.

"Really. Grandpa's even going to come." Yugi said.

"All right!" came a chorus of children's voices.

All eyes turned to see two boys and two girls standing there.

One boy had crimson eyes and star-shaped tri-color hair with lightening bolt streaks. He had innocent features, though. One girl had amethyst eyes and straight, long tri-color hair with slightly blonde bangs. She had sharp features. Both had pale skin.

The other boy had amethyst eyes with star-shaped tri-color hair with no lightening bolt steaks. His features were sharp. The other girl had crimson eyes with straight, long tri-color hair with blonde bangs going all the way down her hair. She had soft features. Both were tanned.

"Yes. We'll have a great big Christmas celebration right here." Yugi said.

"What about your family, though?" Zane asked.

"Didn't you hear us? They're all coming here." Heba said.

"So, get ready. We'll be heading to the mainland for Christmas shopping soon." Yugi said.

"All right!" all the teenagers said before they ran off.

"Are we going, too, Papa?" the pale girl asked.

"Of course we are, Miranda." Yugi said.

"All right! New toys!" the tanned boy said.

"No, Garrett. You'll have to wait for Santa to come for you to get the new toys." Heba said.

The boy groaned in disappointment.

"Should we go and get ready, Papa?" the tanned girl asked, looking at Heba.

"Yes, you should, Arlene. We'll be leaving soon." Heba said.

"Okay!" the pale boy said.

"And no distracting the others, Jordon." Yugi said.

"Okay, Papa." the boy said.

The three kids ran off.

"Come on. We'd better make sure they get ready." Heba said.

"Right behind you." Yugi said, knowing what a trip the boys could be.

It had been ten years since the Ceremonial duels between Yugi and Yami as well as Atemu and Heba took place. Yugi and Heba defeated the two ancient spirits and sent them on to the afterlife along with Marik and Bakura.

Yugi and Heba had been lovers with their respective Darks, and it had been a great blow to them when they were forced to leave them. An even greater blow came when Yugi and Heba both ended up pregnant. Both had twins, a boy and girl. Yugi and Heba were glad because it meant that a part of their lovers would always be with them, but they were sad because their children would never know their fathers. However, they made sure to tell the kids all about them.

Despite not being happy that his grandsons had become teenage fathers, Solomon was very supportive of both of his grandsons during their rough time. He helped them with the kids, and he did all he could for them.

The rest of their friends had been helpful as well as they dealt with this.

Tristan and Tea had gotten together, and they were now married.

Joey and Seto had even gotten together, and they were also happy.

Mokuba and Serenity were now dating.

Ryou and Malik had also been lovers with their Darks, so they had also suffered when they were separated. Both had ended up pregnant as well. Ryou had had a girl he named Angela who looked like Bakura and acted like Ryou. Malik had had a son named Marcel who looked like Malik, but acted like Marik.

The four Lights had been very supportive of each other in every way possible.

Yugi had ended up teaching at the Duel Academy that Seto had built for teenagers to go to and learn all aspects of Duel Monsters from trained teachers. He was one of the most well-known and loved teachers.

Heba also has a job on the island, although he didn't teach. Heba was head of security, and he loved his job.

When Yugi was twenty, he had met a seven-year-old Jaden Yuki. Yugi had been drawn to the boy and had ended up adopting Jaden.

Jaden, who had no family, had been thrilled that he had been adopted by Yugi. He considered Yugi his father and called him dad. He loved Miranda and Jordon like they were his actual brother and sister, and Arlene and Garrett were like his cousins.

Since Yugi and Heba both worked at the academy, their kids were allowed to live there as well in the dorms.

When Jaden was old enough, he enrolled in the school.

During his time in teaching, Yugi had become the instructor for Syrus, Zane, Alexis, Chazz, Bastion, Axel, Jesse, and Atticus as well as Jaden. Yugi had grown rather fond of this particular group of kids. None of them had families that cared, had families at all, or had been abandoned by them. They had all adopted Yugi as their father, and they all called him some form of dad. Yugi saw these kids as his own and treated them as such.

A big joke was that Yugi had a whole slew of kids.

Despite the pain that they had went through, Yugi and Heba had moved on and were very happy. The only thing that they hadn't done, like Ryou and Malik, was find new lovers. They could not find it in their hearts to try and replace their former lovers, and they would never try.

"So, what are you wishing for Christmas?" Heba asked.

"The same thing I wish every year." Yugi answered.

"That Yami, Atemu, Marik, and Bakura would come back." Heba said.

"Exactly." Yugi said.

Heba smiled. "Maybe it'll happen." Heba said.

"Maybe one day." Yugi agreed as they went off to find their group.

Ra, Hathor, Isis, Anubis, Ma'at, and Osiris all watched the group at the academy.

"Hmm. So, this Christmas they celebrate is here once again." Ra said.

"Yes, they are all excited about it." Isis said.

"Yugi and Heba are great to have a Christmas celebration for them all like that." Hathor said.

"Well, they're virtually Yugi's children, so they would want them to be happy." Osiris said.

"Every year, Yugi and Heba ask the same thing. For ten years, they have not given up hope that one year, their wishes would be answered, and the Darks would return." Ra said.

"What are you saying?" Ma'at asked.

Ra turned to them. "Such people as the four Lights rarely exist, especially ones whose hearts are like Yugi's. Not even Heba's heart is as pure as Yugi's is." Ra said.

"We all know that." Anubis said.

"We are certain that there is a point to all this, so what is it?" Hathor asked.

Ra sighed. "Very well. You must always want to know right away." Ra said. He turned back to the viewing pool and watched the group as they went into the city to buy everything. "I have watched over them for ten years, and I have come to a single conclusion." Ra said. He looked back at his fellow gods and goddesses and said, "I think that this year, their wish should be answered."

There were gasps.

"Reviving them just for the season would only bring more heartbreak." Osiris pointed out.

"I was thinking of a more permanent solution." Ra said.

"Restore all four to life?" Isis asked.

"Yes. Yami and Atemu both earned it after all they went through. They deserve it, and Bakura and Marik did redeem themselves, and their Lights need them as well. I believe that they deserve this chance, but only if we all agree to it." Ra said.

"I vote yes. After all these years, they deserve this chance." Isis aid.

"I say yes as well. Children need their parents, and these children need them." Hathor said.

"I say yes as well. They need it." Osiris said.

"I say yes as well for all the stated reasons." Ma'at agreed.

All eyes turned to Anubis.

"I don't know." Anubis said.

"I know this is treading deep into your territory, Anubis. What do you say? Yes or no?" Ra asked.

Anubis looked at the group in the pool as he made his decision.

Heba and Yugi were in a store looking for Christmas decorations.

"How about this?" Heba asked, showing Yugi a Christmas wreath.

"Perfect. We can put it in the lounge." Yugi said.

"I take it that that's where our big Christmas is going to be." Heba remarked.

"Unless you know where it will be better suited." Yugi replied.

"Well, the only room bigger than the lounge is the dining hall, and that's too big for our group. It'll be fine for having it in the lounge." Yugi said.

"I agree." Heba said.

Miranda and Jordon then ran up.

"Papa, look at these." Miranda said as the two showed Yugi Christmas bears that were being sold. Both bears were white and were wearing blue winter clothes. They also had the year on the bottom of the right foot. Miranda held the girl bear while Jordon held the boy bear.

"What are these?" Yugi asked.

"They're Christmas bears." Miranda said.

"They'll look great around the tree, Papa." Jordon added.

Yugi smiled. "Al right. We can get them." Yugi said.

"Yay!" both exclaimed.

Yugi laughed.

A moment later, Arlene and Garrett ran up.

"Hey, Papa. Look what we found." Arlene said, showing Heba the Christmas lights that were shaped like different Duel Monsters.

"That's a great find." Heba said.

"You know, they'll look great on the tree." Yugi said.

"When are we going to get the tree, Uncle Yugi?" Garrett asked, looking at his uncle.

"That's the last thing that we'll do, Garrett." Yugi replied.

"Okay." Garrett replied.

"Aren't you kids suppose to be with one of the older kids?" Yugi asked.

The kids then looked down.

"You ran off again." Yugi stated matter-of-factly/

"Sorry. We got so excited about these things that we just ran off." Miranda said.

"Come on. Let's go find them so they don't have a panic attack when they realize that you're missing." Yugi said.

The group went and found that Jaden, Syrus, Alexis, and Zane were worried when they couldn't find the four nine-year-olds.

"Oh, thank goodness! We were so worried!" Alexis said, a hand over her heart.

"Sorry we ran off." Jordon said.

"We're just glad that you're okay." Jaden said.

"You know that you're not supposed to run off at all. Don't ever do that again." Heba said.

"We won't." Garrett said.

It wasn't long before Axel, Jesse, Chazz, Atticus, and Bastion joined them.

All of the kids had garland, lights, ornaments, and other Christmas things to set up around the dorm.

"I think we're getting just about everything." Heba said.

"Yeah, but there's still a lot that we have to get." Yugi said.

"Well, it's still a few weeks until Christmas, so we have time to get everything." Alexis said.

"Besides, we still have to get presents for everyone, and we can't do that if we're all together." Jesse added.

"Yippee." Chazz said sarcastically.

The group knew to ignore Chazz.

"All right. Let's see what else we can find." Yugi said.

Everyone piled everything that they already had into the buggy that Yugi had before they ran off again.

Miranda, Jordon, Arlene, and Garrett had stayed with Yugi and Heba this time around.

"What else do we need?" Garrett asked.

"Hmm. Good question. I suppose we can just look around to see what else there is that we need to decorate with." Yugi said.

The four continued to look around.

Yami, Atemu, Bakura, and Marik were all in the afterlife with their friends and family. Unfortunately, they weren't as happy as they thought they would be. All of them missed their Lights dearly.

"I really hate this place." Bakura muttered.

"Oh, yeah. The afterlife is a great place. Everyone is happy and pain free." Marik said, twirling a finger in a circle in the air. He groaned. "I'd take the pains of life just to see Malik again." Marik remarked.

All four were at the courtyard of the palace at the fountain.

Atemu had his hand in the water and was twirling it around. "We all know what you mean, Marik. I'm not sure how long has actually passes since we left them, but I would love to be able to see Heba again." Atemu said.

"We all would love to see our lights again, but we're not going to be able to. I mean, the only way that we are going to see them again is when they die." Yami said.

"Not a real pleasant thought." Atemu said.

Bakura was laying on his back, looking up into the sky. "Well, the chances of us actually being able to see our Lights again are slim. It would take a miracle for that to happen." Bakura said.

"Yami! Atemu!" a female voice suddenly shouted.

The next thing Atemu knew, Mana, their friend from ancient Egypt pounced on him.

"Ah!" Atemu exclaimed as the two went tumbling into the water with a splash that got Yami wet as well.

"Hey!" Yami exclaimed, wiping the water from his face.

Atemu and Mana were sitting in the water, soaking wet.

"Mana, why did you do that?" Atemu asked rather calmly.

Mana smiled at him. "I'm really sorry, Atemu. I didn't mean to do this." Mana said.

"Mana!" a strong, masculine voice suddenly bellowed.

Mana cringed at the voice, knowing exactly who it was. She turned and saw Mahado, her teacher and master, standing there.

Mahado was tall and masculine. He had brown hair, although it was covered by his headdress. He also had green eyes. At the moment, he looked rather angry.

"man! What are you doing?!" Mahado demanded.

"Well, I, um, was coming to get them." Mana said.

"You didn't have to knock Prince Atemu into the water, Mana!" Mahado scolded.

"Mahado, for the last time, just call me Atemu. I'm not the prince anymore." Atemu said.

"Old habits die hard." Mahado said.

Yami and Marik helped Atemu and Mana out of the fountain.

"What was it that you wanted?" Bakura asked.

Mahado and Bakura had had a rough time getting used to each other when they arrived in the afterlife. The two had a bad history, and there was a lot of bad blood between them, but they had been able to put the past behind them, and they were on relatively good terms.

"The Pharaoh wants you all to come to the throne room." Mahado answered.

"Hmm. I wonder what Father wants." Yami said.

Mana smiled a smile that clearly said she knew exactly what was going on.

"Come on. You two already know what is going on, so why not go ahead and tell us?" Atemu asked.

"Because we were told not to. You'll have to come with us to find out what it is that we know." Mahado answered before he turned to head back to the throne room.

"One of the things that I can't stand about him is how mysterious he can be. Why can't he just come out and tell us what is going on? What could possibly be so important that he can't tell us what is going on?" Bakura asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Come on, Bakura. All we're doing here is wallowing in self-pity. We might as well go and see what Father wants." Yami said.

"He's right. Besides, Father will just have us dragged back kicking and screaming." Atemu added as Mana used her magic to dry them both off.

"Come on! Let's go!" Mana said as she jumped up and ran off toward the throne room.

"That girl has way too much energy. She needs to use all of it up at one time so that she doesn't tire others out." Bakura said.

"Bakura, it's not that big a deal. Now, come on. We need to get going before Father sends a search party after us." Atemu said.

"Yeah. Let's get the torture over with." Marik said.

Yami and Atemu shook their heads as they headed toward the throne room with Bakura and Marik trailing behind them.

Yami and Atemu had been skeptical of Bakura and Marik hanging around them all the time after they got to afterlife, but the four had settled their differences and got along great. Since they all missed their Lights so dearly, they had some comfort from knowing that they all knew the pain, although it didn't help that much.

Once in the throne room the four found Aknankanon and Amara, Yami and Atemu's parents, smiling at them along with the priests Mahado, Shada, Karim, Isis, Seto, and Aknaudin. Mana also had a wide smile on her face.

"Okay. What is going on?" Yami asked.

"Well, we have a bit of a surprise for you." Amara said.

"We gathered that much from Mahado and Mana. They didn't tell us what the surprise was, but they said it was something you needed to tell us." Atemu said.

"Yes. There is something that you need to know, although I think that there is someone who will be able to explain this better than we can." Aknankanon said.

"Who's that?" Bakura asked.

"That would be me." a voice said from behind.

Atemu, Yami, Bakura, and Marik turned around and were shocked to find that Ra was before them.

"Well, it has been a long time since the last time I was able to see you all. I came for a very specific reason that involves all of you." Ra said.

"Us? What about us?" Bakura asked.

Ra chuckled. "You four are going to fulfill the wishes of four very special people on Earth." Ra told the four.

"Meaning?" Marik asked.

"It is approaching Christmas, which I believe you four understand from your time with your Lights." Ra said.

"Yes. We understand the general concept of Christmas." Atemu said.

"Well, I spoke to Isis, Hathor, Osiris, Ma'at, and Anubis, and we have decided to answer the Christmas wish that Yugi, Heba, Ryou, and Malik have made every Christmas since you all came to the afterlife." Ra said.

At the names of their Lights, all four perked up instantly.

"I see I have your attention." Ra said.

"What about them? What's going on?" Atemu asked.

"Since you all came here, they have made a wish at Christmas that you four would be able to return to them one day. Well, we have chosen to grant that wish." Ra said.

"What?!" Yami, Atemu, Bakura, and Marik all exclaimed at the same time, unable to believe that they would be returning to their Lights.

"Indeed. We believe that you all have the right to be happy, so we will be returning you to the human world." Ra said.

"For how long?" Yami asked, not sure if he could handle saying good-bye to his Light again.

"You won't be forced to leave them. You are being given the chance to live out your lives with them." Ra answered.

The four Darks couldn't have been happier to hear anything else.

"I can't believe it! We are going to be able to see them again!" Bakura said.

Ra chuckled. "I thought that you would agree with this. It will be a few days before we can return you, but when we do, you will arrive in Egypt. You should search out Ishizu Ishtar. She will help you." Ra said.

Atemu frowned. "The only problem is that we can travel without ID. How are we going to get to Japan?" Atemu asked.

Ra smiled. "I think you know exactly who to turn to for help with that." Ra said.

All four knew exactly who ran was referring to.

"Now, I will return to you when it is time." Ra said before vanishing.

"All right! This is great!" Marik shouted.

There was a chuckle behind them.

All four turned to look at the others in the room.

"We are happy for you. We won't like being able to say good-bye, but we know you'll be happy with them." Aknankanon said.

"We know that it's what you wanted." Amara added.

"I never thought we'd get this chance." Yami said.

"Perhaps we should how they are all doing." Isis suggested.

Everyone agreed.

They headed to room that held a pool, which allowed them to see into the human world.

The first image they saw was of Yugi and Heba with the four kids.

Yami and Atemu's jaws dropped.

"No-" Yami started.

"-way." Atemu finished.

"Hmm. It would seem that there were some things that you did not know." Mahado said.

Bakura burst out laughing. "I wonder who had the four kids." Bakura said.

Yami and Atemu both gulped at the notion.

There was a chuckle behind them.

Everyone turned to see Hathor in the room.

"You need not worry about that. Two of the kids belong to one, and the other two belong to the other." Hathor assured them.

Yami and Atemu both breathed a sigh of relief.

Hathor laughed. "I believe that you would die the moment Heba saw you if he had had four kids, Atemu." Hathor said.

"Why do you say that?" Atemu asked.

"Because he cursed your name enough when he was in labor with two. It's a miracle you weren't killed by it." Hathor said.

Atemu laughed. "That sounds like Heba." Atemu said.

"Yugi was a bit more docile." Hathor said.

"Seems like Yugi." Yami remarked.

Marik snickered. "Looks like you two are going back to family." Marik said.

Hathor smiled. "They're not the only ones." Hathor said.

Bakura and Marik both gulped.

The next image was of Ryou with Angela. The two were out shopping.

"Ryou and I have a daughter?" Bakura asked.

"Yes, you do." Hathor said.

The next image showed Malik with Marcel.

"Huh. So, we had a son." Marik said.

"Yes. You are all going back to families." Hathor said.

"Fine by me." Bakura said.

"Me, too." Marik added.

No one doubted that the two were happy to go back to Ryou and Malik along with the kids.

Yami, Atemu, Bakura, and Marik were all looking forward to when they would be able to go back and see their Lights again as well as meet their children.

Hope you liked it.

Next: Yami, Atemu, Marik, and Bakura return. Yugi, Heba, and the others decorate for Christmas.