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Chapter 5- Christmas Day

Yugi and Yami were sleeping soundly in Yugi's bed.

Since all of the Darks had been reunited with their Lights, they didn't want to be away from their Lights too much, so that had decided to sleep with their Lights at night, although there wasn't any argument from their Lights on the matter.

The door to the room flew open.


Yugi and Yami were both jolted awake when their kids suddenly jumped on them. "Wake up!" Jordon said.

"It's Christmas! Santa came!" Miranda added excitedly.

Yugi glanced at the clock and mentally groaned. 'Yami and I shouldn't have stayed up so late talking last night. I knew these two would be up early, and Yami and I could have waited to talk today.' Yugi thought.

"Come on! Get up!" Miranda said.

"Yeah!" Jordon added.

Yugi sighed. "All right, kids. We'll get up." Yugi said.

"Yay!" the two kids exclaimed.

"Now, go on. We'll be down in a moment." Yugi said.

Miranda and Jordon jumped off of the bed and ran from the room.

Yami groaned. "It's too early." Yami whined as he grabbed the covers and pulled them over his head.

Yugi reached over and pulled the covers away from Yami. "Yami, you might as well get on up." Yugi told him.

"But why, Aibou?" Yami asked.

"Because if you don't, Jordon and Miranda will be back in here, and they won't stop bugging you until you finally get up. Trust me. I know." Yugi said.

"It's way too early." Yami said, pouting.

Yugi rolled his eyes. "Yami, enough. You can't pout to save your life, and you know it. Now, get up." Yugi said.

"No." Yami said, grabbing the covers and pulling them back over him.

"Yami, I meant it when I said the kids will be back to get you up. It is Christmas, and this will be the first time that they get to spend it with you. They're excited about Christmas. You can't blame them for that." Yugi said.

Yami lowered the covers and looked at Yugi. "You're still good at guilt trips, you know that." Yami said.

Yugi smiled. "Good. Now, get up." Yugi said.

Yami sighed. "Oh, all right." Yami said as he threw off the covers and sat up.

"Come on. We better get ready before the kids come barreling back in here." Yugi said.

The two got up and got dressed before they headed out of the room. They saw Ryou dragging a muttering Bakura out of their room.

"I take it he's not happy with the time." Yugi said.

"Not in the least." Ryou answered.

"It's too early." Bakura muttered.

"Come on, Bakura. The kids are excited about Christmas. Besides, this is the first Christmas that you get to spend wit your daughter, so try and be happy for a change." Ryou said.

Bakura glared at him.

Yami shook his head.

Malik soon came out of his room.

"Where's Marik?" Yugi asked.

"Oh, Marik's already up with Marcel. The moment Marcel came into our room, Marik was up and ready. He's excited about his first Christmas with Marcel." Malik said.

"At least someone is." Yugi said, crossing his arms

"Hey! I'm not that bad." Yami said.

"You didn't want to get out of bed, Yami." Yugi said.

"It's too early." Yami said.

Yugi, Malik, and Ryou all shook their heads.

"Get used to it. You don't sleep late with them, especially on Christmas." Yugi said.

Malik and Ryou nodded their agreement.

"What's going on?" Heba asked.

"We're explaining to Yami and Bakura that they don't sleep late when it comes to the kids on Christmas." Ryou explained.

"Ah! That makes sense." Heba said.

A moment later, Atemu joined Heba. "What's going on?" Atemu asked.

"Not much." Yugi said.

"Come on!"

The group turned to see that Miranda, Jordon, Arlene, Garrett, and Angela, were all looking at them.

"Let's go! Everyone else is in the lounge." Miranda said.

"Yeah. Come on!" Angela agreed.

"All right. We're coming." Yugi said.

The group followed the kids into the lounge where they found all of the teenagers were along with the other adults.

"Look! Santa came!" Arlene said.

"That's because you kids were all good this year." Heba said as he ruffled his daughter's hair.

"Can we open the gifts?" Marcel asked.

"Marcel, you know how we do things." Malik said sternly.

"But-" Marcel started.

"No, Marcel. Breakfast is always first." Malik said.

The kids all looked disappointed.

"Don't worry, kids. We'll open the gifts after breakfast. It won't take as long as you think." Yugi assured the kids.

The group headed to the dining room where they found that breakfast was ready.

"Who fixed breakfast?" Alexis asked.

Yugi looked over at Seto. "Care to explain?" Yugi asked.

Seto shrugged. "I decided to have a cook here to fix breakfast." Seto said.

"On Christmas?" Heba asked.

"Don't worry. The cook is already back on the mainland with his family." Seto said.

"Come on! Let's eat!" Joey said, making a beeline for the food.

"Come on. We'd better get something to eat before he eats everything." Seto said.

The group sat around the table and fixed their plates to eat.

Once they were done with breakfast, the group headed back to the lounge.

"Can we-" Jordon started.

"Yes." Yugi, Heba, Malik, and Ryou said.

The kids headed for the gifts.

Yugi whistled.

The entire group looked at Yugi.

"All right. We need some organization. We can't all be getting gifts from under the tree." Yugi said.

"Quite right." Solomon agreed.

After some quick discussion, Yugi, Heba, Solomon, and Seto all sorted out the gifts and gave them to the different people.

Everyone else sat around, waiting for all the gifts to be sorted out.

Once all the gifts were sorted out, the group started opening the different gifts.

"Cool!" Jordon exclaimed when he saw that he had gotten a remote controlled car.

"It's a doll house!" Arlene exclaimed when she opened one of her gifts.

"All right!" Garrett exclaimed when he saw that he had gotten a Nerf gun.

"Yes!" Miranda said when she saw that she had gotten a collection of the Disney princess dolls.

The older ones smiled as they watched the kids get so excited over the different toys that they had received.

The teenagers were also opening the different gifts that they had gotten, and they were all just as excited at what they had gotten as well.

The adults weren't as worried about what they had gotten, so they were slowly opening the gifts that they had gotten as well.

After all of the gifts had been opened, the kids started to play with theirs.

"Wow. They really do love Christmas." Yami said as they watched the kids play with their toys.

"I know. It's like this every Christmas." Yugi said from where he sat in Yami's lap. He glanced back at Yami, and said, "But I think that the best Christmas gift I got was you."

Yami raised an eyebrow. "So, I'm a Christmas gift?" Yami asked.

"Yes." Yugi answered.

Yami smiled. "Well, I'm glad to hear that I was the best one you got." Yami said as he leaned forward to nuzzle Yugi's neck.

Heba smiled at his brother. "Yugi's right. I think that getting you guys back is the nest Christmas present that we could have gotten." Heba agreed.

The group all smiled.

The teenagers were all watching them.

Jaden smiled at where his father was. "You know, I don't think that I have ever Dad as happy as he is when he's with Yami." Jaden said.

"Well, Yami is the love of Yugi's life, so it's understandable why he was so happy to see him again." Alexis said.

"I'm glad, though. I mean, Pops was always happy, but he seems even happier now." Axel said.

"Indeed. Father always had an air of sadness and loneliness about him." Bastion said.

"Heba, Ryou, and Malik were all the same way." Zane said.

"Well, they've got them back now, so they should be happy." Chazz said in what seemed to be an uncaring manner even though he cared a lot.

Atticus watched the kids. "You know, I think that kids are just as excited to have their fathers as Dad, Heba, Ryou, and Malik are." Atticus said.

The teenagers watched as the kids all went over to their fathers and dragged them over to play with them.

"You know, it's great to see them all so happy." Jesse said.

Syrus looked over at Jaden. "Looks like you've got another father to have to contend with now, J." Syrus said.

"I agree with you. I think I'll be okay with it because Dad is. I mean, I want Dad to be happy now, and he's happy now." Jaden said.

The teenagers all agreed with that.

Yugi, Ryou, Heba, and Malik were watching as their kids were playing with their lovers.

"Happy?" Tea asked them.

"We are. I think that we are happier than we have been in a long time." Yugi replied.

"No joke. I don't think that we could have had anything better to happen this Christmas." Heba added.

"It's great that they are back. I was surprised when we saw them again." Tristan said.

"Hey, guys!"

Everyone turned to see that Serenity and Mokuba were in the doorway.

"Hey. You made it." Joey said as he got up and went over to them.

"Of course we made it, Big Brother. You know we wouldn't have missed this for anything." Serenity said as she hugged her brother.

"What took you two so long?" Seto asked.

"Well, our classes didn't end until a week ago, and there was a major snowstorm where we were, so we weren't able to get a flight out until late last night." Mokuba explained.

"It doesn't matter, Seto. We're just glad that you were able to make it." Yugi said.

Mokuba and Serenity then noticed Yami, Atemu, Bakura, and Marik in the room.

"Wow. When Seto said you guys were back, I had trouble believing it. I can't believe that you are back now." Mokuba said.

"Well, we are back, Mokuba. You have certainly grown." Atemu said.

"You, too, Serenity." Yami added.

"Thanks. It has been ten years since the last time we were able to see you guys, so we were bound to have changed." Serenity said.

Mokuba looked at Bakura and Marik. "Um, they're not going to do anything, right?" Mokuba asked.

"No. They're fine." Yami said.

Bakura shrugged. "We changed some." Bakura said.

"What are those?" Arlene asked, seeing the bags that Serenity and Mokuba were carrying.

"Well, since we have missed the gifts, we might as well go ahead and give these to everyone." Mokuba said.

It turned out the bags were full of gifts for everyone.

"Well, you might as well open the ones that everyone got for you as well." Seto said.

The group did more gift opening.

"This has turned out to be a great Christmas." Ryou said.

"It has indeed." Joey agreed.

Later, the group sat down to eat dinner.

The dinner consisted of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans, cornbread, turkey stuffing, deviled eggs, candied yams, corn, and rolls.

The dessert consisted of several different cakes and pies.

Everyone sat down to eat.

"Quite the feast." Serenity commented.

"Well, there's a large group eating here." Yugi said.

It was true.

There were thirty-two people in all that were spending Christmas at Duel Island.

Everyone sat down after they had filled their plates.

"Talk about a gathering. I think that this has been one of the most enjoyable Christmases that we have spent." Ishizu said to Odion.

"I know. I believe that their return has given everyone something to be very thankful for this holiday season. Odion said.

"Indeed. I am thankful for all that had happened." Ishizu said.

The group was busy eating.

"Yugi, I take it that you live on the island." Yami said.

"For the most part. I might as well live here. I spend most of my time on the island since I teach here anyway." Yugi said.

"Well, I'll get used to it." Yami said.

"As well as get used to having two ten-year-old children as well as a fifteen-year-old adopted one." Yugi said as he glanced around the table.

"Yes. I will." Yami agreed.

Heba chuckled. "You'll also have to get used to the other teenagers as well since they all see Yugi as their father as well." Heba said.

"We'll have a lot that we have to get used to." Atemu remarked.

"More than you can imagine." Yugi said.

The group sat in the lounge talking. The kids were in the floor playing again.

"This has been a great Christmas." Heba said.

"I know." Yugi said. He looked over at his brother. "We finally got out Christmas wish." Yugi said.

Heba smiled. "We got out wish and more." Heba said.

Yugi nodded in agreement.

The group was busy talking and playing.

Seto had already challenged Atemu and Yami both to a round of Duel Monsters. Yami had already played Seto and beaten him, although it had been a close match. Seto and Atemu were now playing with the teenagers watching intensely.

Ryou and Malik walked over to join them.

"So, are we all in agreement that we have had the nest Christmas that we have had in a long time this time." Ryou said.

"Right. I don't think that anything else could have made this Christmas any better." Malik agreed.

The group looked out at their friends and families.

"I think that we are all in a great deal of debt to the gods. They are the ones that allowed this to happen. We owe our happiness to them." Yugi said.

"Not our happiness. We were always happy. We are in debt to them for returning our Darks. It's just made us happier than we were before." Heba said.

"Right. We still owe them a great deal." Ryou said.

In the realm of the gods, the six gods who had decided to allow the four Darks to return to the world of living watched all that had transpired.

"I must say that I believe we made the correct decision in allowing them to return." Ma'at said.

"Agreed. The Lights have not been this happy in a long time." Osiris said.

"Yes. The happiness that both the Lights and the Darks feel is what was necessary. They were forced apart when they should not have been forced apart. The Darks missed a great deal of their children's lives, and the Lights were forced to suffer from all this for years on end. It should not have happened.' Ra said.

The other five looked over at Ra.

"What do you mean?" Isis asked.

"I mean that it was wrong of us to force the Lights and Darks apart in the first place. We knew that they wanted to be together, and we could have stopped had we wanted to." Ra said.

"Then this is just correcting what we did wrong." Hathor said.

"Exactly. We can't correct everything that we did, but we can give them this." Ra said.

"Well, we made a mistake. We can't help that. We have corrected that, though." Anubis said.

"Yes. They have the chance to be happy now, and they deserve it." Ra said as they watched the group having their Christmas.

Aknankanon, Amara, and the others watched the four ancient spirits with their families.

Amara smiled. "I believe that them gong back was the best thing." Amara said.

"Indeed. Those children need their fathers, and their lovers need them as well." Aknankanon said.

"Perhaps they will truly be happy now." Mahado said.

"I'm certain that they will." Isis said.

"They will rejoin us one day. Until then, they deserve to happy." Aknankanon said.

All of the ancient Egyptians nodded in agreement, glad that the four had found their happiness.

Yugi and Yami were standing in the doorway.

"This has been a great Christmas, Yugi." Yami said.

Yugi smiled. "I know. It's bee great because you're back, and the kids have the chance to know their fathers." Yugi said.

Yami smiled at him. "I can't wait to get to know them. I would like to get to know Jaden as well." Yami said.

"I'm sure that he'll be happy to get to know you." Yugi said.

"I'm glad of that." Yami said.

Jaden looked up and smiled when he saw his father and Yami talking. 'I'm glad that Dad is so happy now. He deserves this.' Jaden thought.

Syrus looked over at Jaden. "You okay?" Syrus asked

Jaden smiled. "I'm fine, Sy. I'm just glad that Dad is so happy." Jaden said.

Syrus smiled as he took his boyfriend's hand in his. "Well, he does deserve it." Syrus said.

"I know." Jaden said. He then look up and smiled. "Well, what do you know?" Jaden said.

"What?" Syrus asked, looking over at Jaden.

Instead of answering, Jaden said, "Hey, Dad! Yami!"

The two looked over as did everyone else.

"What, Jaden?" Yugi asked.

"Take a look up." Jaden said.

Yugi and Yami looked up only to find that they were under a sprig of mistletoe.

"You two have to kiss now." Alexis said.

"Yeah. It's Christmas tradition." Solomon agreed.

Yugi glared over at Solomon. "Why do I get the feeling that you had a hand in this?" Yugi asked.

Solomon smiled innocently. "What gives you an idea like that?" Solomon asked.

"Come on, guys. It's a Christmas tradition, so kiss." Heba said.

"Fine with me." Yami said. He then leaned down and kissed Yugi.

There were whistles and catcalls.

"Just remember that to leave the room, you all have to go under the mistletoe." Yami said with a smirk.

Everyone's jaw dropped at that.

Yami shrugged. "Just saying." Yami said.

As Yami had said, everyone had to pass under the mistletoe to leave the room, so all the couples ended up kissing because of it.

Yugi and Yami walked into their room.

"Well, this has been a great Christmas." Yugi said.

"Yugi, can I as something?" Yami asked.

Yugi turned. "What?" Yugi asked.

"Are you glad that I'm back?" Yami asked.

Yugi walked forward and wrapped his arms around Yami's neck. "You'll never know how happy I am that you're back." Yugi said. He then leaned up and kissed Yami.

Yami kissed Yugi back. "Just making sure." Yami said.

Yugi smiled. "I'm really glad your back." Yugi said.

"So am I." Yami said.

"This has to be the best Christmas that I have ever had." Yugi said.

It would be the first of many great Christmases that they would share together with their friends and family.


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