Wings of Desire

A Pita Ten Fanfiction

By KazunaPikachu


Lesson 1: How to Greet a New Angel


"Wakey, wakey, Katorou-kuuuuuun!" she chirped happily, practically glomping the poor sixth grader even while he was in bed.

Almost immediately the young man's eyes snapped open, a large blush covering his cheeks as he tried to get her away. "Misha-san!" he scolded, scooting away and hastily throwing the covers off of him, effectively throwing them over her in a mild attempt at defence. He rubbed his sleepy eyes, slightly frustrated at his interrupted slumber. "You don't just do that, Misha-san!" he scowled. He blinked, glancing at the pink-haired girl who had that usual goofy smile on her face, oblivious. He sighed, realizing this. "How did you get into my…" He shook his head, realizing it was a stupid question. "No. Never mind."

"Tee hee hee," she laughed, rubbing the back of her head. "Shia-chan's next doory-ore, waiting for yas, su! She's got our breakfast ready, yippee!" She jumped up, throwing the covers off her with unmatched enthusiasm. She bounded over to Shino who had sat up at the sound of her voice. "Wakey, wakey, Shino-chaaaaaan!" she squealed, greeting her in the same manner she did Kotarou. She hugged the girl gently.

"Mmmn?" the young girl asked, rubbing an eye carefully and yawning. "Onee…chan?" she asked groggily, the bottom half of her still beneath the covers.

"Yeah-huh!" the angel replied perkily. "You have to wakies now, su! Then we can have breakfast together, nya!"

Almost immediately, Kotarou's cousin was bouncing along with Misha. "Yay! I want eggs and bacon! Eggs and bacon, su!" she repeated, laughing at that unfamiliar feel of saying that ridiculous word.

Kotarou watched them through impatient eyes. He hated mornings. Absolutely loathed them. Why did he have to live at such close quarters with two hyper girls that seemed to absolutely love it then? I shouldn't have to put up with this in the morning, he groaned. It's too early. "Listen, Misha-san, you should wait for us with Shia-san," he said patiently. "Me and Shino-chan need to get dressed." Indeed they did. They were still in their pyjamas after all.

Misha nodded, understanding instantly. "Alrighty!" she giggled. She waved, almost like a retard, and smiled brightly. "I'll see you twos next door, okies yokies? Be quickity quick!" With that extremely happy note, she skipped out of their apartment and into her own, leaving the two relatives inside.

"Ooh, come on onii-chan!" Shino urged, tugging at his sleeve. "I'm hungries too. Then we can go eats with onee-chan!" She smiled brightly, her lavender eyes lighting up. "I like onee-chan. She's fun. What about yous? Do you like her?" she asked curiously, cocking her head to the side.

Kotarou looked away uncaringly. "She's alright," he mumbled a reply. Truth was, he got highly annoyed with her sometimes. Actually, not sometimes. More often than not he was frustrated with her constant glomping and absurdly cheerful voice. You'd think that she hasn't experienced one negative thing in all her life at all. "Go on, Shino-chan. Go get dressed," he said, a small smile upon his lips.

"Okies!" his young cousin replied, running off to go fetch her clothes.

The purple-haired preteen stood there for a moment, suddenly thoughtful. He was temporarily alone, just standing in his room. It was oddly silent, especially since the hyperactive angel was here only moments before. He shook his head, sighing beneath his breath. He didn't have time to waste on such useless thoughts. He went to get dressed.


"So they're coming, Misha-san?" the brunette asked, smiling sweetly.

"Yeppers, Shia-chan!" the angel said, skipping her way towards the demon with the occasional twirl here and there. "They're getting dressy-ressed now!"

Shia nodded, putting the plates on the low table. "You seem so happy today, Misha-san," she observed gently. "Is there any reason why?" She was glad that the angel was so happy. The demon was just curious as to what made her so cheerful, especially since Misha was so happy in the first place.

Misha shook her head from side to side. "Nopey, nope! Nothin' goin' on. I just feel really weally happies today!" She smiled brightly, as if proving her point. "Can't ya feel it, su? It's in da airy air!" She stood on her tiptoes and merely spun around happily. Her wings transparently appeared as her angelic aura unconsciously spread.

The other occupant in the room resisted the urge to shiver, her natural demonic senses wanting to back away. But this was Misha. She was no danger. Shia forced herself not to mind it and smiled. "Good for you, Misha-san," she said, seemingly unbothered. After all, her friend was full of happiness. It wouldn't be right if she wanted that happiness to go away. "It's the weekends, you know. Are you planning to do anything?"

The pink-haired girl stopped, her wings disappearing as she cocked her head to the side. "Hmm," she pondered, a confused look in her eyes. "I don't think so, su," she said lightly. "It depends if you or Kotarou-kun wants ta go somewherey-where!" She glanced out her window, seeing the perfect blue sky with the occasional puffy white cloud or two. A bird streaked passed in the open space, its grey wings visible even to her. I wanna fly, she suddenly thought. I wanna fly as free as that birdy-word, su! But she knew she couldn't. Kotarou wasn't happy when she flew around the city. An idea then struck her, rendering her temporarily still.

"We're here," a student announced as he and the other child walked inside.

Misha turned excitedly and grabbed Shino's hand. "Ooh, I have an ideas, su!" she said, bouncing up and down again. "Why don'ts we go ta one of those theme parky thingies? With Ten-chan, Koboshi-chan and Dai-chan too! It'll be funny wun, su! A whole days spent together wether!"

Shino and Shia smiled at the thought. The young child began jumping too. "Yes, yes, yes!" she sang. "I wanna go! I wanna go!"

"I think that's a fabulous idea, Misha-san," the demon smiled. "What do you think, Higuchi-san?" she asked Kotarou.

The boy shrugged. "It's fine with me," he said carelessly. "I don't really care."

His unenthusiastic attitude subdued Misha slightly. "Come ons, Kotarou-kun! Su!" she said, letting go of Shino to wave her arms in front of him rapidly. "Smile! Lookie outsidey wide! Even the world is smiling for yas," she grinned.

Her radiant smile was directed at him and only him. It was meant to cheer him up but then… Why did Kotarou feel as if he wanted to get away from her? From that innocent grin? Somehow, he felt something dark swirling inside his belly just by looking at the happiness that shone from her very being. What is this feeling? He asked himself uneasily. "I know, Misha-san," he responded lightly. "I know."

Misha stopped flailing her arms around and cocked her head to the side in confusion. "Then why aren't yas smiling too, su?" she asked, a worried look in her eyes. "Are ya sicky sick? You haven't smiley smiled all day."

"Misha-san, this day has barely begun," he pointed out, slightly irked. "Now can you leave me alone? Shia-san has made us breakfast and it would be rude not to eat it."

"Erm, okies. Sorry, su," she said quietly, moving to the side. She watched as Kotarou moved forward and sat in front of the table, saying a small thank you to Shia.

"Somethink da matter, onee-chan?" Shino asked her as she stared up with large, puppy-like eyes.

Misha shook her head from side to side. "No! Nothing, su!" she said, a smile upon her face once more, along with her previous joy. "Come ons now. Shia-chan's cooking is the besty west!"

With a gentle smile, said demon watched as they all ate. As she ate her own food, she occasionally glanced at the silent preteen. I wonder what's wrong with Higuchi-san, she thought, a concerned frown on her face. She glanced at her 'cat', Nya, who merely shook his head in response to her silent question. Hmm. Usually, he doesn't act so reserved. Perhaps something's troubling him?

She glanced towards the angel, who was chatting animatedly to his cousin. Well, whatever it is, I'm sure that Misha-san will be able to cheer him up, she thought gently. No matter what, she always brings a smile to his face at the end of the day.


"Misha-san," the blonde warned darkly, her eyes glaring with heated intent. "Would you please get your mitts off my Kotarou-kun?!" Koboshi shouted loudly, completely uncomfortable with the close proximity of the two.

"Tee hee hee," the angel merely laughed, continuing to walk along side Kotarou with her arms around his shoulders.

"Grr," Koboshi growled, glaring ferociously at Misha's back.

Takashi laughed quietly to himself, patting the cat-eared girl's back. "Don't sweat it, Uematsu," he grinned. "It's like this every day, remember? And it doesn't look as if Kotarou's enjoying himself either. He's just being polite."

Indeed, he was. Kotarou looked as if he was bottling some sort of frustration with the sour face he was making. Still, it didn't comfort Koboshi in any way at all. "I still don't like it," she huffed, crossing her arms as they continued to make their way towards the theme park.

With them were Misha, Kotarou, Shino, Shia, Takashi and Koboshi. Hiroshi, or 'Dai-chan', was unable to make it since his little sister, Kaoru, was sick. Naturally, Misha and Kotarou were leading, with Shino skipping along side them. Shia and the other two were behind. They were all wearing casual clothing, including Misha. Instead of that puffy, funky dress she always wore, she now had pants and a white singlet, a long-sleeved blue shirt beneath.

"I think it's sweet," the demon remarked with a small smile, walking along side Takashi. "Misha-san always looks happier whenever she's with Higuchi-san."

"Oh yeah?" Takashi smiled. "I guess you're right. I can't say the same for Kotarou though."

All the while Koboshi continued to leer at Misha. It was never ending. "Of course he's not happy!" she said loudly, a vein popping on her head. "Why would he want somebody clinging to him so much like that? It's annoying!"

Their chatter continued until they reached their destination. Paying for the tickets, they went inside and were immediately greeted by the loud noises of the park. Many people walked around, mostly families, either sightseeing or looking for rides that didn't have long lines. Kotarou held his cousin's hand as he turned to look at the others. "Well?" he asked, acting as if Misha wasn't some human leech attached to the left side of his body. "Where do you guys want to go first?"

"Ooh, I wanna go on the bumpy carts! The bumpy carts, su!" the angel said excitedly.

The blonde tapped her chin in thought. "I want to get ice cream," she finally said, licking her lips. "Sure it's a fine day and all but it's still blooming hot."

"I agree with Uematsu," Takashi said. "I could do for some cold ice cream right about now. So who wants some? I'll treat," he asked. When all of them put up their hands, with the exception of Shia who declined with a polite shake of the head, he nodded. "Okay. What flavours do you guys want?"


"Ums, like, I'd like a Peppermint, Ten-chan."

"Strawberry, please!"

"Hokey Pokey, su!"

Takashi nodded. "Alright then. Come on, Uematsu. You're coming with me."

She gaped. "What? Why?"

He rolled his eyes. "Do you really believe that I could carry that many cones?" he asked. When the blonde blushed and nodded, he glanced towards the others. "We'll meet you at the bench nearest to the octopus," he said and waved. "See y'all in a bit."

The four watched the two leave, losing sight of them when many strangers walked by. "Well, come on," Kotarou said, leading them towards the octopus.

Once they arrived, Shino had to sit on Misha's lap because there wasn't enough room. Every now and then, Misha would glance at Kotarou's direction, nervous. Why isn't he smiling? She thought. I thoughty wought he'd be happy at the theme park with all his friends. Did something upsety wetty him? She sighed mentally. What was wrong with her Kotarou-kun?

After a couple of minutes with minor conversation, they saw Koboshi and Takashi coming towards them with five cones in their hands. "Yo!" the male blonde greeted with a smile. The two handed each person their designated flavoured ice cream. Shino had to hop off the angel's lap so she could get hers. The cone seemed huge when it was placed in her tiny hands.

"Yummy yum yum!" Misha exclaimed as she licked her honey-combed flavoured ice cream. "Thank yous a bunch, Ten-chan!" she said, beaming up at him. She gave him a brief hug. "I'll make it up to ya. Promise, su!"

Takashi, along with the rest of them (despite Shino who continued eating her ice cream) were shocked, to say the least. After all, Misha, no matter how happy she was, never really hugged any one other than Kotarou and, as of late, his cousin. With a light pink tint in his cheeks, Takashi scratched the back of his head. "Urm, you don't really need to do that, Misha-san," he said sheepishly. "I said it was my treat, after all."

"Tee hee hee," she giggled, smiling brightly. That was all she said.

Shino tugged on Kotarou's shirt, her eyes suddenly large, a pout on her face. Kotarou looked down at her, forcing his eyes off the angel. "What is it, Shino-chan?" he asked, concerned.

"I-I needa go potty," she whispered.

Her cousin flinched. "But you haven't even finished your ice cream yet," he scowled, glancing at the half-eaten strawberry cone that was gradually melting beneath the hot sun. But seeing the desperate look on the child's face, he sighed defeated. "Alright," he grumbled. He finished up his ice cream as quickly as he could and threw the cone into the bin. He stood up and grabbed Shino's hand, taking the ice cream away from her. "Can you hold this for her, Shia-san?" he asked.

Puzzled, she nodded, taking the cone away from him. "Where are you two going?" she asked curiously. The others stopped what they were doing to stare at the two as well.

Seeing Shino blush modestly, Kotarou shrugged. "Somewhere," he said evasively. After all, he knew how shy a girl his cousin was. She isn't so shy around Misha-san, though. "We'll be back as fast as we can." With that, the two left, diving into the torrent of strangers to look for the loo.

Koboshi looked towards Shia and Takashi. "I wonder what they're up to," she mused.

Takashi shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe his cousin needs to go to the toilet or something. Maybe she spotted something pretty and she wanted Kotarou to buy it. It could be anything, really," he said, taking a lick of his choc-chip ice cream.

"I hope they come back soon," Shia said, glancing at the quickly diminishing cone in her hand. "Or else Shino-san's ice cream isn't going to be ice cream when she comes back."

At that, Takashi grinned. Koboshi merely nodded faintly. "Yeah…" she said absently. Then her eyes widened, noticing that a certain someone hadn't contributed to the conversation yet. "Hey…" she said slowly, looking around. "Where did Misha-san go?"

Shia and Takashi looked at each other and shrugged, knowing full well where the angel was.


"Ah, curse it, Misha-san…"

The angel giggled, latched onto him as usual. "So, Shino-chan's going to the toilet, su?" she asked, glancing down at the little girl.

Shino nodded, a huge blush staining her cheeks. Misha let go of Kotarou and held her hand, swinging it excitedly. "That's nothin' ta be embarrassed abouty wout, su! Everybody'll understandy wand 'cause everybody does it, nya!"

Shino nodded hesitantly as they continued their way towards the toiletries. Once they arrived at the two signs of male and female, Shino left the two to go do her business. Misha stared on with a worried look. "Are you sures that Shino-chan can do it aloney wone?" she asked Kotarou.

"Yeah," he replied, leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets. "Shino-chan's a really smart girl for her age. She can do it no problem."

Misha sighed in relief. "That's good to knows," she said with a cheerful smile. Ignoring the tense atmosphere around them, partially because she couldn't really feel it, she continued. "We haven't done many wany things today but so farry war, it's been really weally fun! Su!" She walked up to Kotarou and, expectedly, glomped him. "Why aren't cha smiling, Kotarou-kun?" she asked, stretching his mouth in order to form some demented grin on his face. "Come ons, su! Everybody likes it betta if yas smile!"

Blushing, Kotarou tried to push her away but found that his heart wasn't in it. "M-Misha-san! Not here," he whispered furiously. And yet, as his eyes caught the bright smile on her angelic face, he couldn't help but feel the slow but persistent tugging at the corners of his mouth. Why was I so sour before?

Seeing his small but sure grin, Misha's spirits heightened. "Whoopie!" she cheered loudly, attracting many eyes. She made a small twirl. "Kotarou-kun smiled! Kotarou-kun smiled! Su!"

Kotarou shook his head, not really minding her behaviour this time. I wonder what made me feel so bad this morning, he mused. When I saw her smile, it did nothing but annoy me. But now… Now it ain't so bad. He grinned softly. Well, I did say I hated mornings.

And then he felt it. That oh-so familiar presence of an angelic aura. His eyes widened, ignoring Misha who continued to dance (strangers began to drop money by her feet by now) and looked around. Where is it…? He then spotted it. Well, more like him. He was in the sky, his magnificent wings behind him as he floated down. No one was able to see him. No human but him. He shivered slightly as he watched the angel land on the ground, his head turning as if searching for someone. Whenever someone walked towards him, they would always go through, as if he really wasn't there.

"Misha-san," he started, tugging at her arm to get her attention. She stopped dancing, much to the spectators dismay, and looked towards him with a confused look. "Do you… Do you see what I see?" he asked quietly, looking at the direction of the angel.

When the angel by his side turned to see what he was looking at, her eyes widened. "Unya?" was all she said in her state of confusion.

The male angel then spotted them and, hastily and clumsily, he made his way towards them. When he was finally in talking distance, he smiled timidly. "Hey," he started, unnerved by the two stares he was receiving. His wings still glittered and sparkled behind him. "Urm, my name's Toya. Nice to meet you." He was, just like all the angels out there, beautiful in his own right. His hair was a deep indigo, long enough to barely touch his shoulders, and his eyes were a brilliant green. He wore white clothing, naturally, with simple white pants. His long-sleeved top was also white but with black buttons at the front, different shades of dark brown layers of shirts beneath it.

Kotarou merely glared at him warily, the smile he wore completely gone. Misha, though, wasn't so suspicious. "Lookie, Kotarou-kun! Another angel!" she said happily, walking up to embrace him. "Welcomes ta earth, su! My name's Misha and this here is Kotarou-kun." The people around them stared at her, their vision only seeing the strange, pink-haired girl talking to thin air. "So what cha doin' here on earth, Toya-chan?" she asked brightly.

This 'Toya' blushed lightly. "I-I was sent here to help you, Misha-san," he said slowly. "Urms, because, well, your sister, Sasha-san--"

"Sa-chan," Misha interrupted. "It's cuter-wooter. That's what sister says, anyways, su," she grinned.

"Sa-chan, then," he continued hesitantly. "Well, she said that I should help you on your mission."

The female angel looked confused. "But why, su?" she asked, puzzled. "I don't thinks I needs help with my mission wission." She glanced at Kotarou. "Righty right?"

What was her mission again? Kotarou asked himself absently. Oh yeah. To make me happy. He sweat-dropped. How was he supposed to provide an answer for that? "Um, I guess," he muttered.

His answer saddened her. She turned back to Toya with a disheartened look. "Am I really doings that bady wad?" she asked quietly. "So bad that Sa-chan wanted ta send another angel to helpy welp mes?"

"No! No, it isn't like that, Misha-san," Toya said quickly. "It's just, um, she just wants me to make sure you're doing a good job so I can report it back to her, you see? You're not doing bad, Misha-san. You're doing great!"

Being the optimistic girl she was, Misha believed him. "Alrighty!" she smiled. "Yous can stay at my apartment with Shia-chan! It'll be funny wun! I'm sures that Shia-chan will likes you too, su!"

While Toya laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head, Kotarou continued to glare at him, feeling a great dislike growing in the pits of his stomach. Why didn't he believe the angel's excuse? He seemed okay enough, if not a bit shy and timid. I just don't trust him. Why would Sasha-san send someone to help Misha-san? Last I heard, she only wants Misha-san to pass her exams, not to make me happy.

He felt a tugging on his shirt again to find that Shino was back. He gently held her hand and looked towards the two angels again. "Come on, guys," he said, eyes neutral. "Let's go back."

Toya glanced at him and then towards the little girl. A second passed with their eyes locked until she wordlessly looked away and began walking with her cousin. He smiled nervously to himself. I wonder if she could she me too.

"Let's go, Toya-chan!" Misha grabbed his wrist firmly but gently as she began to lead him, following behind Kotarou. "Since you're a full blown angel wangel, I don't thinks my friends can see ya. You just needs to stick with me, okies?" she asked, smiling. Everything she did, the smile, the contact, made the male angel blush as he silently floated behind her, not minding at all as she dragged him.

All the while, Kotarou had a hard time trying not to glance back. If he did, he was sure they would see the dark swirls of a negative emotion inside his lavender eyes.


Kotarou collapsed on his beanbag with exhaustion. He had just put Shino to sleep, the girl gently snoring in the other room. Today had been a long, frustrating day. It started out alright, he guessed. The ice-cream was pretty good and Misha was her old, cheerful self. The only thing that went wrong was an angel named Toya. Although he was invisible, Misha kept on talking to him, showing him around and telling him about the 'human ways' of the earth. She gave him so much attention, even when the others (besides Shia who could see the male angel. Shino seemed oblivious to Misha's strange behavior) were seriously contemplating the mental stability of their pink-haired friend as she, to them, talked to air.

I don't care what she does, Kotarou grumpily thought. Misha-san is allowed to do whatever she wants. Now that Toya-san's around, she's been bothering me less, which is a good thing. He gave a blank look to the ceiling. I wonder how long it will last though, he mused. I mean, Misha-san is only talking to him so much because he's a newcomer. Ah well. I better enjoy this peacefulness while I can.

"Katorou-kuuuuun!" The voice was coming from his doorway. "Katorou-kuuuuun!" Then there was gentle yet loud knocking. "Kotarou-kun, it's me, Misha! I wanna show Toya-chan your apartment wartment, su! We've finished winished explorin' mine and Shia-chan's!"

A vein popped in Kotarou's forehead as he swiftly got up. He walked towards the door and pulled it open, glaring at the angel furiously. "Misha-san!" he scolded in a harsh whisper. "Shino-chan is sleeping! Don't wake her."

His tone caused Misha to flinch. "Tee hee hee," she laughed nervously, scratching the back of her head. "Sorry worry, Kotarou-kun su. I didn't mean to wakey wake her."

"You didn't but you could've," Kotarou said with annoyance. "Can't you give Toya-san a tour tomorrow? It's late and I'm tired, Misha-san. Please just go back to your own room."

"But Toya-chan really weally wanted to see your roomy room, Kotarou-kun," Misha pouted. "Pretty please with cherry werries on top, let us in! We promise we'll be extra quiet for Shino-chan, su!"

Toya touched Misha's shoulder. The angel was standing behind her, floating slightly. "It's alright, Misha-chan. If Kotarou-san doesn't want us to go in, then we shouldn't. This isn't our home, after all."

Kotarou glared heatedly at the indigo-haired young man. Chan? He's barely known her for a day and he's calling her chan? "That's right. You should go to sleep too," Kotarou said coldly, annoyed by the both of them. "We've had a long day today and I'd like to get some sleep."

A quiet tension passed between them as Misha saddened. "Urms, okie, Kotarou-kun. Good nighty wight. Sweet dreams, su."

"Good night," Kotarou forced out before closing the door. He stood there until he heard Misha walk away and the presence of an angel disappear. With a sigh, Kotarou leaned forward until his forehead was resting against the door. What is wrong with me? he asked himself. He saw how hurt Misha was with the way he acted. Why am I so angry all of a sudden? Was it something I ate in the theme park?

Kotarou slowly made his way back towards his beanbag, sitting on it heavily. He looked out the window, realizing that his curtains were still open. My exam isn't for another two months, he thought to himself. It's so far away yet it's so close. Is it too early for me to be stressing about it? He dismissed the thought all together. Nah. I'll worry about it later on. I have plenty of time to just chill before they come.

He continued to stare absently out the window, just thinking. Misha-san is acting so chummy with everybody, he pondered mindlessly. I mean, she was already chummy with everybody, but not this much. Since when does she hug Ten-chan? Since when she did she prefer another angel's company over mine? I don't understand what's going on with her. He blinked slowly. Maybe she's just getting comfortable here. She's been on earth for quite a while now so of course she'd get comfortable enough around my friends to randomly hug them. He mentally shook his head. Well, that's only normal for her, I guess… So tired. Maybe I should just go to sleep now. I might be too tired in the morning to eat Shia-san's breakfast. She makes yummy breakfast… He shivered. It's… It's pretty cold…

He stopped his wondering as a face suddenly pressed itself against the window he was previously staring out of. He jumped up, heart beating a mile a minute in fright. "M-Misha-san!"

Her cheek was against the cool window, her hands too. She was wearing her bunny pajamas, the ears flopping down behind her. "Ko… Kotarou-kun…"

Hastily, Kotarou ran up to the window and opened it, the cool breeze hitting against his face. Misha unceremoniously fell down backward, landing on the balcony floor. "Misha-san!" Kotarou yelled leaning against his windowsill, concern washing away his annoyance when the angel-in-training didn't immediately get up. "Misha-san, are you alright?"

Slowly, the bunny-costume wearer got up, rubbing her head. "Ouchy ouch," she groaned. "Owie, owie, ow." She looked up at Kotarou with wide, purple eyes. "Tee hee hee," she laughed sheepishly. "I bet ya can see a hugey huge lump on my heady head, right, su?"

Still worried, Kotarou offered her a hand, stretching himself so he can reach her. "Oh, Misha-san," he said, shaking his head. There was a slight smile on his face because of the angel's usual, silly antics. "Grab my hand and come in. Let me see that lump on your head."

Misha naturally reached up and grabbed Kotarou's hand, allowing herself to be lifted into Kotarou's apartment. Despite herself being unusually light for someone her height, Kotarou had trouble lifting her. Once she was on top of the windowsill, Kotarou gave a mighty heave and they were both finally inside. They tumbled to the ground, becoming a ball of tangled limbs.

"M-Misha-san, get off!" Kotarou yelped, trying to untangle himself.

"I-I'm trying, su!" Misha responded, trying the same thing.

Finally, they separated from each other and Kotarou stood, closing the window to disallow the cool night air from coming in. With a sigh, he sat back down next to Misha, his eyebrow ticking. "I hope we didn't wake Shino-chan," he grumbled.

Misha pouted. "Sorry again, su."

Kotarou glanced at her. After a couple of moments, he simply exhaled deeply, his expression calming. "Okay, let me see your head." He crawled towards her, lifting himself to his knees as he gently lifted Misha's bunny hood off her head. With light fingers, he inspected the top of her pink hair, pressing here and there. "Hmm," Kotarou pondered. "It's a pretty big lump. I'll go get ice for it." He stood up and went to the kitchen, coming back moments later with an icepack. He placed it carefully on her head. "Let it stay there, alright, Misha-san?"

The angel sighed with contentedness. She took Kotarou's hands in hers and beamed happily. "Thank you, Kotarou-kun. Thanks for takin' care of mes."

Kotarou's eyes widened momentarily. He gripped Misha's hands in return. "Misha-san, your fingers are cold," he stated. And you didn't even touch the icepack. "How long were you out there for?"

"Urm, I don't know, su," Misha responded truthfully. "I was out there long enough for you to notice wotice me, I guess." She took her hands back in favour of draping her arms over Kotarou's shoulder. "Don't worry, Kotarou-kun! I'm built like a rock, yeppity yep! I won't get sick or nothin', promise! Su!"

"Still, I don't want you hanging off my window like that," Kotarou frowned, yet not minding Misha's contact. "You could get hurt. More than just a lump on your head."

"Tee hee hee," Misha giggled. "So you do likes me! I was beginning to wonder fonder if you liked me at all-y all!"

Kotarou gave her a confused glance. "What do you mean, Misha-san? Of course I… like you."

Misha sighed, pressing her warm cheek against his. "You've been grumpy all dayie way and I can't helps but thinks that it's all my faulty walt, su. Kotarou-kun wasn't happy wappy. Please, can you tells me why? Then I cans change it and you don't have to be unhappy anymorey wores."

The preteen closed his eyes. "I was just in a bad mood, Misha-san. It's not your fault." And he meant it. Nothing Misha did caused him to be angry. It was his own interpretation that caused him to be mad. It wasn't her fault.

"Unya…" Misha didn't seem to be convinced though. "Maybe Toya-chan was righty wight."

Kotarou opened his eyes to look at her. It was hard when her face was pressed against his. No doubt though that her embrace was making him feel warm. "Right about what?" he asked.

Misha closed her beautiful eyes. "That maybe I do need help makin' you happy, su. I was with ya the whole day and you weren't smiley smilin' at all."

"What are you talking about? I was smiling." You weren't with me for the whole day either. You were with Toya for the whole day, not me. The spiteful thought surprised him. It gave him a bitter feeling in his stomach. He refused to contemplate what the hidden meaning to that feeling was.

Misha opened her eyes to stare at him sadly. "Not for real weal, su. Not for real weal." She leaned her head forward and rested her forehead on his. Kotarou blushed at their closeness. "If you're unhappy, Kotarou-kun, then I'ms unhappy wappy too," she confessed. "If Toya-chan helps me, do you thinky winky you'll be happier?"

No, I will not. "Maybe," he answered verbally, looking away. "But I thought it was your job to make me happy. Not Toya's…" He tried to pull off an indifferent face. "And since it's you're job, then I'm sure that you'll be able to do it all by yourself."

The angel blinked. She grinned broadly. "Yeah, you're righty wight, Kotarou-kun! It is my joby wob. I'll tries harder tomorrow, you have my wordy word! Su!"

Kotarou smiled. "Okay." He paused. "…Thanks, Misha-san."

"But I haven't done anything yet, Kotarou-kun," she said. "Why are yas thankin' me for?"

Kotarou placed a hand on her forehead. "For making me warm," he said gently.

But Misha was still confused. "You were cold, su?" She cocked her head to the side. "Why didn't yas tell me that you were coldy wold?" The icepack slipped from her head and landing on the floor. Misha's eyes followed it and understanding filled her. "Oh. You were cold 'cause you went to get the icepack, righty right, Kotarou-kun?" She smiled. "Well then, I'm glads I made yas happy, su! I'm alrighty right now and my head doesn't hurt no mores. Thank you!"

Her warm smile, her casual embrace, the sincere gratitude in her tone; they caused Kotarou to forget the negative feelings he had during the day. Misha-san can be annoying sometimes but… But Misha-san is Misha-san. I wouldn't want her to change.

I guess I… just get ticked off more easily in the morning. He closed his eyes. Sorry, Misha-san, for making you worry.


End Lesson