Ariel was following the two eels to an unknown part of the ocean. Or at least unknown to her, and yet when she had spare time, she would often explore the area. She thought that she didn't recognise this place because she came this far away from Atlantica.

The eels however knew this place like the back of their tails. They knew exactly what to do, what routes to take, what shortcuts can be made, and what necessary needs needed to be taken, with all this strange terrain.

Ariel then spotted a strange leviathan like skeletal monument up ahead. It seemed like the eels were headed straight for it. Fear seemed to double in Ariels heart. Fear so strong she almost felt paralysed. She decided to begin to turn around, when she was stopped by the call of the eels. "This way" They said in their dark voices. Ariel decided to trust them and followed them into the monument.

Ariel indeed had mixed feelings about this. Fear of the area she was in, and hope that the sea-witch Ursula could help her find that prince. No matter what, she would go on. It was to much of a risk to take to turn back now.

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