Ariel moaned slightly as she felt the soft caress of Arius' lips on her neck, while the massacles continued to rub her skin everywhere else.

"Good morning, my princess." Arius whispered in her ear.

"Good morning, handsome." Ariel smiled as Arius continued to kiss her neck, and she raised her arm so that her hand met his back.

Did you enjoy last night as much as I did?" Arius asked.

"Yes, very much." Ariel moaned pleasurably. "What do you say we do more tonight?"

"Do you think you could handle more of me?" asked Arius.

Ariel gave a small whack on his back with her wrapped arm. "I'm a strong Cecaelia. I can take on more than what you threw at me last night."

"Well, then tonight I won't hold back." Arius whispered, placing his own hand on hers, forcing Ariel to rub where she had hit him.

"Oh, holding back were you?" Ariel asked, tightening the grip of her tentacles that were wrapped around Arius'

"I was making sure that you wouldn't get hurt that much." Arius stated, tightening his grip also.

"Well, then Arius," she said, using her other hand to make him face her, eye to eye. "As your princess, I order you to give me your all tonight. Don't hold back, allow me to feel it all." she said seductively.

"Your wish my command." Arius responded, using the position of their faces to his advantage, crushing her lips with his.

Meanwhile, on the Castle beach.

"What's taking them so long?" complained Joussha. "Surely the ships must be prepared by now!"

"Stop complaining. We must wait for them a little longer. The attack won't work without their help." Triton said sternly.

"Oh yes, I can clearly see how a bunch of above-sea piles of wood can help in a battle under the sea." Joussha sarcastically remarked.

"Watch and wait." said Triton. He saw the image of Eric coming towards the beach, but not Orlin.

"Hey Eric." said Joussha.

"Hi guys." Eric said, with a glum look.

"What's wrong? Where's Orlin?" asked Triton.

"He's . . . He's dead." Eric said, shedding a single tear, but wiping it away with his wrist.

Triton gave a small gasp. He knew Orlin's time was soon, but he didn't think it would be this soon. He looked to Eric. "When did he die?"

"Just three days ago." said Eric.

Triton sighed. He gave a silent prayer that Orlin's soul was safe. "Let his death not be in vein." he said. "The time is now, the battle must commence."

Joussha gave a nod, eager to kick Cecaelia hide.

"For Orlin!" Triton said to Eric with a small smile.

"For Orlin!" Eric said back.

"Let's move!" said Joussha. The three of them went their ways, Joussha to meet the Mermaid warriors on the left flank, Triton to meet the warriors on the right, and Eric to send out the ships.

By this time in an hour, the battle for Atlantica would begin.