Author's Note: An Annie-centric double-drabble to see if I could actually write Community fic.

It's the day before finals week at Greendale begins, and Annie is having a minor panic attack. This is the follow-up to the bout of anxiety she had undergone two hours and forty-six minutes before, and very possibly – though she's not entirely sure, through the haze of her high-pitched squeaks – related to the one she had that morning over a hurried bowl of Frosted Flakes, a breakfast she hadn't been able to fully enjoy.

There are too many things to study, too many things that it turns out she'd forgotten over the course of the semester. Why did it always seem as though she thought she remembered everything until she cracked open her textbooks and realized that she had forgotten everything from the first part of the semester somewhere between the Guatemalan journalist protest and that Day of the Dead party she had thrown for Spanish class?

She had two options. She could either continue to panic and give herself an early heart attack, or she could grit her teeth, settle down, and study until her brain collapsed from fatigue. And then she'd push on until her textbooks were her pillow.

Because she's Annie Edison, and she doesn't give up.