Letters with my murdering, possibly psychotic arch nemesis-

(A/n Hello and welcome to this little story. I am insanely bored and now have an idea. To the readers of my Snarry I AM SOOOOO sorry. My comp crashed and that file was on it and I dunno how to write more on it so you'll have to wait for my blockage to be over.

PLEASE accept this Voldemort/Harry story as compensation.

In short; Harry wakes from a nightmare in the first week after the Ministry mishap/Sirius's death and being sent home from Hogwarts for vacation and being the hormonal teenager he is he sends off an annoyed ranting letter to the source of most of his problems! Enter Voldemort and lots of chaos that is sure to follow! Slash pairings" Voldemort/Harry Lucius/Severus and any others I can dream up.

Warning: It's slash…aka there shall be the SEX, drinking, smoking, bad language, cutting, other mischief, mean names, you know my protocol if you've read my other stories XD

Disclaimer: This is purely a fragment of my ADHD, overactive, caffeine occluded mind. I do not own the characters or anything from the Harry Potter Universe. DO NOT SUE ME. )


Striking Jade eyes snapped open in a mute scream. Tremors wracked the malnourished body of 15 year old Harry James Potter. He growled in annoyance and anger and emotional pain. He ran a hand though his pitch black, mid shoulder blade length hair. He found that leaving it long made it lay straight and flat. Small blessings. And at 15 he still only stood at 5'5"

"Fucking stupid git and his damnable war! I hate this that stupid wanker has no idea what I deal with!" Harry snarled to his owl. Hedwig looked at him and he could've sworn she rolled her amber eyes. He got out a quill and parchment; "I must be insane to do this but oh bloody well, that idiot is getting a good piece of my mind! The stupid arsehat."

With that Harry sat his still trembling self down at his rickety desk and turned on the lamp, the small light illuminated the entirety of his small bedroom/personal hell. Then he wrote the following:

To damn early, July 5th, 1996

Dear Voldemort,

You'll never guess who this is! Well it's the brat you can't seem to kill! The-brat-who-just-won't-die. You are a git you know that? I can't get a night's sleep between you and my uncle and those crappy nightmares because of the fucking shit YOU caused/did!

Yes I am writing merely to rant at you, get over it because I am going to continue even if you just ignore this. So neyeeh!

You know what, if you had just left me the hell alone I would not be in this fucking hell hole, I wouldn't have that twinkling bastard also known as Dumbledick on my case, I wouldn't have stupid blabbering supposed friends who don't know good from their arse!

Yes I'm blaming you for everything wrong in my life; I don't care because it is your fault that I am in this predicament.

Well thank you for that torture session last night (At least and try to put up Occulamcy shields!) and guess what I saw tonight! Just guess!!! No it wasn't a sex dream like a normal fifteen year old…oh HELLS no. It was Cedric Diggory being murdered for standing somewhere, then it was my mother screaming as you killed her! Thanks ever so much for being such a wondrous influence on my life!


Harry mailed the letter off with Hedwig and heard his aunt screaming for him to go cook food.


So...I have a few more chapters written already because I'm essentually bursting with ideas but none that fit into my Snarry (pouts deeply) and I need something to distract me from being overly hyper and bouncing (mum does not like that, hehe). So do you all want another chapter?