Letters with my murdering, possibly psychotic arch nemesis-

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In short; Harry wakes from a nightmare in the first week after the Ministry mishap/Sirius's death and being sent home from Hogwarts for vacation and being the hormonal teenager he is he sends off an annoyed ranting letter to the source of most of his problems! Enter Voldemort and lots of chaos that is sure to follow! Slash pairings" Voldemort/Harry Lucius/Severus and any others I can dream up.

Warning: It's slash…aka there shall be the SEX, drinking, smoking, bad language, cutting, other mischief, mean names, you know my protocol if you've read my other stories XD

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Harry woke to fingers caressing his body and hips with a hard secret between them pressing against him.

This was one of his very favorite ways to wake up.

He turned in his lover's arms, still half foggy from sleep, and kissed Tom right on the mouth.

"Stand up," Tom instructed him. Harry moaned as his now fiancé pulled him off of their warm, comfy bed and to straddle him while they were standing. Harry blinked open his eyes and saw that the moon was high and full. He had fallen asleep after many hours sitting and talking with Tom and now it was night time. The full moon was just rising and was high enough for them to be completely encased in the orange-yellow glow that permeated their windows.

"It's beautiful," Harry murmured and Tom stood them so they could both see the moon. It was the deep beaver's moon of late November and they felt that ethereal glow surround them and it sparked something that hadn't happened between them in a small while. Both of them wanted to go wild.

Tom smiled and ground his hips into Harry's. Harry gasped as he realized what his lover wanted. A quick vanishing spell from the younger of the two and they stood naked as the day they were born. "Fuck me in the moonlight?"

Tom's eyes took on a lascivious sheen and his erection found Harry's hole. Harry bucked up and down as the hard length slide up and down his crack, barely pushing on his ring of muscle. Harry ground himself into Tom's stomach and reached up with his hands to lick his fingers seductively.

After a few moments his own slick fingers found his hole and Harry teased himself while their lips met in harmony. Tom's arms were wrapped around him. One helped holding Harry up by the lower back and one around his shoulders holding him close. They kissed and kissed and soon Tom's mouth broke off to suckle on Harry's neck, leaving little pock marks of his love. Harry groaned and slid one finger in; Tom apparently had another idea and took one hand to hook around his own neck. Tom moved Harry's other hand to the teen's erection and started pumping it in time with his thrusts along Harry's crack.

"Gawd, that feels so right," Harry moaned. He lolled his head back and moaned as Tom's teeth scraped up and down his collar bone.

"I love you, my Harry."

"I love you, my Tom."

Harry moved his head back down and they kissed passionately.

"Please Tom, I can't wait," Harry begged. He wasn't stretched or lubed, but he wanted it. He wanted it now. "No lube, no stretching. Just FUCK me. Hard and fast. Right now."

"Your wish is my command, lover," Tom groaned. He positioned his lover correctly, bracing his back against the wall and trust up and into him. Harry screamed loudly in ecstasy before he muffled himself on Tom's neck, biting and kissing the sensitive column of flesh. Tom trusts came harder and faster and Harry was lost in the burn of the forced stretch and of the pleasure of Tom's practiced precision hitting his prostrate with every other stroke.

Sex like this was not meant to last hours but at the moment neither of them wanted a lengthy loving session. They wanted it hard and fast. They wanted to FUCK.

Harry started bouncing on Tom's erection along with the man's thrusting. They meant and bounced and slid their bodies together. Lips clashed together, hands traveled up and down Tom's front and Harry's back. Tom's nipples were assaulted by Harry's finger nails and that made the man just thrust harder into his love. The white hot friction of their movements were quickly pushing them towards the edge.

"To-together," Harry panted against Tom's hickey marked neck. Tom looked down to him and kissed him deeply. Harry moved a hand to his own erection and with four more thrusts they came in a flash of white and Tom sliding slightly on the wall from the force of their sex. Tom pulled out of Harry's slightly abused hole with a strong pop.

"Wonderful," Tom panted. He sat down on the window seat and Harry sat on his lap.

"Fucking amazing," Harry teased. He ground on Tom's already rehardening length. Harry knew Tom wouldn't admit it but the man wanted to go again. He had a crazy libido that only seemed to get more omnipresent since Harry had become pregnant. Harry loved this part of Tom. True he was pregnant but he wasn't the size of a troll yet and he was gonna enjoy this rush of hormones as long as he could. "Let me play?" Tom's very pulse jumped at the thought of his younger lover 'playing' with him.

"I am yours," Tom said, he leaned his back back against the cool window glass and hissed out as his fiancé physically slid down his body to kneel in front of him.

Tom had seen many people kneel at his feet but never had he felt more in love or less in control than he did right now. His Harry was becoming quite a minx, Tom was happy to see Harry get more and more comfortable with sex. Harry now could get or perform fellatio without any flashbacks or memories. These were silent milestones that the two had gone through together.

"I want to play tonight," Harry repeated. He blew on Tom's nipples, red from Harry's earlier attack. Tom shuddered but sat still in anticipation of his love's plans for him. Harry licked the nipples, sucking on one then the other. His little pink tongue traced down the planes of Tom's chest, licking ever part of him within reach. Harry tongued Tom's bellybutton and the elder was shivering with renewed arousal, his long cock standing at attention. Harry licked the pelvic bones teasingly before kissing his prize right on the tip.

/Harryyyyy/ Tom hissed. Harry sucked the pulsing length into his mouth before hollowing his cheeks and sucking with all his might.

Harry hummed and hissed around the length in his mouth. His fingers played with the last three inches he couldn't fit in his mouth at his angle and with the area right behind his balls. The man was very tender and sensitive there even if he didn't want to admit it.

Tom was almost embarrassed that only fifteen minutes in he was this close to orgasm, but Harry had been sucking and blowing and teasing just right and even though he was now approaching his second orgasm it was coming quick.

/Coming!.../ Tom warned Harry slunk back off of Tom's erection and pumped it with his hand until he was over the edge and panting on the window seat.

"I love you," Harry expressed gently as he pet Tom's thighs and rested his face on Tom's sticky him.

Tom threaded his hands in Harry's hair and said, "I love you too." Tom pulled Harry up and led them to the bed. He spent the next twenty minutes sexually teasing and playing with his to-be-husband. Harry cried out over and over as he came for his second orgasm.

They sat on the bed, caressing each other's faces and basking in the intense afterglow of their love.



This night was their reconnection on many levels. They had had many hurtles lately, and they had both noticed they weren't as close sexually or mentally as they used to be, so as they stood under the steam they let their minds link together and they shared their feelings, emotions, thoughts, and dreams. They melded together into Tom and Harry instead of just Tom and Harry.

It didn't matter what would happen tomorrow. It didn't matter in those moments how the war would go, how being parents would go, or how having most of the Wizarding world against them would go. They were together once again. The way they had been many months prior and how they vowed to be from now on.