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Tony took his small bag with his towel and card key to the hotel room and went to the elevator to go down to the beach. His father was still in a meeting doing some important business work. He wished that he would have spent some time with him, but his father never did. He put his bag on the sand and buried his toes into the warm sand before he took them out and walked towards the ocean. He ran into it and then dived under one of the waves that broke above him. After a while he got out and opened his bag and took out his towel and wrapped it around him. He looked around and watched as some people were playing with their children, or just sunbathing. He watched as a father and son build a sandcastle in the sand and wished that his father would do this with him, but he never had time for his son. He wondered what it would be like for his father to love him instead of hate him.

He went back to the hotel room and let himself inside after a day at the beach. He was hungry and his father wasn't there yet, so he ordered room service and as he began to eat he saw that his father's things were gone. Where was his father? Where did he go? He sat there and pushed his plate away from him. Luckily he was done because he wasn't hungry anymore. He checked under the bed in case his father hid his suitcase, but the only suitcase he found was his. What was he going to do now?

He went to bed not knowing what was going to happen tomorrow and wondered why his father had left him all alone in a strange place. He wondered why his father even asked him to go with him if he was going to leave him there.

A few days later his father's friend came to get him and told him that his father was working and couldn't get him. He was told the only reason he realized that he was still there because he got the hotel bill. He put his things in the suitcase, grabbed it and left to go back home.

The End