"I Wish I Never Left"

Chapter 1: I Wish I Never

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Summary: SPN/Twi Crossover. Bella wishes she never came to Forks. She wishes she never met them, she wishes she never left them…What is she to do now? SPN (Season 1), Twilight (New Moon)

Bella's POV

This wasn't supposed to happen. It wasn't supposed to end up like this. I was supposed to be happy and living a normal, pain-free life when I moved back home. I wasn't supposed to be feeling like my world was falling apart, like I had no purpose for even existing if the one person I thought loved me more than anything could in a second just throw me away. I would give anything to be with him yet he just left me and now I was stuck in a world that meant nothing to me now, with my life passing me by. I forgot everything, my past, my present, my future, as the pain of loosing Edward just numbed my body, leaving just a shell of what I use to be.


I got better eventually yet the hole in my heart was still present. I would laugh again but I knew it wasn't the best I've had but still, I tried to forget. I tried to move forward but couldn't stop when Edward's voice kept coming back into my mind every time I did anything adrenaline worthy. How I miss the adrenaline? Why did I ever give that up? I thought I could move forward and forget and just have fun with Jacob, my personal sun, the one who made me feel better and got me to laugh and joke around again as if I was a little girl. Jacob made me want to get up in the morning to see him again, to do stuff again and just live as if HE never came into my life, it could have been as if HE never existed, like he promised. It had been awhile since I wanted to do anything but Edward keeps coming back to my memory and telling me that I haven't forgotten what has happened, it only wrecks my chances at happiness once again, even with my best friend.


I couldn't believe it, just when I was somewhat getting over the fact that Edward left me six months ago and moving forward, Jacob now tells me that he wants nothing to do with me. My best friend just flat out told me he doesn't want to be friends anymore. He ignored my calls, had his father make excuses for him as I was worried sick on whether he was greatly ill but no, he flat out was ignoring me! Didn't have the decency to call and tell me that he was at least healthy again. So when I go to physically check on him, I see him walking about in the rain, not like himself and he told me to leave and never come back, that he can't have me in his life anymore. Yet he promised he wouldn't hurt me like Edward did….he promised! He assured me so many times that he would keep that promise yet here I am with another promise that's worthless. Jacob clearly wasn't himself from the way he was acting, and now he's part of that stupid gang. He tore my heart out when he chose them over me. Why do they leave me?

"Go home, Bella. I can't hang out with you anymore." Jacob's voice echoed in my mind.

I can't take the heartache any more, it hurts too much. My feelings for both Edward and Jacob were just ripped from my body the moment they turned me away, the moment they told me I wasn't good enough for them. As if they didn't care what happened to me in the end when they cast me aside. I don't think I could break free if I ever went back to that zombie state. I should have never had those feelings. I had tears coming down my face as I stood against the front door of my house after getting back from La Push, with all my thoughts and emotions just escaping through the walls that were now crumbling back down again. I slid down to the floor as I stared at the wall in front of me, with my mind just racing as the thoughts came flooding out:

I wish I never came to Fork.

I wish I never met them.

I wish I didn't feel my heart breaking all over again.

I wish I never left them…..

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Originally Published: December 10, 2009