"I Wish I Never Left"

Chapter 12: It's Not Really Over

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Summary: SPN/Twi Crossover. Bella wishes she never came to Forks. She wishes she never met them, she wishes she never left them… SPN (Season1), Twilight (New Moon)

REMINDER: Bella is 18, Sam is 20 and Dean is 24 (THEREFORE, SUPERNATURAL Season 1 happens 2 years sooner than it does in the series...in 2003 not in 2005)

Jacob's POV

[Day 4 – Very Early Morning]

I patiently waited for the ambulance and police cruisers to leave so that I could scour the ground that stood between the forest and the lake since the Redhead's scent seemed to lead me there. The trail wasn't brand new but it was enough for me to follow along the edges of the lake. It wasn't until I got to the very edge of the lake, a good distance away from the lake houses (like the green one with the red roof), did I catch a fresher trail before I took off in that direction. It wasn't until a few moments later did I see movement in front of me and I was going to immediately dismiss it and follow my nose but that was until I caught sight of the blurry figure's flaming red hair as they rushed forward at top speeds.


I picked up my speed as I chased after her and I knew that she was on to me when she turned her head and spotted me before she seemed to pick up more speed. I growled at the thought of her escaping me and I couldn't help but scream to Eddie through my thoughts, in hopes that he was close enough to hear them because I knew that Tiny's visions wouldn't work if I was involved. That's a huge disadvantage right about now.

The vampire kept on weaving in and out of the trees as she tried to loose me in the brush but I wasn't going to let her win…I wasn't going to let her out of my sights and have her go back for Bella. There was no fucking way I was going to let that happen!

I seemed to be driving her up North and it wasn't until we exited the state did I realize that Eddie and Tiny had caught up to us and I couldn't help but smirk in my mind. There was still a couple more hours of darkness left to drive the vampire as far away as possible and that's what we planned to do…because what vampire would be idiotic enough to travel in pure daylight when it was so easy for their skin to glitter? I snickered at the thought as I closed in on the nomadic vampire.

She wasn't going anywhere with the three of us on her trail.

Bella's POV

[Day 4]

After watching Bill Carlton's boat go under the way it did and then waiting to see that he hadn't resurfaced, we couldn't put off going to the police station any longer. I was too distraught after watching what happened out in the lake to a point that Dean had to hold my hand as he pulled me towards the Impala while Sam headed for his passenger side door of the beloved machine. I appreciated Dean's actions to take care of me yet I couldn't understand why I reacted the way I did. Have I been too out of the game that I was getting too soft? Would I just be a burden if I continued on like this?

I was too caught up in my doubting thoughts to notice that we had already arrived at the station as I continued to stare down at my hands that rested in my lap. I only looked up when I felt someone nudge my shoulder, only to realize that it was Sam yet both brothers were giving me quizzical expressions.

"You okay Bella?" Sam softly questioned and all I could do was shrug my shoulders since I really didn't know how I was feeling as my thoughts shifted to all the other victims that were taken like Bill Carlton. Was that how Christopher Barr was taken? Was that what Lucas witnessed that day on the pier with his father?

"Don't worry. We'll stop it before it hurts anyone else." Dean reassured me, his voice shaking me out of my stressing thoughts. I could only nod, receiving nods from both brothers before they exited the Impala. I took a deep breath before I did the same, only hesitating when Dean opened the door for me while Sam waited by the entrance to the police station. I gave Dean a small smile before he slammed the back door shut and took me in his arms. "Everything will be okay." He whispered into my hair as he placed a gentle kiss to my temple before he pulled back, grabbing my hand, and headed towards the entrance where Sam stood with Sheriff Devins.

I had a quizzical look on my face when we got closer and it was only then did I notice the suspicious look in the Sheriff's eyes as he looked between me and Dean. I gulped. That can't be good.

"Morning Sheriff." Dean greeted Jake Devins as we got closer, releasing my hand as he moved it to the small of my back.

Sheriff Devins gave a curt nod as he looked between the brothers. "We need to talk." It was all the older man said before he motioned for the three of us to enter the police station. I entered the building just after Sam, only to find Andrea and Lucas waiting behind the barrier but what caught my eye was Lucas' constant rocking motion in his chair as if something was on his mind.

"Sam, Dean, Bella, I didn't expect to see you here." Andrea greeted us as she stood from her chair to face us. I gave her a tight smile since I didn't want to be there under the current circumstances.

"So now you're on a first-name basis." Sheriff Devins quipped to his daughter as he made his way around the barrier and we just silently followed his lead. "What are you doing here?" He questioned as he stood in front of her.

Andrea turned to her side to look at her son, who was sitting by a take-out bag. "I brought you dinner."

Sheriff Devins looked to Lucas before he saw the bag, bringing a sad expression onto his face. "I'm sorry sweetheart, I don't really have the time." He explained as he took his jacket off.

Andrea nodded her head in understanding before she looked between the brothers, noticing their apologetic expressions. She sighed before she took a step closer to her father. "I heard about Bill Carlton, is it true? Is something going on with the lake?" She questioned worriedly, and I could easily see that the idea didn't really bode well with her.

The Sheriff gave a brief glance at Sam and Dean before turning back to his daughter while I focused my attention on Lucas as he continued to rock back and forth in his seat as he stared down at the floor. "Right now we don't know what the truth is. But I think it might be better if you and Lucas went on home." Sheriff Devins suggested softly but I noticed Lucas' head snap up at the thought with a panicked look on his face as he looked between his mom and grandfather before he rushed out of his seat as he grabbed Dean's jacket sleeve, tugging him down a bit as he gripped Dean's arm tightly.

"Hey Lucas, what is it?" Dean questioned as he looked the frantic boy in the eyes. Lucas' grip on Dean's arm only tightened, as if his life depended on him hanging onto Dean.

I could feel Sam tugging me back to allow room for Andrea as she made her way to Lucas as she tried to loosen the little boy's grip but it didn't seem to have any effect. "Lucas." Both Dean and Andrea called the little boy's name, hoping that it would snap him out of his little panic attack but the scared youngster continued to whimper; a scene that instantly broke my heart.

Andrea managed to pry Lucas' tiny hands off of Dean's arms but the little boy struggled in his mother's arms, a pained expression was evident on his face. "Lucas, it's okay. It's okay." Dean coaxed the struggling little boy as he slowly ran his hand through Lucas' hair and down to his shoulder in hopes for calming the boy down. When it seemed to have done the trick, Andrea made her way to the exit with Lucas in her arms but before they could leave, he gave Dean a very scared look that screamed for help as he never broke eye contact with Dean until he couldn't see him anymore. That look broke my heart even more for the little boy and when I looked between the brothers, I could see that it affected them too, especially Dean, as their eyes were still on the door.


It was a few moments after Andrea and Lucas' departure did I notice that Sheriff Jake Devins had retreated to his office. I sighed before I tugged on Sam's arm as I gestured to the office. He nodded in understanding before he tapped Dean on the shoulder to follow.

Once Sam and Dean were seated in the same chairs as before, the Sheriff questioned us about why we were at Bill Carlton's place earlier which caught me off guard that he knew, until he explained that one of the neighbors had given our descriptions when the police were called down after Bill's drowning. After a long recap of what happened this morning at the lake, Sheriff Devins still didn't look like he believed us.

"Okay, just so I'm clear, you see…something attack Bill's boat, sending Bill, who is a very good swimmer, by the way, into the drink, and you never see him again?" Jake recapped skeptically as he looked between the brothers while he stayed perched on the edge of his desk as I leaned against the back wall.

Sam and Dean looked between each other before they nodded in agreement. "Yeah, that about sums it up." Dean verified.

Jake was just about to protest but I decided to interrupt as it was clear to me that he was forgetting some things too. "Don't forget Mr. Carlton's children. The exact same happened with Sophie Carlton, who was a varsity swimmer and how do you explain Will Carlton drowning in his sink?" I interjected with my arms crossed over my chest defiantly as the Sheriff glared at me, which didn't faze me in the slightest.

"And I'm just supposed to believe this, even thought I've already sonar-swept that entire lake, and what you're describing is impossible, and you're not really Wildlife Service?" My eyes widened at the last part of his statement and I could see that the brothers were stunned too as both their bodies seemed to tense at the news. "That's right, I checked. The department's never heard of you three." He finished with a heated glare directed at us.

"See, now we can explain that." Dean tried to get a word in but the Sheriff's expression hardened even more.

"Enough please. The only reason you're breathing free air is because one of Bill's neighbors saw him steering out that boat just before you did. So we have a couple of options here. I can arrest you for impersonating government officials and hold you as material witnesses to Bill Carlton's disappearance. Or we can chalk this all up to a bad day, you get into your car, you put this town in your rearview mirror, and you don't ever darken my doorstep again." Sheriff Devins stated in a threatening manner as he gave each of us a menacing look as he gave us our options.

"Door number two sounds good." Sam picked without hesitation since neither Dean nor I were going to argue that option.

"That's the one I'd pick." The Sheriff stated before he got up from his spot to move to his chair, dismissing us with a wave of his hand. I quickly opened the office door and exited it with Sam and Dean right behind me as we headed for the parking lot.

We made our way to the Impala and it wasn't until we were all inside did I break the silence between us. "What now?"

Dean started the ignition before he drove the Impala back onto the road as he headed for the motel while Sam confirmed our next destination out loud. "We pack up, check out and leave."


We weren't on the road until after dark as we had to double check to make sure we didn't leave any of our belongings in the motel room. I sat in the back with the weapons duffel as he rode the drive out of Lake Manitoc in silence.

"Green." Sam broke the silence as he looked out the window. I followed his movement and saw that the traffic light was green yet Dean wasn't driving anywhere.

"What?" Dean questioned, as if Sam's voice broke him out of his thoughts.

"Light's green." I told him as I looked at him quizzically. Dean nodded before he made a right, causing both mine and Sam's confusion to grow.

"Uh, the interstate's the other way." Sam stated just as we passed the sign that dictated that Milwaukee was in the other direction.

Dean nodded his head as his focus remained on the darkened road ahead of him. "I know."

"Then what are you doing?" I questioned just when Sam turned to look at me with a questioning look as he silently asked if I knew what Dean was thinking. I just shrugged my shoulders as my response.

"Going with my gut." Dean stated which caused Sam to sigh as he turned to look at his big brother.

"But Dean, this job – I think it's over." Sam stated as he tried to figure out what was going on inside his brother's head.

Dean slowly shook his head from side to side. "I'm not so sure."

I sighed. "If Bill murdered Peter Sweeney and Peter's spirit got its revenge, case closed. The spirit should be at rest." I pointed out which got me an agreeing nod from Sam.

"Alright, so what if we take off and this thing isn't done. You know, what if we missed something? What if more people get hurt?" Dean countered as he looked at me through the rear-view mirror.

"But why would you think that?" Sam questioned as he gave his brother a closer look.

It was silent for a moment before Sam got what he wanted. "Because Lucas was really scared." Dean stated to Sam but he was looking directly at me through the rear-view mirror and I could see it in his eyes that it really bugged him that the little boy didn't feel as if he were safe in his own town.

"He was freaking out at the station." I piped in and I could see Dean give me a small smile in thanks.

Sam's eyes widened as he gave Dean an incredulous look. "That's what this is about?"

Dean groaned. "I just don't want to leave town until I know the kid's okay." Dean explained sincerely as his attention remained on the road ahead of him as he drove down the familiar streets to Andrea's house.

"Who are you and what have you done with my brother?" Sam teased but I didn't hesitate in smacking him in the back of his head since seeing this side of Dean was very sweet in my opinion.

Dean rolled his eyes for Sam's comment but I could see him trying to fight the smirk off his lips that I knew were brought on by my smack to Sam. "Shut up."


It wasn't long before Dean drove up and parked in front of Andrea's house. We got out of the Impala and noticed that the neighborhood was in complete darkness unless you were near one of the street lamps that lit the road up. None of the houses appeared to have their lights on, Andrea's house included, as we made our way up to the front door of the Barr Residence.

"Are you sure about this? It's pretty late man." Sam questioned as he and Dean stood in front of the door while I looked inside a nearby window to see complete darkness once again.

Dean didn't bother to answer Sam as he pushed the doorbell. It wasn't even a minute later did the door open with a frantically hyperventilating Lucas on the other side as he stared up at Dean with a wide eyed expression.

Dean immediately grabbed Lucas' shoulders as he tried to get the kid to calm down. "Lucas! Lucas?" The little boy didn't say a thing as he immediately took off into the house. Dean took a quick look at Sam and I before he immediately followed the little boy to his destination; Sam and I were right on his tail.

"Lucas!" Dean shouted out as we followed Lucas upstairs to the bathroom as water appeared to be slipping underneath the door frame and spreading all over the hallway floor. By the time we reached the top step, we could see Lucas twisting the knob of the bathroom door only to have it not budge.

Dean didn't hesitate as he quickly moved Lucas out of the way and into Sam's arms before Dean kicked the locked door down. Once he opened the door, both Dean and Sam entered the bathroom while I stayed behind to keep a frantic Lucas behind and out of their way as they tried to save Andrea.

I couldn't see much as the brothers' bodies covered the tub but I could hear the splashes from the water as they tried to pull Andrea out of the water. They seemed to be having a hard time pulling her out together as if a force was holding her under.

Peter Sweeney.

The name instantly popped into my head right when the brothers managed to pull a naked Andrea out of the water and away from the tub as she gasped for some air. I couldn't help but agree with my thought as Dean had been right all along. The spirit wasn't done with its revenge but now we had to figure out what we had missed in the case.

Before we could figure out any of those answers, we needed to deal with Andrea and Lucas. I worked with Lucas as I tried to calm him down while Dean managed to cover Andrea up with a spare towel. Sam was whispering soothing words to her in hopes of getting her to calm down since she needed to take deep breaths before they could do anything else. When she seemed calm enough, the brothers took Andrea back to her room while I took Lucas to his room. I didn't expect him to fall asleep after what just happened but it didn't hurt to try.

Instead of heading to his bed, Lucas went straight for the space where all his crayons, papers and toy army men were set up as he immediately started to draw. I sighed at the sight.

"How's he doing?" I was startled when I heard the voice right behind me but I pushed the feeling away when I recognized that it was Dean's voice.

"I'm not sure." I honestly told him as I watched Lucas draw from the doorway.

I could feel his hand on my shoulder as he gave it a gentle squeeze. "I'll watch Lucas. You should help Andrea out, she's a bit…stunned at the moment." He suggested quietly.

I nodded my head in agreement since it would be weird if Andrea wasn't stunned after what happened to her tonight. "Well she has a right to be. I'll help her." I stated before I turned around, gave Dean a quick peck on the cheek before I headed towards the master bedroom, leaving Dean behind to watch after Lucas.

It wasn't hard to find the master bedroom as it was just down the hall but when I arrived, I could see Sam still whispering comforting and reassuring words to Andrea as she sat frozen on her bed with her towel wrapped firmly around her body.

I slowly approached them but my arrival only caught Sam's attention. "I'll take over." He nodded in agreement as he pulled away from Andrea. "Maybe you could do something about the water." I suggested just as he was leaving.

I only got a curt nod from him as my answer before Sam walked out of the bedroom.

I sighed as I walked closer to Andrea. "Lets get you into some clothes." I softly suggested before I helped her get dressed into her pajamas. She didn't say a word and I kind of expected that but I could only hope that in a few hours she would be able to answer some of our questions because time was definitely running out at this point as Peter Sweeney's spirit was still roaming freely in our world.

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