Epilogue: Phoenix

10th year of Marriage.


Monday, January 8th

Love came in many different forms. It snuck up on people in many different ways. Yet ultimately, even through those many different versions and beliefs held akin to the emotion, love always, always, meant you gave another person a basket filled with your hopes, desires, dreams, care, fears, needs and most significantly your trust. Then hopefully (as should be the case) they in turn give you a basket carrying their own.

For Hermione, she hadn't wanted to hand over her basket, her heart and have it decapitated to within an inch of it's working life.

But love, she'd found, meant you had to take that chance and trust that Draco really meant it when he handed over his own.

Nearly six months on and she'd found enough reason and built enough trust to no longer have to worry Draco would go back on his word. At first, after the fire when suddenly everyone was confessing their heart felt desires and love for each other, Hermione still awaited for the moment that Draco would take a knife to her gift.

It had her on tender hooks for many weeks until Hermione managed to immerse herself in her newly tightened family and forget about it completely as she and Draco enjoyed cuddling on the couch late evenings as Rei and Leo watched the television with them.

Sighing, she snuggled further into Draco's warm body on the couch, a small smile on her face as she watched the Rei cry over the new baby elephant being born on the television program.

Rei had been traumatized by the fire and had suffered, understandably so, nightmares for many weeks after the event. Even now, she still suffered the occasional invasion of her bliss filled dreamtime. When Hermione had asked that night after Draco had first woken up after the fire, how Draco had found their daughter so quickly, Draco had calmly revealed that the bracelet he'd given Rei for her birthday had a charm on it that would allow them to locate her at any one time.

She'd nearly strangled and drowned Draco under her fierce hug and endless tears. She owed her baby girl's life to her husband.

Her baby girl had never loved her father more and couldn't have been more grateful for his presence in her life.

"Alright, time for bed!" Hermione told her children softly, yet firmly as the program ended. They groaned in annoyance but complied easily, getting up and walking out of the room to their rooms.

After the fire, the destroyed wing of the Manor had to be completely gutted and renovated, but Hermione had coerced Draco into a smaller home for the time being while the intense and often heated debates and fights in regards to the modified plans for the new two wings that Draco wanted, waged war. Hermione had sold her home and together they'd bought a larger home than her previous, yet marginally smaller than the Manor not far from the children's schools and the entrance to Diagon Alley.

"I half expected an argument out of Rei for her bedtime." Draco told her quietly, his hand coming up to brush back her new fringe.

She let out a short laugh as the explanation that flitted through her mind and moved to stand up off the couch, holding her arm out to help him stand up as well. "You wouldn't believe the trouble Rei was in today at Molly's…"



Friday, January 23rd

Hermione sighed and let her head loll on her arm. Currently she was sprawled across their shared bed, tired, irritated and somewhat lonely.

It had been a week. A full week since she'd last seen him. He'd gone and left her with the two kids. She knew, even after all they'd been through that it would still happen, because the world did not stop revolving around them. She missed him, strangely enough. She felt like a part of her, a limb…her right, master arm was missing. Slightly lost and out of sorts, Hermione had clung to her daily motions as a life line, waiting eagerly for the return of her husband, his presence, his calmness. She was almost as eager as her daughter.

And now…she was going to go mad if her daughter asked her one more time when daddy was going to be back from his work trip.

All day, every day; Hermione thanked the high heavens that she had some sort of reprieve when Rei and Leo went to school. She was happy that Rei was more than just the apple in her father's eye and that Rei loved to constantly spend time with her father…But being asked repeatedly, almost once every hour Hermione and her daughter had been in contact this week (and since she was, naturally, their primary caregiver it was a lot) Rei had asked when her daddy would be back. Or she'd go into a long, one sided discussion on what she'd do when Daddy came back.

Hermione groaned into her hand. She loved her daughter, she loved that her daughter loved her Daddy enough to want to be around him constantly but if Hermione had to tell her daughter one more time, that 'Daddy will be back on Friday before tea', well…

This time it was a moan that emitted from Hermione's mouth. It was a moan of annoyance and pity. Any idea of punishment to the repetitiveness that comes from a daughter's eager love and impatience for her father's absence was, in Hermione's book, immoral and completely wrong. Yet no matter how many times Hermione told her daughter not to ask that question – or a variation of that question again – she was, of course, ignored.

Due home any time within the next few hours, Hermione had brought to kids home from school and immediately retired from the main living space to the master bedroom, and promptly ignored any knocking which she recognized as Rei's on the door. They had Kermit to take care of them and the house elf knew that if a crisis occurred he was to immediately come and get her.

And the throbbing in her head from her tiring work day was not helping.

She must have dozed off, because before she knew it, the sounds of her daughter's delighted screams where echoing up from the first floor, which was no mean feat. She could only imagine how loud it actually was in the same room.

"Daddy's home. Daddy's home!" she screamed, and from the change in tone and volume, Hermione could only deduce that she was running around the house.

Rubbing away the sleep from her eyes, Hermione pushed herself up and moved to wonder downstairs. She arrives in the front room to see that Draco hadn't even made it into the house before Rei unleashed her barely restrained excitement on him.

Leo too from the looks of things.

The front doors were flung wide open, framing the scene outside with a photo perfect finish. Out on the lawn beyond, Draco was smiling, swinging Aurelia around in circles before Leo tackled into them with a yell and big grin, sending them all sprawling into a heap. They all let out a loud yell as they landed on the lawn, Aurelia giggling as her father twisted enough to grasp her brother in a head lock and rub his head with his knuckles. Leo chuckled and started to yell, struggling, with a large smile on his face, to get out of his hold.

"Daddy!" He cried, dragging the name out to emphasize his struggles. Aurelia laughed and dived in to take on her father for the sake of her brother. She went straight for her father's weak spot, tickling his underarms and sending him jerking out from under him, letting go of his son to escape his own attack.

Hermione couldn't help but laugh, but it saw her family cease their attacks to stare at the source of the sound. Malfoy grinned at her, but the grin quickly turned to a smirk that suggested something was about to happen. Slowly, Draco leaned in between the two kids and whispered something to them.

And then Hermione knew she was in for it.

Her children's faces mimicked their fathers, an eerie sight to behold as both children seemed to morph into mini Malfoy's…well, mini Draco's since they already were mini Malfoy's. Sensing the danger she was in if she chose to remain rooted to her spot, Hermione took two steps back, her body already sensing an attack.

"Get her!" Came the sound of her husband. The screams of delight and echoes of 'get her' followed almost instantly and had Hermione putting on the speed. Turning around she made a mad dash for the kitchen, getting around the corner with enough time to disapparate, the crack hidden under the screams of her delighted children.

She appeared, not a second later at the front door, behind a certain tall masculine blonde who hadn't gotten up and chased after his wife with quite the same speed and enthusiasm as his children. He froze when he heard the crack or apparition and felt her presence behind him. Before he could move any further, Hermione had leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him.

"Got you." She informed him with a smile. Draco turned his head, his own hands coming up to encapsulate Hermione's hands within them. "Cheater." He told her, the smirk forming on the corner of his lips.

Hermione chuckled into his back, keeping an ear out for her rambunctious children, screaming through the house on search of their mother.

"Did you miss me?" Draco asked.

"I think your daughter missed you more than me." She told him, burying her nose into his back, shortly beside his shoulder blade and breathing in as much as she could of him. Enjoying the peace of the moment, the couple just stood in quiet, the sound of the children in the distance, calling out their mother's name, the excitement in their voices giving way to confusion when they could not find her.

"Daddy!" Came the sound of Leo's voice from within the house.

"You're about to be found out." Draco warned her wryly. Hermione scoffed. "You think I don't have a back up plan?"

Suddenly, Leo appeared in the foyer before them, his words dying on his lips as he spotted his mother behind his father.

"There you are!" he exclaimed, his eyes and features lighting up with excitement and determination. Hermione chuckled from behind her husband, peeking out from around his side. When Leo took his first steps towards them, Hermione's hands tightened and pulled back on Draco.

"Stay back…or your father gets it." She told her son. Leo froze in place, uncertain on what to do next.

"Oh yeah, use me as body armor." Draco scoffed, his feet moving apart to help fix his balance as his wife continued to pull him back with her.

"Of course." She replied, as if it were a given.

Abruptly, Hermione felt a body attack her from behind, going for the back o her knees and forcing Hermione off balance, inadvertently, dragging her husband back with her as she fell backwards.

She landed, with a heavy thud, luckily, with the changing in direction from the attack, on the flower bed beside the front door, squashing the flowers which Hermione had painstakingly tended to since they'd bought the house.

And then, as if it wasn't already an embarrassment, Draco landed on top of her, his heavy hard body squashing her petite soft one.

"Ow!" Hermione cried. Draco laughed as he rolled off of her and then turned around to face his wife, amusement and concern emanating from him.

"You alright?" he asked, trying to hold in his chuckles.

Before she could reply, Rei landed on top of her mother with another heavy thud.

"Got you!" She cried through her laughter on her mother's misfortune.

One look at her daughter's cheery face, her son's big grin from the doorway behind her and Hermione quickly forgot the pain of her landing and subsequent crash with her husband. She smiled as brightly as she could and held out her arms, looking invitingly between her daughter and son.

One quick step and Aurelia was in her arms. Three more from Leo and he joined the fray. Draco looked on in peace as his wife held their children in her arms, smiles all around.

It was moments like these that his family were most precious, the memories from these moments placed in a large box within his heart, to remember and laugh about, years down the track with his wife by his side.



Thursday, February 2nd

Like all marriages, relationships, partnerships…even whilst in love, nothing was ever perfect. Yes while they both understood each other more, they both had new ammunition to hurt each other when they were really fired up or irritated with the other. So when arguments hit and things got really annoying, irksome to the point where they couldn't stand each other, they pulled out the big guns and launched their spiteful attacks.

It hurt. Not just the strike from the other, but more so, seeing the pain flash across their beloved's face, as a result of one's own anger.

They'd then suddenly cease all talking, staring hard at the other, breathing heavily, watching as pain convulsed on the other's face.

They'd withdraw. They'd sigh, let out a deep breath. They'd apologize.

And sometimes they'd get into another argument because one had known that their choice of words would deeply hurt the other and so the process repeated until one was just over the whole argument and just grab the other to pull them in for a scorching, yet loving lip lock or one walked out of the room for an extended cooling period away from the other…with the eventual lip lock, horizontal folk dance as they made up.

While their fights didn't happen often, moments still flittered by when something lit their fuses and both Draco and Hermione blew up at each other.

Like this, Hermione thought bitterly as she continued to angrily pull at the weeds in their back garden. They'd been fighting again. Not even a loving marriage could stop that; it seemed to be a chemical reaction to the other, long developed within their subconscious. No they didn't fight as often as they once did, but it occurred. It wasn't a non-existent fact even after everything they'd been through in the first decade of their marriage.

The reason this time?

Draco wanted another child.

And she…Hermione savagely pulled out a stubborn weed, her hands toiling through the soil as she reached deep to grab the root and pull. She didn't know how she felt on the subject. Officially she was on the fence, yet because Draco had been so adamant on having another child when they really hadn't been such great parents to their first two…it had sent Hermione's hackles rising in attack. The situation between Aurelia and her father had improved significantly since the fire and his apology. Leo had come slowly into line in his understanding that his parent's were now a united and equal front where he couldn't find a way to get around being in trouble from one parent more than the other. It had driven Hermione mad when she'd told her son 'no' to many of his desires, only to later in the day or week find he'd gone to his father and been given exactly what he'd wanted.

It had caused another fight between the parents. It had been short though, and Draco had consented quickly to the united front approach.

Which had followed by a beautiful round of love making and pampering that night.

But Hermione wanted that stability and normalness in parenting and their respective relationship to continue at the level they'd grown to for a much longer period before adding another child to that mix and pushing everyone back to square one. She knew that adding another child to the mix would disrupt the equilibrium that had been founded within their family unit. At the same time Hermione also couldn't help but think of all the negative possibilities that would come from having that third child. A lot of 'what if's' were making their rounds in regards to how her children would view their new sibling under the more united parenting front that both Hermione and Draco presented these days. Hermione couldn't help but wonder if another girl would make Aurelia feel jealous because (and Hermione knew without a doubt that Draco would never do it again) this second daughter would never experience the rejection and uncaring attitudes from their father that Aurelia had been subjected to for most of her young life.

Would that even be a source of pain or problem for Rei when she grew to understand this fact?

And then there was Leo. Another problem with him of late, something that happened every now and then and Hermione only noticed this because she knew her son so well (really he was just another miniature Draco), was the jealousy she saw within her son when his father spent more time with his sister as of late. It didn't happen often, mainly because when Draco played with Leo, he invited Rei to join and together they'd both gain equal attention from their father. However there were the times when it was just 'daddy-daughter' time where Leo was left to his own devices if he wanted his father for something. (Not that there wasn't 'father-son' time mind you, either.)

The 'what-if' regarding her son was the question of whether he'd come to hate another sibling born of the jealousy because of all the time the new sibling monopolized of his parents.

Either way, Hermione was conflicted. And as she took out her anger and confused thoughts on the garden, she felt a presence behind her.

"I'm not sorry." He told her softly, moving to sit on the retaining wall of the garden. "And I'm not blind. I know the only reason we're at an impasse is because you don't have confidence in our parenting skills when the new baby comes." When not if. "But Hermione, you have to realize that with every child parenting is a new adventure. What works for one may not necessarily work for another and even though together we don't have a great record, we have made amends…we can do it again."

He reached out to tuck her hair behind her ear, revealing her profile to him. She was red from the exertion and the warmth of the son, her brows furrowed as she concentrated on her thoughts, hands working mechanically to draw weeds out of the garden bed.

"Talk to me 'Mione. Tell me what it is exactly that puts you so against this?"

She continued to work silently until Draco reached out and grasped her hands. She sighed but refused to look at him.

"Having another child isn't going to wipe the past clean Draco. It's still there no matter what we do. We may have forgiven each other, our marriage may now be real but Draco, we still have two other child that haven't had the most stable childhood we could provide them with. I don't want to put another child-"

"And you know we won't. We are no longer two separate parents in this. We work together now, as we should have done in the first place. I want another child. I want to do it right."

"And what about Rei and Leo?" Hermione demanded, ripping her hands out of his hold, jerking to a stand. "What about them when they grow old enough to realize that their childhood wasn't as great as their youngest sibling's? Will they hate us? Will Rei hate you for treating her younger sister with love from the start? Will Leo grow jealous and angry because he's no longer the only sole male Malfoy of his generation, the attention no longer fully on him?" Hermione face creased with the burdens of her worries. Her tense hands moving to grip her face in a sign of distress. "There are so many what ifs running through my head, so many negative possibilities….Why can't you just be happy with the children we have already?"

Draco watched his wife stress out over her projected thoughts on a future that could change with every single decision they made. "Hermione…we can only take one day at a time and I know that both of us, working together, can avoid all those 'what if's?' that are bouncing around in that head of yours. I'm not saying I want a child tomorrow…I'm not even saying that we must have another child but I put out the idea as an option, a possibility, because this time I want the chance to be able to experience everything I should have done the first two times with a baby. I should have been outright there with every check up, I should have been there to touch and feel our children grow within you, be there when you gave birth to them, given you proper nights off when they cried horribly all night. I should have been around and cheered when they first crawled, took their first steps, said their first word." He paused a moment, closing his eyes to refocus himself before continuing. "Again, I reiterate, I'm only putting forth the idea as an option, to let you know that I am open to another child if you are. Now, you know my reasons and I understand your apprehension. If you decide no regarding this then I'll leave it at that but if it's a yes..." he sighed and Hermione witnessed a spark of hope flash within his eyes. "I'll leave it up to you whether or not the idea comes to fruition." He finished.

Draco drew her close to him as he finished, burying his head in her neck, breathing deep the beautiful smell that he associated with Hermione. He moved to kiss her deeply once before he stepped back completely and turned away, walking back into the house without a backwards glance.



Thursday, February 16th 4:38pm

"…And Uncle Harry told me that I would get to help Aunty Ginny with the new baby when it comes, but that means that I have to be over there a lot. Can I mum? Can I?" Rei asked as she danced around the kitchen island, coming to a stop behind where Hermione stood manually stirring the soup for this evening's dinner. She tugged her mother's skirt to garner her attention when she failed to reply in the time her mind had allotted. "Mummy?" she asked again to garner attention.

Hermione glanced down at her daughter and nodded briefly with a smile, sending Aurelia off into a frenzy of excitement. Behind her, Aurelia's mother continued her internal debate on the future of her family, whether or not another child would grace their friends and family circle, one not spawned from a Weasley member.

The kitchen suddenly went silent and Hermione shot a look over her shoulder to check everything was still alright with her daughter. Aurelia was staring strangely over the top of the island counter at her mother, her expression something Hermione was sure she'd seen in the mirror on more than one occasion when she was thinking over something big.

"Mummy…can I have sister?" She asked sweetly not long later. With her mother's silence and enigmatic look, she hurried to add: "I can look after her. I mean I can give her her bottles and help change her nappies and show her how to dress properly and play with dolls."

This time Hermione had to let out a laugh. She loved that about children, always promising more than they would ever do when it came to responsibility.

Aurelia, seeing her mother laugh, shined with hope. "So can I?" she asked again.

Hermione crossed the space between the bench she'd been working at and the island, placing her elbows on the countertop to lean down at eye level with her daughter.

"And what if it was a baby brother?" She asked with a small smile. Aurelia's eyes widened, but Hermione was yet to determine whether it was in excitement or horror.

There was silence in the kitchen as the little girl processed this possibility.

"But can't you…can't you pick?" she squeaked, as if having another brother was worse then anything she could think of. It seemed that having another brother wasn't on the agenda in Aurelia's mind.

Hermione chuckled and shook her head. "No, when babies are made the choice on whether it is a boy or a girl is not something parent's can decide."

"Well if parents can't decide then sisters can!" Aurelia declared.

Hermione shook with mirth, she adored child logic. "No one can decide on the gender of a baby. It's left up to your father's genes to decide."

Like her mother, Aurelia stopped to consider the facts, her mind busy at work processing ideas and already assumed knowledge she had gathered in regards to babies.

Expecting more smart child logic, Aurelia surprised her mother with a short nod before rushing out of the room. From within the room next door, where Draco had installed his study, Hermione traced her daughter's footsteps towards her father, who no doubt sat behind his desk.

"Daddy." Aurelia started slowly and suddenly Hermione knew what her daughter was about to spout.

A rustling of Draco's paper followed in reply, where Hermione assumed he was lowering his newspaper to give his attention to his daughter.

"Daddy, can you tell your pants that I want a baby sister. Not a baby brother."

Hermione could only picture her husband's confused look; she tried desperately to stifle her own laughter.

"What are you talking about Aurelia?" Draco could be heard asking.

"Mummy said that no one but your jeans can decide the baby's gender. So can you please ask your pants to give me a baby sister?"

From within the study, Draco listened to the sudden burst of laughter which came from the kitchen next door. Looking back down at his daughter standing before him, it suddenly dawned on him what his daughter was talking about.

"Rei, it's genes, not jeans. Genes as in your DNA, not the fabric."

"Oh." Aurelia drawled, nodding her head as if she understood the correction. But Draco should have been expecting the next question, because both Hermione and himself had managed to avoid it so far.

"So daddy…how are babies made?"

Laughter cackled once more from the kitchen, shortly before the quick sound of hurried movement and the back door opening and closing followed. Damn woman, leaving him in his time of need.

"Uh…" Draco started, staring at his inquisitive daughter. "Um…"

Lost for words, Draco wished for something to suddenly come up and save him. Alas, nothing did and he was left to struggle through the delicate and awkward task of explaining the basics of the birds and the bees to his daughter.

Thursday, February 16th 9:23pm

Hermione shuffled the throw pillows from their bed to the chaise at the foot of it. On the other side, Draco reorganized his desired pillows before pulling back the sheets and sliding under.

"Your stunt today was very cruel." Draco told his wife, shooting her a dirty look as he watched her slide under the covers beside him.

Hermione grinned impishly and shrugged her shoulders as if to say 'what are you going to do about it?' Draco shook his head but couldn't hold back his own grin as he looked at his wife. She was in her late thirties but she still looked fine and had maintained her wry humor throughout their trying marriage. And she was his, properly, thankfully. The conversation he'd had with his daughter this morning and Hermione's good humor on the subject combined with possibility of having another child had set his good mood. He was happy, satisfied and very, very much enjoying the sight before him.

Leaning over he captured her mouth with his, piercing through her lips with his tongue to explore what had become very familiar territory over the last 8 months. Wicked flames seemed to dance across her lips, echoing the fire which warmed her core. He raised a hand to cup her cheek, his thumb smoothly rubbing her soft skin. She moaned softly, and reached up to grasp hold of his head, pulling it down after her as she leaned back to lay down. They arranged themselves comfortably on the bed, Draco hovering over her, supporting himself with elbows placed either side of her body, level with her breasts. The kiss continued, his tongue enticing hers into a dance which never failed to amaze her. A knee was placed to strategically to coax open her legs and allow Draco to settle comfortably, their centers lining up perfectly; one hard, heavy and potent, the other wet, hot and aching.

Hermione eventually moved her mouth away from her husbands, forcing Draco to draw back from her face slightly. He hovered over her, his face remaining close enough for them both to feel the other's panting breaths, his eyes searching her face for the reason she'd pulled back. Grinning, Hermione twisted them around, so that Draco was on the bottom. Sitting up, Hermione raised her nightgown over her head, throwing it into the corners of the room. Draco's hands immediately wrapped around the revealed flesh, grasping hold of her hips and sliding up the sides of her body to cup the undersides of her breasts, taking their weight in the palm of his hands. Hermione moaned in delight, her hands bending back to lock behind her neck, catching her hair as she combed upwards, arching her back and offering her breasts further for his taking.

He sat up obligingly, his mouth seeking out the offering and latching on to her left nipple. Hermione gasped as his tongue flickered over her bud, her hands dropping her caught hair to latch onto Draco's hair, drawing his head closer to her, demanding more. Switching quickly to the other breast, Draco treated it to the same handling, causing Hermione to buck wildly against his ever hardening cock, in turn triggering a grunt and moan from him. The vibrations from his mouth hit her sensitive bud and sent hot heady pulses through her body to her dampening core. She rocked backward and forwards on her husbands crotch, determined to create friction to solve the building desire for release.

Instead, Draco rolled them over and managed to shuck his silk pants in the process, pressing down on her body so that there were no barriers between skin and skin, except for her panties.

"Off…off…off!" Hermione cried when she realised she was still covered to a certain degree, whereas her husband was fully bare and roaring to go. Her hands hastily grasped at the elastic of her knickers, along with Draco's as he struggled to remove them from her person. Once they'd succeeded that particular task, it wasn't long before Draco was once more settling himself into the cradle of her thighs. The tip of his cock grazed her moist opening, setting of a chain reaction of hisses and rubbing, tilting hips and grasping hands as they struggled to control themselves in preparation for the sensations triggered by their joining.

Closing his mouth over hers, his tongue and teeth tasting and nibbling on her bottom lip, Draco reached over towards his bedside table where his wand lay. Momentarily, he withdrew from the kiss, to allow him the room to properly cast the contraceptive spell. Hermione watched him for a split second, before gently laying her hand over his wand.

Draco stopped breathing as he chanced a look up at her face.

Hermione searched his face, saw the hope and confusion, the blatant desire written and shining brightly from him, from deep within his eyes and she knew, she knew without a doubt, that her fears would never possibly come to fruition if they continued to work together, face the future together.

She smiled tenderly, pushing the wand tip away from her bare belly. "If it happens, it happens." She told him softly.

Draco continued to stare at her in amazement, frozen with the sudden opportunities which flooded him, flooded them both.

Cupping his cheeks with her palms, Hermione drew him back to the land of reality. "I'm leaving this choice purely to fate, so that if it happens, well we have another child. But Draco if it doesn't, then please accept that." She paused to let her words sink in. "But I don't want to find myself eating fertility soaked or spiked food or drinks; understand?"

Instead of a response, Hermione spotted a fierce grin before her mouth was ravished with a surprising force and passion, her breath stolen away. Reaching a hand down, Draco took hold of his member and lined them up perfectly, before, with a flex of his hips, he entered her, his mind and body on fire with the sensations and possibilities evoked by this and future couplings. He imagined his wife, once more pregnant and this time, joining in and supporting her through all the tribulations that involved carrying and birthing a child.

He smiled warmly against her mouth, his hips starting the rhythm that would lead to a rush of pure white pleasure and hopefully – please dear merlin – a child.

"I love you" Hermione sighed against his mouth, her hips moving in encouragement to the tempo of his movements.

Draco raised his head to let his nose drift over the tip of hers, his eyes locked on hers over their close, tender proximity. "I love you." He replied, her being once again consumed in a fiery passion as his body pumped them so completely towards a release that exploded in a burst of light, Hermione's mind and body short circuiting entirely.

Draco absorbed her scream of euphoria with an echo of his own, his hips plunging roughly, once, twice, tree times before he exploded and followed her into an abyss of nothing but pure pleasure.

Panting breaths against heated skin. Careful touching, caressing of faces. Rolling over and holding her close, Draco gently let his hand comb through her hair as she rested her head in the crook of his shoulder.

"Love you." She whispered quietly.

Draco turned his head to plant a gently kiss on her forehead. "Love you too." He replied, feeling his wife drift off the sleep in his arms.


The End.


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