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Chapter 1 - The Awakening

In a time of the Riduko Sennin, the world was a place of chaos and disorder. Various fractions of the human race were warring over the known world trying to establish their dominance over everybody else. The lands were covered in endless carnage and bloodshed. Over the course of the years in what seemed like an endless war an event happened that would change the fate of humanity for forever. This event would eventually lead to the rise of the Ninja.

Kami forever watchful of the world and its future foresaw the path it would take before and after the event. When he saw the course it could take; either destruction of the world before it's time, a peace lasting for three millennia.

Deciding to put his faith in humanity, or a champion that would represent him on earth. He gave a simple samurai's apprentice and his descendants the power to change the course of the world for the better. Choosing this one lone teen because his selflessness, courage, and never back down attitude. He visited one Arashi Namikaze, in his dreams one night to give him his gift and to tell him of his duty to the world. He also told him what should happen should he use his power for evil. All of his power shall be taken away leaving only enough to live. She granted Arashi Namikaze the power to see all and the ability to control the wrath of the heavens themselves, the doujutsu known as the Arashigan.

Arashi took it upon himself to change the world for the better. Over the years he trained to the ground, truly being the first pioneer of chakra. He became known as the Kage Sennin. A warrior that could not be seen or heard, all that you saw was his shadow.

It was in his thirty-fifth year of life that the event struck the world. In an epic battle that no side seemed to be winning three sages banded together to combine the life energies of themselves and the armies to unleash one last deadly attack on the world. That day would forever being known as the Hells Emergence. With this one act the sages created the world's greatest natural disaster, known as the Juubi.

When half of the world was destroyed by this great terror, a warrior rose up to confront it. It was no other than Arashi Namikaze, grown in to full maturity with two sons to take his place.

It was with great sorrow that he went out to confront the beast. With a baby in hand the Kage no Sennin went to sacrifice himself to seal away the beast. Hoping that his little nephew would do something great in the world. Oh how his hopes would come true he did not know.

Years later after his great sacrifice, the very baby that he sealed the Juubi into became known as the father of modern ninjutsu and a great sage known for spreading peace. He was known as the Riduko Sennin, The Sage of the Six Paths. On his death bed he released the chakra of the Juubi into nine portions the first being the largest and the last being the smallest into the world. These chakra sources would later take shape and would become known as the Nine Biju.

Knowing that his end was approaching, the Sage entrusted his strength, dreams, and legacy to two brothers. The older brother, who inherited the Sage's "eyes"; the power of his chakra and his spiritual energy, believed that power was the true key to peace. The younger brother, who inherited the Sage's "body"; his willpower and physical energy, believed that love was the true key to peace.

On his deathbed, the Sage chose the younger brother to be his successor. Overcome by bitterness and envy, the older brother attacked the younger, beginning a war between them. Their feud would continue on through their descendants; the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan.

What they didn't know was that there was a clan in the background forever watching there movements. They were the Namikaze clan who stayed in the shadows watching over the Senju and the Uchiha hoping none would rise to resurrect the Juubi in all his glory.

It was during the great clan wars that the Namikaze found permanent residence in Hi no Kuni. Soon after taking up residence there they made a contract with the fire daimyo. Still working within the background in all the affairs of the world the Namikaze sent an invitation to both the Senju and the Uchiha to join them in an alliance.

From this alliance came the formation of the first true shinobi village. Konohagakure no Sato, became the first and most powerful of all the hidden villages in the elemental nations. It was after the formation of the village that the Namikaze clan all but disappeared back into the shadows.

It was just before the third great shinobi war that a Namikaze came back into the light. A young boy with golden spiked blonde hair, with unnatural deep ocean blue eyes. He was none other the Minato Namikaze, a legend in the making. The last of the Namikaze finally stepping into the light.

With his infamous techniques in the third war he ended most fights before they could even begin. In both Iwagakure and Kumogakure he became feared as the Kiiroi no Senko. As his fame solidified he only gained more power, in the hopes to find peace between the elemental nations. It was soon after the third Great War that he married his beloved Kushina Uzumaki, the former princess of Uzu no Kuni and Uzu's Red Renge.

Two years after his wedding he got the position that he always dreamed of, Hokage. The Sandaime Hokage chose him over his wayward student Orochimaru. It would make him the youngest Hokage in history at the age of 23. In his rein he became known as the best shinobi the village produced. The village enjoyed three years of peace and prosperity under his guidance.

That is until he unleashed his vengeance upon the very village he helped found. It was January, 13 when Konohagakure Anbu Black ops encountered a man with an orange mask. Once he noticed the Anbu he said. "I shall unleash a force to destroy this pathetic village once and for all." With said he flashed through hands seals faster than the Anbu's

eyes could see. Slamming both hands into the ground it spread into summon seal array so large it spread out almost three hundred meters in diameter.

His great roar was all that announced the arrival of the Great Kyubi no Yoko ten miles outside the village walls. The huge figure of the nine-tailed fox could be seen all the way from hokage tower.

It was after the untamed roar did Minato decide to look out his office window towards its source. "Oh no, not now, why did you have to strike now Madara. I was hoping to enjoy a few more years of peace with my growing family before I went after you. I sorry Kushina, little Naruto, it looks like I never be able to see the man you grow into." With those thoughts he rushed out of his office after calling an emergency council meeting in two hours. Once out in the streets of Konoha he Hiraishined to the Namikaze Clan compound atop Hokage Mountain. Once inside the main clan compound Minato rushed up stairs to his wife's and his room.

"Kushina, honey are you in there?"

"Yes dear what is it that you need, aren't you supposed to be at the office."

Looking at his heavily pregnant wife with a soft smile on his face, he said. "Kushina that hurts, can't a devoted husband come home and check on his beloved wife and child to come?" Becoming more serious he looks at her dead in the eyes before continuing. "You may want to sit down for this."

Once sitting down on the bed next to her and looking at the ground he says. "Dear do you remember the day that we got married and I told you in-depth about my clan?"

"It is about to come to pass isn't it?" Looking down the red head started to cry. "This can't be happening, why now, why us? We haven't even welcomed him into this world; yet we are already placing him with such a heavy burden. Minato we won't even be there for him, the doctors say that I have a low chance of surviving his birth."

"I know Kushi-Hime, but I must do what I must as the Hokage. The chances of this village not seeing him as the demon itself is slim but I can hope. I have left everything to him in a dimensional pocket seal that I'll place on him and will open up once he awakens it."

"I have taken the same measure and left everything to him with the Tiger clan. He shall receive them on his tenth birthday." She said looking down.

Lifting up his head Minato turned to look at her. He noticed that she was still crying, gently brushing her cheek. Sliding his hand under her chin lifting her head to look her in the eye he said. "I'll always love you my Hime, and I'll die knowing that are son will be the greatest hero this world has ever seen." Moving in closer he gave her a gentle kiss spending there last hours as close to each other as possible.

The battle between the beast and the leaf shinobi had been going on for about two hours now. The Beast was about two miles away from the village gate. Cries could be heard from the wounded and dying. Blood and limbs covered the forest floor; it was truly the site of nightmares.

This was the very seen that the Fourth Hokage came upon. He was atop Gamabunta the Toad Boss with a bundle in his arms. The cries from his fellow shinobi announcing his arrival could be heard all around.

Looking at the bundle in his arms, he could see a new born babe with golden locks and deep sea blue eyes. His son Naruto had just been born a little over an hour ago. They had spent the last hour with his now dead mother as a whole family before this time. Sighing he prepared the sealing.

Once complete he said his last words to his son as his soul was being taken out of his body. "Naruto Namikaze, my little maelstrom, I want you to be seen as a hero for what you contain but I know you won't. Make a name for yourself, be the hero you are meant to be. Know that your mother and I will always be watching and that we wish we could be there for you, we love you son" He kissed little Naruto's brow before falling back and whispering these last words, the Namikaze Creed.

"When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire's shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew."

Life in Konohagakure no Sato was peaceful at best. It is what you would call a true ninja village. Full of shinobi and civilians alike co-existing in perfect harmony. You could see the civilians going about their daily business. The shinobi that you could see were usually seen hopping from roof top to roof top. Also if one were to look up they'd see a messenger bird en-route to hokage tower.

It has been exactly three years and eleven months since the night that the Kyubi almost destroyed the village. During that night when all hope seemed to be lost the Fourth Hokage did what was thought impossible. Minato Namikaze sealed the second largest chakra construct ever seen in the elemental nations. With that final act he gave his life, soul and the soul of another to protect the village he loved.

At the moment where the sun and the night time sky met a feeling of power was felt throughout all of fire country. One that has not been felt since the lengendary Fourth.

Across town in a shinobi bar sitting with some off duty Anbu and friends; a young silver haired teen felt the power surge.


At the same time the God of Shinobi sat in his office fighting the bane of all Kage's, paper work, when he felt the surge. "So you have finally awakened it Naruto." As he finished that thought, he rushed out of the Hokage's tower and towards the power surge.

A few minutes before the power surge was felt a boy no older than three to four was being beaten to death. The boy in question was wearing a light yellow t-shirt with the leaf symbol in red on it. He also had on black shinobi shorts that stop an inch below the knee, complete with blue sandals. He had of spiky golden hair, with the deepest sea bleu eyes, complete with three whisker like marks on each cheek.

A look so innocent, yet pitiful one would wonder why a mob of villages and shinobi alike would beat upon him. It was a gruesome sight to behold; blood was drenching the once clean fabric. Yet the mob continued to cruelly beat upon him, stabbing, and the shinobi going as far as to using a minor fire jutsu.

Shouting at the young boy that was being beaten then one in the mob yelled. "Today is the day you die for what you did you little demon."

"Yah, that's right time to pay up for all the lives you, took."

Looking up at his would be executioners the boy said. "Why, why are you beating me, I didn't do anything to you?"

Woman with pink hair stepped forward and screeched down at him. "Hah, done nothing wrong, you killed our beloved Fourth. Now it is time that we end this." Stepping forward more the pink haired woman pulled out a standard shinobi kunai and bent down to stab him.

"I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't D AHAAH...

Just before the pink haired woman could plunge the kunai into the boy's chest she and the rest of the mob were blown back in a fifteen foot radius. There seemed to be a force field around the boy creating a perfect crater in the ground. The wind started to pick up, and then there were wisps of lighting. Out of nowhere water started to condense all around the force field. Slowly the force field lifted off the ground with the elements circling around the field in a chaotic manner.

Fearing that the Kyubi was being released the mob high tailed it out of there. It was upon this seen that Sarutobi Hiruzen the Third Hokage and Kakashi Hatake Anbu Captain came to. Knowing it for what it was they calmly waited for the bloodline awaking to end.

Five minutes later the force field slowly lowered to the ground laying the boy upon the ground, the power surge dropping back to zero. Afterwards only one thing could be said miracles do exist because it started to snow in one of Fire countries hottest regions.

Slowly walking towards the boy Sarutobi gently picks him up and turns around and faces the young Anbu captain. "The Namikaze blood still runs true; don't you agree Kakashi-kun?"

Shaking with uncontrolled fury Kakashi looked towards the old hokage and said. "You lied to me old timer, you said that my Sensei's wife and son were killed when the hospital collapsed. Yet here I find that Uzumaki Naruto the vessel for the Kyubi no Kitsune is actually Namikaze Naruto. I should have known that you lied to me; his resemblance to Sensei was too unnatural. You should have told me the truth; I could have done more to protect him."

Giving Kakashi a sympathetic look the Third says. "I have my reasons for doing what I did. With the nature of the boy's condition along with who his parents were, the boy had a lot of enemies inside and outside Konoha's walls. I know it sounds like I didn't trust you, but I was tied up. The council was trying to do everything within its power to either kill him or take him away and turn him into a weapon of war. I did what I did to give Naruto a bit of normalcy in his first few years of life. We can continue this discussion in my office away from prying ears if you want."

Shifting Naruto in his arms the old hokage shunshied back to his office. After awhile people could be seen gathering around trying to figure out what happened. With the place getting to noisy for his liking Kakashi made a quick shunshi to the Hokage's office.

When Kakashi arrived in the office he could see the Third rushing around the room activating the silencing seals along with looking the door. One look over in the corner of the room he could find Naruto sleeping on one of the leather couches. Another look and you could see the neat piles of paper work on the desk finished for the day and ready for tomorrows work.

Waiting patiently for the Third to be done securing the room he went over to the couch that Naruto occupied and sat down next to the sleeping boy. The only thought that could be found going through Kakashi's head was. "I'll protect you with my life as the older brother I should have been Naruto." With that thought in place he caressed the boy's blonde head in his lap and took up an air of protectiveness.

Smiling at the sight before him the Third walked over to the comfort chair in front of the couch. Getting a serious look on his face he said to Kakashi. "We have much to discuss, about you, Naruto, and the future of this village. I know you have many questions about why I did what I did but please ask after I have said my piece." Leaning back he took out his pipe and filled it with his favorite brand. Once lit he took one long draw then exhaled a cloud of smoke, ready to began his speech.

"In all my time as Hokage I have never seen the potential to be the most powerful shinobi in the elemental countries than I have in three indivigles. Minato Namikaze was the first person to spark my interest. It was most likely because both of my Sensei's told me about the legend of the Arashi Namikaze and his apprentice the one and only Riduko Sennin. I saw first hand some of the things that my Sensei's had said to be nothing but family legends performed by one boy."

Giving Kakashi a very serious look when he saw the boy scoff at the name of the Riduko Sennin. "Believe me when I say I did just as you when my Sensei's told me of his legends. The very thing to make me believe that he existed was that the descendants of his own Sensei existed and did things that I thought were impossible to do. They defied the very laws of the universe itself. It was said they had a godlike mastery of the very winds themselves to the point they could control and call upon them without chakra."

Looking a bit contemplative Kakashi said. Now that you mention it Minato Sensei did have an uncannily powerful affinity towards wind. I just wrote if off of years of training with it."

"Taking another puff of the death pipe the Hokage continued. "No even that would be an understatement. As kid he could control the very winds to point most Jounin would drool for. It was when he was put under Jiraiya that I discovered that he also had near godlike affinities for lighting and water too. I knew then that my Sensei's legends were based on truths. Not long after Minato made Jounin did another legend in the making had been born. The White Fang of Konoha was originally to be my successor, but alas it was not to be. He committed seppuku because he could not bare the shame of saving a fellow shinobi over a mission earning the scorn of this very village. Later his son would graduate at the top of his class at the age of six and then make Jounin at twelve having been taught by Minato himself."

Hokage-sama please forgive me for I disagree I am nowhere near Minato Sensei's level. How could I a lowly Anbu captain compare to the Yellow Flash of Konoha and the legendary Fourth Hokage?"

Looking at the young Anbu captain with a twinkle in his eye the Hokage addressed him. "You severely underestimate your self Kakashi. I have seen in you the potential to surpass your father."

Looking at the old man as if he said something completely insane Kakashi sputters. "You're completely insane aren't you? My father was on the level of Salamander Hanzo of Amegakure your greatest rival.

"Old I am but my sight for potential has never been wrong. If you were to continue your training, pushing yourself past your limits you'll find yourself among the top shinobi's in the elemental countries. The third and final person that I have come across to surpass the best of the best is young Naruto here. His heritage alone guarantees that he'll make Jounin before most of his peers. Minato Namikaze was like no other shinobi I have ever seen this village produce. There was only one ninja in the land that could go toe to toe with him and force a draw between the two. She was one of the most fiery kunoichi I have ever had the fortune to meet.

"Kushina was the only person Sensei feared wasn't she?"

Laughing lightly the Hokage looked at Kakashi and said, "That poor boy was whipped, Kushina kept him on a tight leash. He couldn't as much as look at another woman without getting slapped in the back of the head. To tell you the truth I believe that poor Minato had a mother complex."

Coming out of the shadows a bear of man with a main of white hair and a hitai-ite with the kanji for oil. "You would to if you had the same mother, I swear Tsunade and Minato my have not had a lot of interaction after he was borne but they both had that anger problem."

"Ah Jiraiya-kun I am glad that you could make on such short notice. Kakashi and I were just discussing about the kids I have seen to have the most potential to be the best over the years."

With a smile on his face the now revealed Toad-Sennin sat in a comfort chair across from the Third. "You don't say, I would expect my gaki of a godson would be among them. This kid was bred to be the best of the best, just look at his genealogy and you'll find more royal ninja blood than the Uchiha can boast."

Chuckling at that comment the old Hokage started to say. "Yes I did include little Naruto-kun in my list. The reason I have called you is because of the fact that he Awoke It during one of his many beatings. I am sorry to say with my hands tied I could not keep as close a watch on him as I would have liked. With you gathering all the information from your spy network you could not afford to look after your charge. Also with the death of her son Tsunade left the village before I could give the news of her grandson and I have no way of locating her."

"Yes that would be one of the many things that I bring up to her when I find her. My godson should not have suffered as he has. So I take it the reason why you called me is because the seal and his bloodline have started the purging process."

"Yes by January 13 the fourth year since the attack it shall be erased from existence."

With a look of confusion on his face Kakashi asked what was on his mind. "How is Lady Tsunade related to Naruto and what has his bloodline done to the seal exactly."

Both turning their heads to the young Anbu captain Sarutobi began. "Sorry for if you felt left out in that student, teacher reunion. Now you asked about how Tsunade is related to Naruto. What many don't know is that Tsunade had another lover one she actually married and they conceived a baby before he went out on a suicide mission not long afterward. You see this was a year or two towards the end of the Second Shinobi War. Once the baby was born she asked not to see him and that she would place him in his father clan's retainer's care. She packed up and left as soon as she was cleared to leave soon after never bothering to worry for her child.

After the momentary pause Jiraiya took up the tale. "As some would say that was history, it was well into the beginnings of the Third Shinobi World War that she was called back to the village to assist at the hospitals. By then Minato was a Chunin under my care. As fate would have it he received all of his mother's anger issues as I liked to call them. So it was with that remainder that I grew curious as to whom his mother was. No one really knew besides the med-nin that delivered him but she died with her team early in the war. Getting a blood sample from him was easy just had to promise him a new jutsu. I took the sample to the hospital and had it run through the known samples of Tsunade without her knowledge. It tested positive as you have already guessed. Later that day I gathered her and her newly found son and Sensei here and had her tell us everything."

"You see Kakashi after we found out about Tsunade being Minato's mother we tried to patch things up between them. We weren't that successful, they talked yes and he convinced her to stay in the village until it stabilized after the war. Yet again Kami saw fit to take Minato away from Naruto-kun here the day Tsunade got her travel papers."

Looking like he understood better now Kakashi sighed before saying. "Naruto here really was the best to hold that Thing at bay wasn't he. I can only imagine what the blood that held the Mokuton is doing to It."

"Hmm, yes that could have played another reason as to why the seal is starting the purging process now. What do you thing on this matter Jiraiya-kun?"

"I'd say that it is a safe bet, when Minato gave me the key to the seal I did an extensive study of it. If what I saw was right then the divine properties of the Arashigan or the demon controlling properties of the Mokuton was supposed to activate the purge at five and 11 months. With both of them I guess it just helped to speed up the process. There is one thing though that will be interesting though."

"What would that be my student," said the old man?

"To see if he has all five elements that is. I figure with the Arashigan having Futon, Raiton, and Suiton, the Mokuton having Doton and Suiton, and finally the Kyubi being mostly made of the Katon element. I mean Doton and Katon won't be anywhere as easy for him as the other three will but with a few years of practice he'll have the level required to have mastered them."

Looking contemplative the Third asked. "What other affects will you think the Kyubi had on him while being sealed?"

"Beyond boosting his chakra levels beyond any human and normal summons and adding Katon to his element chart. I figure he would get that healing ability as his chakra has always been used to heal himself with a bit of the Kyubi's. It has been perfectly ingrained into his chakra cells and gene's. Just think of the possibilities being able to open the Hachimon without the side effects."

Looking at Jiraiya as if he was completely out of his mind Kakashi said. "That's insane, are you planning on turning him into an unstoppable force. I mean with what he has got now I figure he'd be at Minato Sensei's level eventually, but to take it past that. Sensei was almost unbeatable by anyone."

Looking at the nineteen year old calmly Jiraiya stated. "It is every fathers dream to have his kid surpass them. Minato was no exception; he had planned on making Naruto the best. Since I am his godfather I will see to it that he does. He is what about to turn four now. I can guarantee by the time he is fifteen to sixteen he'll be S-class and in three more years SS-class the same as his Father before he died."

Getting out of his contemplative state the Hokage addressed his subordinates. "I believe that will be acceptable Jiraiya-kun. I have already started him on the basics since he turned three. He is quite an intelligent child but is forced to hide it from the village. When I am training him I usually leave a shadow clone to do the paper work thank Kami I got Minato to tell me the secret. He is to tell you a truth a genius in the normal world and the shinobi arts. I had him take his level one seals masters test that was given to him by the commander of Anbu himself. So that should help you, you shouldn't really have to teach him the basics because he has them down pact and he is currently mastering his dad's taijutsu style."

"Since you are so adamant to have him as your new apprentice I will grant you just that but you'll have another student besides him. Kakashi shall join you, on this training trip so he can receive training in the Kage level arts. I have decided that he shall take my seat in ten years time. That should be more than adequate time to have him at Kage level. Also you are to bring back Naruto in a year's time so he can take the genins exam. Then you can officially have your second apprentice. I shall be sending him and you two missions so he may have a field promotion in two years if he wishes. Is their any questions that you would like answered?"

Looking at his old Sensei with a gleam in his eye Jiraiya said. "When do we leave and will the council know that I have taken the Gaki."

With an equal evil looking glint in his eye the Hokage addressed him. "You leave at 5a.m. sharp January fourteenth. Oh believe me when I say the whole village will know of you taking on two new students. I figure sense little Naru-chan here hasn't gotten the respect he has so rightfully earned as this ungrateful villages hero that we should at least make the Foxes demise public. By this time tomorrow the village will know that the Seal that Minato had designed has started to purge and destroy the demon and that they can see the results at 9:50p.m. January thirteenth. Then we shall see what this ungrateful village feels towards your godson."

Looking down at Naruto Kakashi said. "So he will finally be seen as the hero he so rightfully deserves to be seen as. I for one know for a fact the he is a hero that we need but do not deserve. My question to you is why you would want me to become the Godaime Hokage?"

Sighing at the antics of the newer generation the wizen old man started. "Kakashi you still underestimate yourself severely. I have chosen you because you are what we need. You are head strong, cable, and you also hold up this villages founding ideals. Also on the other side Minato would have wanted you to take up the position in his absence until Naruto was strong enough."

The was a pregnant pause after the Third had said his piece. With a look of determination on his face Kakashi vowed to up hold the position. "I shall take the position humbly upon completion of my training Hokage-sama until such a time as my little otouto shall be strong enough for it himself. I can not thank you enough in sparking my will of fire once again." Getting up gently but in a swift motion so as not to disturb Naruto, Kakashi got on his hands and knees in front of Jiraiya. "I do hereby humbly accept to be taken as one of you're apprentices Gama-sama."

Laughing at the young lad Jiraiya said. "Get up kid there is no need to be so formal, just be ready for a long and hard road. I am going to train both you and Little Naruto into the ground. I am afraid you'll need it to ride this coming storm."

"Since we are all in agreement all I need to do is draw up the papers and make it know to both the council and the public. While were on the topic of the council I shall require you both to be there. It is about time to make it known who is in charge of this village and too remained them why I am the Kami no Shinobi. The civilian side and the elders have grown corrupt and use power that they do not have."

So the discussions went on like this late into the night making preparations for the weeks to come.

Else where as the three men discussed his future Little Naruto was having a meeting with four people that would have a big influence on his life.

Minutes after falling unconscious Naruto awoke up in a dark and depressing corridor.

Hmmm, where am I and why is it so dark here. From what I can see this hallway must lead somewhere maybe to more light. When in doubt always follow your instincts jiji always says.

So following the dark path why he finds himself getting closer to light. Walking a bit further, he enters a room that has a feeling of warmth with a hint of malice mixed in. Naruto also notices a large cage towards the back of the chamber. As he gets closer to the middle of the room four figures appear out of nowhere.

The first two on his left have a regal and divine look to them. One has long silk like royal bleu flowing hair dressed in silver robes. The other has black tresses tied into a high ponytail wearing black robes with a white haori.

The other two on his right have that warm feeling that he's has been getting upon entering the room. One he recognizes almost immediately as the Fourth Hokage. The other one his one the most beautiful women that he has ever laid eyes on. She is tall with the perfect hourglass shape figure, long red tresses with one golden hair clip. The most piecing deep sea green eyes that make you feel as if you are drowning in them. She had a caring smile on her face.

Once he stood before them he asks the one question on his mind, "Am I dead?"

The one with bleu hair answers him with a sad smile. "No Naruto you are not dead, not yet anyways. We are within your mindscape to answer as to where we are. I am Kami and this is my silent brother Death or the Shinigami. The other two, well lets just say you met before only in brief so I let them introduce themselves."

It was the Fourth that stepped forward and knelt down on one knee to get a level look at him. He put his hands on Naruto's shoulders and looks him in the eye and says. "My haven't you grown my Little Maelstrom. I remember when I first held you; I looked at your beautiful mother here." He motion to the red head now standing behind him with a hand on his shoulder. "I asked her if you were supposed to be this small and she says yes, I just smiled."

Taking up the conversation for him the red head starts. "What this Baka of a Husband is trying to say is that he is your Tou-san. He is not too good with words, or at least not right now. I am your Kaa-san, Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, and your Tou-san here is Minato Namikaze the Fourth Hokage."

Naruto looking at them both with wide eyes asks. "You telling the truth no lies, you are my Kaa-san and Tou-san."

Answering for them Kami says. "Yes Naruto these are parents that you have been denied for so long. Believe me when I say they wished nothing more to leave my brothers charge to be with you."

Without further question Naruto through himself into his Tou-sans arms crying out. "So you didn't abandon me for being a demon like the villagers said."

Holding him tightly Minato says to him. "No my dear Little Maelstrom we did not abandon you. We would have done that to you no matter what you are. You are our son

and nothing will change that." Sighing before continuing, "I am afraid I am to blame as to why you are called a demon."

Speaking Kami says, "why don't we have this conversation in a more civilized and comfortable manner." With that said the room changed to a something like a Zen garden with the small family sitting on a couch together with Naruto in the middle his head leaning against his mothers shoulder. Kami and his brother Death across from them sitting in their respective chairs.

Thanking the divine being Minato continues. "Naruto I want you to hear me out here, you can hate me if you wish if that is your choice but know that I'll always love you." Getting a nod of understanding he takes a deep breathe and makes the leap. "The reason that most of the village hates you is because the night that the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked I couldn't kill it. Seeing as it was nothing more than I giant chakra construct there wasn't really anything to kill so I did the next best thing. I sealed it into a new born baby with undeveloped chakra coils to hold all that power, turning you into a Jinchuriki. You are not a demon nor will you ever be, you are its jailer. Or at least its jailer for now, the seal I used I created to purify and purge the demon eventually erasing it from existence."

Speaking up for the first time Death started. "That is reason why we are here, the seal that your father put on you using my power as started the purging process. It is a little faster than what was expected but not unwelcome. The reason why it has started is because you not only awaked the Arashigan but you have been slowly developing your great great great grandfather Hashirama Senju's Kekkei Genkai the Mokuton."

Speaking up Naruto shows his advanced intellect. "So I am the jailor of the demon that tried to destroy my home village. How can I hate my on father for saving my home and ensuring my safety? I am also related to the First Hokage and am developing his Kekkei Genkai. So what is the Arashigan and how is it connected to the seal that you keep talking about? Does it have to do with the giant storage seal matrix that appears on my stomach every time I mold chakra?"

Looking stunned Kushina jumps up and shouts, "Ha beat that Hanna my son is a genius.

After her outburst Kami takes up the conversation again. "To answer you questions yes the seal matrix on your stomach is what holds the Nine-Tails. As for the Arashigan, it is a doujutsu, the very first in fact one I bestowed upon your ancestor Arashi Namikaze. It was my why of having an enforcer on earth with out meddling in its affairs. As a divine being I cannot meddle in you human's affairs directly, I must name a champion as we refer to them."

So for the next two hours Kami explains about Naruto's family and there job as Kami's champion's on earth. He also explains the origins of the biju. After giving Naruto a history lesson he and his brother Death explain the purpose of their visit.

After the brief history lesson Kami let Naruto absorb it for a few minutes than he got down to the heart of the matter. "Naruto the reason why we have called you here is to ask a favor of you. You see there are some evil men and women out there that are planning to destroy the balance and once more unleash the Juubi into the world. Once the Nine-Tails is dead that will only put a wrench into there plans because they know how to create another. My brother and I would like for you to train yourself so you may put a stop to them. Also my brother has been trying to gain some certain souls that have been evading him for to long. So he will grant you the use of the Shiki Fuuin Technique without the side effects for these men if you agree.

"I want to make this easy for you, so if you agree I will let you parents access to your mindscape while you sleep so they may train you in their styles; but only if you agree to rid your world of these men I speak of. For you need to be strong enough to whether these times that are coming. You will know of them once you face them, one resides in your very village council. So will you do us this favor, are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the world and everybody in it? Will you train yourself into the ground to be the best; are you willing to sacrifice mind, body, heart, and your very soul so you may insure the world a better future?"

There was a long pause; Naruto had a look of deep thought. After a few minutes of silence he lifted his head to look both Kami and Death in the eyes. With a look of pure determination he said. "I shall train myself into the ground to be the best; I am willing to sacrifice mind, body, heart, and my very soul so I may insure the world a better future. I shall not give up, I will not die until my task is completed, this I do swear upon my family name and honor." He said it with so much conviction that everybody there was willing to believe in him.

With a smile on his face Kami addressed him one last time. "I ask nothing less of you, let be know that the gods favor you. You shall be our champion there on earth, where you go you shall be a herald of change. Now since you have accepted our task to you I shall let you know that the Third has planned on you going on a training trip with your Godfather Jiraiya, and Inu-nisan otherwise known as Kakashi Hatake. If you go to the Island of Wave, go to the Ookami-shrine atop Mount Zangetsu. There you will find the Fifth divine contract with the Ertheal Ookami. They shall help along your journey, its time that you wake now it is almost mourning and people are waiting."

Just as the image was fading and he felt his body again he heard his Tou-san call out. "Naruto know that your mother and I are proud of your decision and we shall be waiting here every night when you are asleep. Also check the storage seal on your right shoulder that appeared, it has my half of your inheritance, we love you son."

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