Hey its Demon here, I am sorry that I haven't made an update in a while. The thing is that I have a lot of ideas for this story. I have two new characters that I am going to introduce. Lost family members back history, new bloodlines, and more. I have also been making a few changes to my story plot so far.

Not to mention I have a job to maintain and a personal life to add along with it.

If you find my Naruto a bit to over powered at the beginning I am warning you now he isn't. I really don't want to hear complaints and flamers so anyone who really doesn't like the way I write things than don't read. I shall ignore all bad criticism that does not pertain to improper spelling, bad grammar, ECT. If you have ideas that you want to through out than be my guest.

By the time Naruto makes Genin he'll have a steady grasp in taijutsu. I know that I may make it seem that he is a master in it but he is far from it. He'll just have the basics and most of intermediate levels down pact. Same goes for Kenjutsu but most heavily the basics again. His chakra control will be at best high Genin to low chunin level but no more and will stay that way until at least he is 8 or 9. Ninjutsu wise he will have a few D's and C's, a couple B's, and one A rank jutsu. He'll have nothing more than just the basic three and some elements, along with the rasengan. He have gone through all five elemental excises and mastered them but that does not mean he has mastered said element. It'll take him a few years to do so. He basically just learned to switch his normal chakra to said elements.

Now in the seals department he is a genius so he'll have a level three master's license. Meaning that he has an understanding how to make storage, security, weight, chakra suppressor, exploding tags, Etc. He'll also have different ideas for new seals but he hasn't really begun to dive into the hard core stuff as of yet. Midway into his chunin career he'll get his level's four master's license.

Speed, strength and stamina wise he's always been above average in. His stealth and strategy skills have also been good. I mean how in the nine realms of hell can some kid paint a village monument and a huge city in the middle of the f*cking day without getting caught in the process. Then afterwards leading some of the village's best on a chase for who knows how long. That takes both brains and stealth no two ways around it.

Now before you ask how some kid can carry that amount of weight on themselves without getting crushed you have to understand the way muscles build up. Over time as they get used to the weight, pressure, strain, Etc. that is put on them the muscle and bone density increases. What is happening is the exercises performed under this pressure causes micro-tears in the muscle tissue. The soreness that we feel after a decent work out is what that is. It takes a day or two to fully heal. Meaning in Naruto's case a couple hours because of his healing ability. Basically what doesn't kill only makes him strong, just like the saiyans.

The kind of weight seals that Naruto uses provides his body/limbs resistance; an opposing force generated on the body. What this does is it insures that the muscle growth is gradual over time. Making both the muscle and bone density increase; but not making look like an overly buff body builder. It is also a great way to increase ones speed.

Personal Rant here (I can't stand people who just build up muscle to have big muscles. It's pointless, useless and it harms the body in the end. Resistance training ensures that the body /limbs have full range of motion. I mean ask an overly buff guy to bend his arm a certain way and he can't because there is too much mass opposing said movement.)

Ok I think I explained enough on muscle growth.

He trains a bit with his bloodline but not so much as to become dependant, one can always memorize the human body to his taijutsu style doesn't really need it but enhances it. The elemental abilities are apart of his chakra so doesn't need the doujutsu part of the bloodline either unless he wants to go over bored and summon a storm. Not to say he doesn't use the doujutsu itself he does just not as much as say an Uchiha, he uses it as a trump card and simple way to predict the enemies next move or to avoid tunnel vision at hyper speeds, (how Lee and Gai move at those speeds without crashing and or missing a counter attack is beyond me.)

He is also taught how to sense chakra signatures, to suppress them and self taught to see without his eyes. Think of it as chakra sonar, a thin sphere of chakra that spreads out for 100 or so meters every three seconds. (If you can't image it look up Toph from Avatar the Last Air bender and you'll get the idea.) The chakra consumption is minuscule that doesn't drain Naruto massive reserves enough to hinder him; he thought of it as way to see in his Hidden mist and turned out to be an excellent chakra control exercise.

His over strength level is at high Genin level by the time he graduates; or at least what a high Genin level shinobi should be at with a few said skills above said level. So no flamers thank you.

Now I promise that Chapter three should be finished sometime this weekend and it shall be the longest chapter yet.

P.S. I am in need of a BETA, so if your reading and you want the job let me know. Also if you have ideas or you want to help let me know.