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Christmas in all in the heart

'Cause Christmas is all in the heart, that's where the feeling starts
And like a fire inside, it touches every part
'Cause Christmas is all in the heart
And even if no white snow falls, that's all right because
The joy can still be found, wherever you are
'Cause Christmas is all, all in the heart

Steven Curtis Chapman, singer

All I really want for Christmas album

Derek pulled his truck up beside Hotch's SUV and he and Penelope started to climb out greeted by Rossi and Hotch both.

Both men changed a look seeing a difference in the pair that wasn't there a few days ago.

"I see that you made. Any troubles?" Rossi asked taking an arm load of bags.

"Nope piece of cake really," Derek answered pulling the luggage from the back.

"Now handsome don't be so modest," Penelope smirked, "really he used the GPS to get us here."

"That's plan mean Mama giving all my secrets away," he pouted giving her his best puppy dog look.

"Not all of them my gorgeous chocolate God," Penelope turned blowing him a kiss, before grabbing her own arm full of presents.

"It's good to see something's are back to normal." Hotch commented keeping in step with Penelope.

She turned to smile at him, "Thank you Aaron for your advice without it I don't think it would've happened."

"I'm glad I could help Pen. Just please keep it out of the office," he returned a teasing grin pulling at his mouth, pushing the front door open.

Hotch showed her where the tree would be set up, a load of gifts all ready sitting on the floor piled high. She giggled and set hers down next to them, with Hotch setting his own arm full down.

"Looks like it's going to be a big Christmas," Penelope remarked a grin on her face. Hotch just nodded as the pair headed for the kitchen.

"So you two good," Rossi asked putting down the arm load of grocery bags.

Derek smiled one that reached his eyes, "More than good."

Rossi nodded and asked something different, "So what is all this stuff for anyway? She does know the kitchen is stocked?"

"That I do Rossi, but those grocery's are not for what you think. I plan on baking cookies a few pies, and a Christmas cake. I figured you wouldn't have the items I need, so," Penelope trailed off waving her arms at the bags in front of them.

"Aunt Penny," a child's voice exclaimed, before a blur came running into the kitchen and flinging himself into her arms.

Penelope scooped Jack up into her arms hugging him tight, "How've you been Jacker's?"

"Missed you," he answered, then "did you bring me any presents?"

"Jack Hotchner," Hotch admonished trying to keep the smile off his face.

"Can't blame a kid for trying Hotch," Emily's voice said from behind them.

"You're not helping Prentiss," Aaron playfully hissed turning to face her.

"She's right," Penelope said, before looking back at Jack, "I did bring you something buddy, but you can't open it until Christmas."

Jack pouted, hoping to get his way, "But why?"

"Because it's not Christmas, yet and Santa won't bring you what you want unless you're a good boy," Derek answered coming up beside Penelope and ruffling his hair.

"All right," he said wiggling free of Penelope's arms.

"Why don't you go see if Aunt JJ, Henry and Uncle Spencer are here, yet? Just don't go to far pass the door," Aaron offered bending down close to his son.

"Ok daddy," he replied running off.

"Oh to be that young again," Rossi mused getting four pair of eyes glairing at him, "What?"

"I would never want to be that young again," Emily answered starting to help Penelope put away the food. "Did you bring your whole apartment, Pen?"

"Keep it up Prentiss and you won't be getting your gift either," Penelope warned.

Emily just stuck her tongue out at her, and turned her back to put the butter and milk in the fridge.

"She does have a point baby girl you did go a little overboard," Derek teased laughter in his eyes.

Penelope turned to face him, "I went over board, those are half of your presents out there hot stuff not to mention you begged me to make chocolate chip cookies for you. So don't you even try to put this all on me."

Emily, Hotch and Rossi shared a look, happy that they finally stopped being to hard headed.

"I think it's time I show you, your room Morgan, before you put your foot in your mouth one more time," Rossi offered in favor of self preservation. Hotch silently agreed and followed the two men.

"I thought they'd never leave," Emily exclaimed turning towards Penelope, "ok so spill what happened."

Penelope just smiled, as she pulled out her laptop and started to boot it up.

"Come on Pen give me something anything to go on. I have to live my relationship life through you now."

"Not until JJ gets here that way I have to tell it one time," Penelope answered glancing at Emily, "and you don't have to live vicariously through me sugar you just need to tell him."

"Yea and get nothing in return," came her harsh reply.

Penelope's eyes soften, she knew what it was like falling for a friend, "Maybe not right a ways Em, but give him a little time he will come around."

Emily just nodded and looked up when the front door opened and JJ walked in hold Henry in her arms, Reid and Jack following behind, Jack trying to help by carrying a small bag. Emily and Penelope shared a look wanting to know when things had changed so much between the pair.

"Oh girlies I think it's going to be an interesting vacation," Penelope commented a smile gracing her lips.

Later that evening plans were made to go tree hunting the next day, this the men of their intrepid group decided they could do alone. While the ladies got ornaments, light's tinsel and garland ready to hang.

Once the door closed Emily turned to Penelope, "So spill."

Penelope just shook her head and started for the kitchen intending to get a little baking done while the men were out. "Not much to tell really, Em."

"Lair," JJ exclaimed from standing by the stereo.

"It's no lie sugar he apologized for pushing me away. But he wanted to know why I chose Lynch over him. He told me that he loved me and was a fool for not fighting for me after I was shot."

"Damn strait he's a fool for not fighting for you. We should've smacked him up side his head then instead of letting it get to this point," Emily commented pulling bowels out.

"Maybe it would have worked and maybe not. Who's to say that, even if you had, that we would have fallen apart a few years later? Perhaps our time apart, the distance we put between each other made this all the more sweeter," Penelope answered.

"She's got a point," JJ threw in.

"Yea, yea everything happens for a reason," Emily said exasperated, but only teasing. "So you and boy genius looked pretty comfortable together when you got here yesterday afternoon and last night. Something happen you're not telling us?"

JJ wasn't sure how to answer. On one hand she loved the time she'd spent with Reid, they were getting back to old times, yet a part of her felt a little guilty about what happened between her and Will.

"Hello earth to JJ come back to this plant," Penelope teased seeing the far away look in her friend's eyes.

Sighing she answered, "No thing happened between us, we just are reconnecting. I just… I feel a bit guilty about what happened with Will."

After JJ arrived yesterday she'd explained to both Penelope and Emily that she'd asked Will to go home for the holidays, so she could get her head on strait.

"JJ you have nothing to feel guilty for. If you've fell out of love with him, it's better to know now then five, ten or fifteen years down the road," Emily answered clasping her hand.

"I know it just doesn't feel that easy."

"You take it one day at a time see where it leads. If Will isn't the man for you tell him that and grab what you really want," Penelope advised hoping she would be a little help.

The men returned to the smell of fresh baked cookies, the delicious aroma bring back happy memories for each.

"Seems like they were busy," Derek commented, coming up behind Penelope and wrapping his arms around her.

"About time you guys showed up, thought we'd have to send a search and rescue party out to find you. What took you so long," Penelope exclaimed waving the phone in her hand to prove a point.

"Hey we couldn't just go with any old tree woman it had to be the best," Derek said pulling her flush to his body.

"He's right. We had to go through three tree farms before Jack found the right one," Hotch elaborated, pointing to the little boy on his shoulders.

"An we got's a good'ne to," Jack stated happily.

After an hour, where the men tried to set the tree up, much arguing over the proper placement and who would string the lights, they sat back and let the ladies do the rest knowing better than to get in their way. Silently all four men snuck out, Jack had been put down for a nap after much protesting that he wasn't tried.

Only to have Penelope's voice call out, "No touching the cookies boys or no Christmas presents for any of you."

They looked at one another, but it's Rossi who asked, "How does she do that."

"Maybe she can see through walls," Derek offered.

"That's not possible…," Reid began, but was cut off.

"He doesn't mean that, Reid," Hotch said glaring at Morgan.

Reid smiled, "She just knows us all to well is all." The other three men just looked at him like he'd been replaced by an alien, "What it's the truth."

"He's right she does know us pretty well," Rossi answered giving into temptation and grabbing a cookie.

"Scary as that is, but true," Derek threw in, grabbing his own cookie.

"Oh what the hell," Hotch exclaimed grabbing his own.

Reid just chuckled knowing that she wouldn't really with hold their presents, and grabbed his own sweet treat, unbeknownst to the men, all three ladies had snuck towards the doorway and listened in on the conversation, and watched as they ate the sweets.

Christmas Eve finally arrived, the tree trimmed out, lights illuminating the house, a roaring fire to warm them and hot chocolate and cookies to feed their stomachs.

Raising his glass Hotch toasted, "Here's too many more Christmas's together as family."

"And to never forgetting the important things in life like faith, hope and love," Derek added pulling Penelope closer.

"To cherishing the good times in life and never loosing sight of them," Emily offered.

"To holding on to good friends who never fail to be there for you," JJ said looking towards Reid.

"To a family who may not be by blood but by heart, a heart as big as the sky it's self," Penelope stated.

"To the peace of mind, in knowing that we are all together this year and hopefully for a long time to come," Reid added.

"Merry Christmas everyone," Rossi threw in at a loss for any words to add.

So perfectly summed up, the team that had seen the worst humanity gave, felt peace in their hearts. Gathered around a roaring fire, sharing the best life had to offer them. They would never forget the hell they'd been put through, but they wouldn't let it consume them anymore not when they had family to lean on.

The End

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