For Amerou 3

"So let me get this straight." He crosses his arms and raises a perfect eyebrow. "You want me to step aside.. just because you're a girl." Leliana matches his stance.

"No. You could never understand the tender love between two women, Zevran. That delicate ache in the pit of your stomach for the softest of kisses dealt by true love's own lips."

"And of course, as a man I could never have that desire, no?"

"Not in the same way, no."

"This is ridiculous," mutters Alistair, sitting in between the quarrelling pair. "She's not property to be haggled over."

"Oh, that's right, play the understanding gentleman who sweeps her off her feet," snaps the bard, glaring at the Warden. He frowns, about to defend himself, but the assassin cuts in.

"Yes, because your 'sisterly' affections are totally genuine. At least I am true to myself with her."

"Hey!" yelps Alistair, but Leliana is ready again.

"Mm, yes, being an outrageous flirt to anything with a pulse is what endears you most to her."

"At least my.. ministrations garner a reaction, dear bard. I have seen time and again the signs of arousal, whereas you.."

"Alright, this is ridiculous!" Alistair stands up sharply. "Don't get me wrong, I'm very interested to find out who wins this little argument, but she is her own woman! We have seen, time and time again, that she makes her own decisions, and us bickering about who gets a.. a right to her is not going to change that! I mean, come on, she single-handedly -"

But the thought remains unfinished as a giggle breaks through the near-silent camp. The three companions turn to see their prize stumbling into her tent, leading Oghren by the beard. He catches their eyes momentarily, long enough to wave, before the tent flaps closed and they are left out in the cold.

"Well." Alistair sits back down. "That was.. unexpected."

"Indeed." Zevran slumps next to him. Leliana shakes her head sadly.

"How.. unfortunate. I would never have guessed.. Oghren?"

"Over the choices of us? I know," chuckles the elf. "It seems.. such a waste." They sigh in unison, a heartbeat of silence bringing them together. Then Zevran looks up.

"So.. my tent?"