It took one trip to Dumbledore's office and one sentence to Dumbledore to make up her mind about telling Harry about her secret. It was as simple as that. In fact, it was too easy that Abigail had to blink a few times at Dumbledore's reply.

"What?" Abigail couldn't help but said.

There's the twinkle in his eyes again that was at times suspicious yet warming. Just this time, Abigail didn't know which one was it.

"I said, sure. You could let young Harry Potter in on the secret. In fact, I think it's an excellent idea. I couldn't help but feel slightly honored that you think you have to get my permission to do so," the wise men said.

"I just thought that you should be consulted regarding issues as important as this. I mean, I'm still not very sure that I would not change anything in the story, because obviously by coming into the story and befriending Harry, Hermione and Cedric," for the very first time, Abigail revealed her thoughts to Dumbledore. While she was really ecstatic when she first found out that she arrived here, she's been worrying about changing the future. It is safe to say that she was on the borderline of being paranoid.

Dumbledore regarded the young lady in front of him. She might not admit or even notice this about herself, but she has a great soul.

"Child, I believe that everything happen for a reason. Have you ever thought that you being here might serve another purpose? Perhaps some great power felt that you are needed here to change something? Maybe that's your true purpose here, not to ensure that things go as they should, but to change it for the better?"

"I know that what I have just said was purely assumption, but that's what life is. We don't know where we're going, we just have to keep doing whatever we are doing to ensure that we are actually going somewhere," Dumbledore told her while taking the occasional sip of his tea.

"But I do know where we're heading and if I ever caused anything to change, for worse, I'll never forgive myself," Abigail said.

"Merlin, child. Just live your life, don't worry too much about the consequences. What will happen will happen. We'll deal with them as we go," he went around his table and sat right next to Abigail. He patted her back affectionately. "I can't believe I'm telling you this, aren't you supposed to be the teenager?" he chuckled.

Abigail fell into a comfortable laughter with the Headmaster. She has to admit that part of her is relieved that she has Dumbledore's consent to tell Harry about herself. Now the problem is how to tell Harry without him thinking that she's from the loony bin.

- commercial break -

"Are you nervous about your first day?"

Abigail nearly chocked on the toast that she was having. Quickly grabbing her pumpkin juice (what happened to good old orange juice?), she tried to ease the way for the toast down her throat. She threw a glare on the culprit of her near-death-choking-experience: Cedric Diggory.

He at least has the sense to look guilty that he got her chocked on her breakfast. He awkwardly patted her back and muttered his apologies. When she stopped her coughing, he smiled his I'm-sorry-but-you-have-to-forgive-me-because-I'm-charming smile.

"You're not getting off easy with this one, Diggory," Abigail teased. "You owe me one week hard labor,"

"Oh, everything that you demand is my pleasure, your chockingness," Cedric Diggory, Abigail decided, can be a tad bit dramatic.

"So, are you nervous about your first day?" Cedric asked, this time not causing any health hazard to anyone.

There's something about Abigail Sanders that made Cedric wants to get to know her better. He likes her. He likes being around her and talking to her. She has this ability that makes it easy to talk to her, making her really approachable, at least that's the case for him. No, he didn't think that he likes her that way. At least, not now. Currently, let's just say that he has a soft spot for Abigail Sanders.

While they were conversing with ease, they did not notice that they had actually attracted quite some attention. Hufflepuffs, at least those who had heard of the rumors (any version of it), were sneaking glances at the pair and tried to listen in to their conversation. Hannah Abbott, who was sitting next to Abigail, actually stared unashamedly at the both of them.

While it wasn't totally rare that Cedric was speaking to someone, he was a friendly peer; it was kind of rare to see that he initiated the conversation. Even among his close circle of friends, those instances are rare. Cedric is more of a listener, rather than a speaker. But, when he did speak, he is a charmer; according to his best mate Haden Walker. So, it was rather a shock to everyone to see Cedric Diggory initiating a conversation, especially when it's a girl. Even though he has the reputation of being one of the best looking boys in Hogwarts, he did not talk to the opposite gender frequently. That, in his best mate's words, was a waste.

"Cedric, you prat, why did you not introduce me to this pretty young lady?" someone else plopped down on her other side right between Abigail and Hannah.

Cedric rolled his eyes. "Back off, Haden,"

Abigail heard a huff from the person next to her, apparently his name is Haden.

"I'm sorry for his lack of manners. He seemed to forget the common courtesy of introducing you to me, his best mate," Haden said, which made Abigail turned to face him. "Hi, I'm Haden Walker. The better looking of this duo," he wiggled his eyebrows.

From the corner of her eyes, she could see Cedric furrowed his brows. Abigail shrugged. She extended her hand. "Abigail Sanders, pleasure to meet you. I'm glad at least someone knows some manners over here,"

Haden Walker smirked. "Oh, this one is a keeper, Ced. She didn't fall for you charms, huh?" he leaned forward and slung his arm around her.

"Keep talking, but could you keep your hands off?" she teased and dropped his arm.

"Whoa, this one is definitely a keeper, mate,"

It was at that moment that Haden Walker had decided to befriend Abigail Sanders; probably make her his first ever-female best mate, who knows? One thing is for sure; Abigail Sanders had no idea what just hit her.

Cedric rolled his eyes at his friend's antics. "So, as I was saying before a certain idiot interrupted, are you nervous for your first day?" he asked.

"My, aren't you the repetitive one?" Abigail mocked. She laughed at both the boys' expressions. "Fine, I won't tease anymore. Cedric actually looked like he's going to have a seizure or something," she reached out to turn the frown upside down on Cedric's face. "I'm not exactly nervous. More on the scale of terrified, scared, afraid or anything else that is synonymous,"

"Why are you so terrified? It's just like any other class. I'm sure it's pretty much the same from where you came from," Cedric told her.

Yeah well, my previous school doesn't teach us how to levitate stuff with a magical wand no less, thank you very much.

"I hope so,"

"What's your first class, by the way?"

Abigail thought for a moment. Then, "I have no idea, actually,"

"But, Professor Sprout should have- oh!" Cedric rummaged his bag.

"You have to excuse him. He didn't know that the rest of us aren't sentence-finisher like himself," Haden said theatrically. The few Hufflepuffs around them laughed.

"Sod off, Walker," Cedric told good-naturedly and handed Abigail a piece of paper – parchment, it's parchment here.

Haden gasped. "Language, Cedric," he chastised.

"Here, it's your schedule. Professor Sprout passed it to me last night. It sort of slipped from my mind," Cedric pointedly ignored the boy that was his best mate.

Abigail thanked him and took a look at her schedule.


Transfiguration (Gryffindor)


Potions (Ravenclaw)




Herbology (Gryffindor)


History of Magic (Gryffindor)


Charms (Slytherin)


Astronomy (Slytherin)


Care for the Magical Creatures (Ravenclaw)


Defense Against the Dark Arts (Ravenclaw)


Ancient Runes

"You're taking Arithmancy and Ancient Runes?" Haden asked, slightly awed by the fact.

She nodded in response. "I just thought it might be interesting. Besides, Professor Sprout said I could drop it if I find myself couldn't keep up with the subjects,"

"What is this? It's an outrage! Why is it that you could drop subjects when we can't?" Haden started his theatrics again.

"Well, back in Salem Academy, we didn't have to take as much subject as you do in Hogwarts. So, Dumbledore gave me some exemption rights. Of course, that is if I really couldn't cope with the subjects," she flashed them a bright smile.

It's not going to be that hard, right?

- commercial break-

Abigail slammed her head on her book. Her first class hadn't gone very well. She saw Harry in the class and decided to sit next to him, which earned her death glares from her fellow Hufflepuffs. Apparently, she missed the memo that Harry Potter is now an enemy of the entire Hufflepuff house. Besides that, she had no idea what Professor McGonagall was talking about. Not a single thing. What makes her think that she could just barge in here and attend classes in Hogwarts without any basic knowledge whatsoever?

Well, it wasn't entirely her fault Abigail tried to justify. Her thoughts went straight to the old professor.

"It will be alright, girl," he said.

Yeah right. All right, my butt. Abigail huffed. She made a note to speak her mind to Albus Dumbledore, the person who arranged for her to attend classes, FOURTH YEAR CLASSES, without any preparation at all. Partly, she realized, was her fault for not having thought about this. But she's determined to place all the blame on the Headmaster.

"Are you Ok, Abigail?" Harry asked, albeit a little awkwardly. He was deciding on whether to pat on her back.

Abigail sat up straight and looked at Harry. Right, forget about getting back at Dumbledore and focus on the matter at hand. Here's an opportunity to reveal everything.


"I have something to tell you, Harry," she told him.

Talk about being as blunt as an axe, girl. Good luck though.

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