Hello everyone again. Wow two in one night got to be some kind of record for me lol. Anyway this little ditty came to me a few nights ago while watching you guessed it A Christmas Carol. Now it's not going to be quite like the Charles Dickens classic I'm only really using the premise of that wonderful story. Set a little after "100" but before "The Slave of Duty", so Hotch isn't in charge just yet. I do hope you like it. The first part is kind of short longer as it goes on.

Disclaimer: Again own nothing but me

Chapter one

An angel came down

He sat at his desk looking over the last case file JJ gave him trying to give the Austin police department some help no matter how little. With the last I dotted Derek closed the file and rubbed the back of his neck, he could feel the tense and stress starting to build again.

A knock sounded on his door, he looked up, "Come," a single word to let them know entrance was granted.

"Here's the information you needed Morgan," Penelope Garcia said handing him the manila folder.

She could see the tense in his posture and the stress that was barely blanketed behind his eyes. Her heart broke for him, but since he received this promotion he'd shut her out of his life not letting her in even in the least bit and in a way she was getting use to it. Granted it still hurt like hell, but there wasn't much she could do about it.

"Thank you Garcia," Derek answered taking the file from her out stretched hand.

He barely looked up at her there was to much work to be done. To many thing's that needed his attention. He didn't even notice when she left that was how focused on his work he was.

Slowly Penelope walked back to her office regret eating away at her. She wanted to rush back towards him get him to leave his office even just for a little bit, but she just kept moving forward. She knew better than to disturb him. She just wondered if he even missed her. Did he realize that he was turning into someone different someone no one recognized anymore? She missed the old Morgan the one she had fell in love with, but now that thought and hope turned to ash and dust.

Somewhere a clock struck midnight, a bright light filled his office, and slowly Derek raised his head, from its resting place laying on his desk his arms as a pillow, to shield his eyes from the light. Once the white glow disappeared he couldn't believe his eyes at who stood before him. This had to be a dream it couldn't possible be real could it but…