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Ever Since...

Ever since we were kids, we have always been together. It's like the three of us were meant to be stuck with each other. It's like I was born for the two of you to stop you from doing reckless things. Well, I'm certain that I was born for Hanabusa to stop him from doing reckless things such as biting Cross Yuuki and giving Kaname-sama more problems to deal with. But putting Hanabusa aside, am I born for you?

From the time when we first met Kaname-sama, you've always looked up at him with adoring eyes. You've always said his name as if it's a prayer. You always smile at him even though he does not (or rarely) smiles at you. You would always feel a pang of jealousy whenever you see him with Cross Yuuki. You've always enjoyed every moment spent with him. Your mind is always filled with thoughts of him. You have always wished that he was in-love with you. You would always be very defensive whenever someone says something negative about Kaname-sama. You have always said you love him more than anything.

Would you also look at me with adoring eyes? Would you also say my name like a prayer? Would you always smile at me? Would you feel jealous if I am with somebody else? Would you enjoy every minute with me? Would your mind also be filled with thoughts of me? Would you wish that I was in-love with you? Would you also be defensive if somebody said something bad about me? Would you also love me above anything?

Perhaps we both have the same feelings towards the ones we love. You are always wishing that Kaname-sama loves you. The same way I am towards you wanting to love me. But I won't be selfish. I'll wait that perhaps one day, you would also love me. But for now, I'll continue with this one-sided love. Even though our loved one will never so much as to look our way, we can't erase that small something within us that continues to hope in vain.

Ever since we were kids, we've always been together. And ever since that time, I have always loved you. I tried to forget , but every time I try, the feeling just gets stronger instead of fading away. I really don't know why but you're the only girl in my mind. But I do know that I will continue to hope that maybe someday, you'll choose me over him. Even if it does not happen, I will still fight for you till the very last drop of my life.

Ever since we were kids, we've always been together. Perhaps I was destined to be stuck with you... And Hanabusa. Perhaps I was destined to watch over you. Perhaps... Maybe I was destined for you.

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