If one was in the Center of the World right then they would see a small, Asian girl with mass weaponry running after a taller blonde American. If this were real life, people would assume that the American was a coward and the Asian girl had pretty realistic props. In the Center of the World, even the smallest Nation had street cred and could seriously dismember the average human with their pinky.

"America, you bastard! Come back here! Thirty years of non-recognition and you still manage to screw me over!" the girl shouted, brandishing a rather large carving knife. Which, as everyone knows, can dismember the average human much easier.

America, pumping his arms and legs like crazy, refused to look back or to reply. Taiwan was scary and she was on 'that time of the month', which meant that she was freaking insane. Most, if not all, female nations got this strange sickness that no one would tell him about. It made America wonder why the women hadn't taken over the world yet.

"AMERICA! I'm talking to you!" A knife spinning end over end ended his musings; it shot past his ear to make a beeline for Lithuania. Thankfully, he ducked and the wall was the unfortunate interceptor of the blade.

Crap. Wall.

America was forced to swerve desperately so as to avoid smacking into the wall. Unfortunately, he chose the side that had large double doors. Very finely crafted, too; dark wood carved with beautiful murals of victory from every country; gold plate running up the sides; all in all the doors must have cost a fortune.

When one is being chased by a girl that is on 'that time of the month' and given lethal weapons, one does not pause to acknowledge the finer details in life. In fact, one often bulldozes through the finer details in life, such as extremely expensive, irreplaceable double doors to the meeting room, and leave the remains of said finer details in life numbering around ten thousand pieces on the floor. That was just how America rolled.

The other Nations gaped at the tall, freakishly strong American-an American, mind you, who had revolutionized the world and so far was one of the only people who could stand up to Russia- jump over the table and land on the far side, crouching underneath right next to England.

The Nations started talking to one another, trying to determine the cause as Taiwan walked into the opening of what used to be doors and gave a little half-smile. An incredibly creepy half-smile.

"So. Where's the bastard?"

As one, the assembled Nations took in her sub-machine gun and carving knife.

"He's not here." said England. America gave a frantic thumbs up to him.

"Of course he is!" protested Iraq. "He's under the table right next to you!"

Dead silence.

Slowly, America got up, hands in the air, followed by England. Wary, he watched her in order to have fair warning when she threw a knife. Or tried to shoot him. Or the assortment of ways she could kill.

He saw out of the corner of his eye Korea inching over to Taiwan. He had no idea what the guy was going to do; he just hoped that it was painful, or harmful, or immobilizing. Preferably all three.

So when Korea tugged on Taiwan's wild curl, he wasn't expecting her to stiffen, blush profusely and sink slowly towards the ground.

"Korea! Don't touch there!" Japan shoved his way through the countries and pushed Korea away.

"Sorry, Wan-chan. Can you give over your weapons, please?"

"Fine, Pan-kun. As long as I still get to punch that idiot."

"Thank you. Please don't do that again, Wan-chan. We would have given you the materials if you'd just asked. Besides, everyone gets to punch him. He's America."

The Nations, aside from the Asians, England, and America, promptly went back to business. They were relieved that the threat had been neutralized and gave their full attention on the summit.

So they didn't see the three dozen Japanese throwing stars, a wide assortment of knives and daggers, the Chinese short sword along with the sub-machine gun (which had Made in Korea plastered on it), or the hand-gun strapped to her thigh. When it seemed that there could not possibly be another place she could have stashed something, she reached into her plum-blossom hair clip and drew out a small vial of clear liquid.

"Meimei, you know how dangerous that is, aru." said China with a pained look on his face.

"It was my last resort! Besides, it's something that I make myself, so by rights I shouldn't have to give it to you." She pointed out.

She handed it over anyways.

"…Taiwan." A young boy about her age with strange eyebrows poked her.

"Yes, Hong?" she asked, poking him back.

"…You scared the shit out of me."

"Thank you."

"Thought you'd like that. Next time, I wanna go too. I have some firecrackers…" He put a hand in one of his sleeves and drew out a red stick with ornamental gold writing on it.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" spluttered England. He took hold of Taiwan and America, pulling them away from the concerned Asians.

"Okay, you two, obviously something's upset the both of you pretty well." He rifled through his pockets. "Now…I'm sure I have it…Hah!" The Englishman handcuffed America's left wrist to Taiwan's right.

"Now then, you gits, I have the key. Don't do anything stupid and when you can convince me you won't destroy anything else, I'll unlock the cuffs."

He was smacked upside the head near-immediately by China, shrieking profanities at opium sellers defiling his sister and wielding a wok. England was also kicked in the back and punched in the stomach by Japan, who was thinking profanities at the opium seller defiling his sister. Hong Kong and Korea didn't bother with him but spent the entire listing every single painful torture they could think of to America, all of which involving firecrackers. In the end, America and England concluded that Taiwan had too many older brothers. And the older brothers were way too protective.