To Aru Kagaku no Railgun: Worlds Collide

The magic world and science world are in arms raise at each other. Even though the two worlds decided not to clash with each other's affairs a certain incident from a third party shakes the cease fire. Now the world is in the verge of a world war between religions and countries that belong to each faction. In the midst of this lies a group that stands on its own. It was a party that consisted of high ranking magicians, ungodly espers and an individual that questions the realities of both beliefs.


"Oneesamaaaaa!" Kuroko was running clumsily towards Mikoto Misaka who was lazily sitting on a bench beside a vending machine that she loved to steal drinks from.

"Kuroko, you're finished with your duty for today?" Mikoto asked and offered Kuroko a seat beside her as she greeted her.

"Yes," Kuroko sighed which showed her exhaustion. Whatever it was, Misaka imagined that it was a hard mission for Kuroko to be this tired.

"Tough huh?" Misaka said and threw a cold mango drink in can to Kuroko.

"Hai... a speedster stole a purse. "You can imagine how hard it was to catch someone who has the ability to run almost as fast as bullet train. They relied on me to teleport beside him and catch him."

"Ehh, Judgement really has interesting missions." Mikoto commented after an uncaring sigh.

"What's with that sigh? You should really try our job!" Kuroko said with a challenging tone.

"I already did remember?" Mikoto frowned at the flashback she had the time she was mistaken for a Judgement member.

"But really oneesama you're a level 5 you should put your abilities to use. Join us Judgement so you can legally beat bad guys up." Kuroko criticized Mikoto's lazy lifestyle.

"Meh... you guys can do it anyway. Besides I beat my share of bad guys. Don't I usually fry them before you arrive?" Mikoto returned Kuroko's look of criticism.

"Well that's my oneesama for you, the third most powerful level 5 in Academy City." Kuroko gave up on the argument.

"Third? Are you sure?" All of a sudden, Mikoto had a melancholic look on her face. "I still cannot beat that S. O. B." In her mind flashed the figure of a spiky black haired boy laughing at her teasingly.

"That guy?" Kuroko asked pertaining to the person who she met months ago whom she thought was rendezvousing with Mikoto. "Hasn't it been six months now since he left Academy City?"

Meanwhile in the city entrance not far from where Mikoto and Kuroko was:


"Oh sorry I didn't mean to," a boy, probably 19 years old accidentally bumped shoulders with a thug.

"Sorry?!" The thug hissed angrily. "You wrinkled my favourite leather jacket you idiot!" The thug pushed the boy forcefully after that statement.

"What's wrong boss?" Apparently the thug was not alone by himself and had friends just nearby. Also, it seems that the thug the boy accidentally meddled with was the leader.

"This little runt bumped on me and just gave me a lousy sorry." The leader said mockingly.

"It's only a wrinkle..." The boy reasoned while scratching the back of his head then sighing.

"What's with that sigh you asshole? I don't like your attitude!" The leader felt insulted about the boy's actions.

"You don't want to mess with our leader he's a level 2!" One of the thugs, who was considerably fat, threatened.

"I just came back here and already this? How unfortunate!" The boy shouted out angrily then threw his bag behind him to prepare for an encounter.

"Oneesama look! Some thugs are picking on a guy over there!" Kuroko immediately spotted the trouble brewing not far from them.

"Oh? I'm coming with you! I haven't gotten a chance to stretch my body today." Mikoto said happily as they rushed to the scene.

"Okay guys take care of this idiot!" The leader commanded his buddies to start the beating. They surrounded the boy. Some were wielding iron bars while some showed their powers.

"Time to sleep boy!" The weapon wielders lunged an attack first.

In the eyes of the boy everybody in front of him were in slow motion. He just went through a hell lot of training and something like this would be a good outlet to see how much has he improved. He avoided each thrust and strikes with ease while returning an attack at the same time. He always avoided the attacks with only a feather's width of a distance then retaliated with a whipping turning out kick to the side of the head or an elbow smash to the side of the jaw. It didn't take long until the attackers were down on the ground unconscious.

"What the fuck this guy is pretty good! But whatever you do you're not a match against our powers!" One of the underlings who brandished the ability of an esper shot out a blast of green plasma at the boy. However, the target easily dodged the attack with a mere tilt of his head.

"That's dangerous," the spiky haired boy yawned as if the attack was nothing.

"Cocky bastard!" Another underling tried his luck and shot out iron balls with the speed of a cannon. The target easily manoeuvred out of danger and closed in on his attacker. Then the boy gave a smashing punch that crashed on his opponents face sending the thug flying a few meters away from where he stood.

"Eh... so you're not just some idiot from the province huh?" Finally the leader decided to enter the fight. "I warn you the once you just fought are all level ones, I'm in a whole different level." The thug raised his hand which suddenly ignited.

"Pyrokinesis?" The boy looked at his opponent lazily. Although he could tell that this one is better than the others he still had that same look of no interest at his attacker.

"Prepared to die yet boy?" The thug asked cockily.

"I'm not totally sure... but mister... your luck is running out..." He replied to the thugs persuasion.

"What are you talking about you mother fucker?! Take this!" The thug enlarged the flame in his hand turning it into a massive fireball 10 feet in diameter and then shot it to his target.

"Flame attacks, I've seen better!" The boy reached out to the fireball with his right hand and immediately dispersed the attack.

"What the fuck? Well let's see if you can take dozens more of those!" The fire user started barraging the boy with minor fireballs in large amounts. But no matter where he aimed the boy would just wipe it off to thin air with his right hand.

"No matter what you do it will be the same result so can you please just stop?" the boy requested as he continued to fend off the attack while walking to his opponent.

"Don't be cocky you bastard! Take my signature move! My infernal explosion!" In an instant the fire user was engulfed in flames as he charged at his spiky haired target. "I don't know how you deflect my attacks but let's see you deflect an explosion at this point blank range!"

"Screw you!" The boy charged all the same at his attacker with a punch of his own. Upon the clash of the boy's fist and the thug's flaming barrier the flames were immediately extinguished into blue sparkling dust which were blown by the wind. The boy's punch reached its mark leaving a swelling bruise on the thug's right cheek as he was sent flying on a bench a few meters behind him.

"Hold still this is Judgement!" Kuroko and Mikoto finally arrived in the scene. "Ehh where are the..." Kuroko was amazed to see the thugs all unconscious on the ground.

"Looks like Judgement was late again..." Mikoto sighed. "You there, did you do all these? Wait... you are!" Mikoto gasped as she recognized the person in front of them.

"Hello there biribiri!" The boy waved at her with a gentle smile.

"Touma!" Mikoto fired a railgun at Touma in excitement.

"Gahhh still the same as ever!" Touma caught the coin infused railgun with his right hand then frowned.

"Ah so oneesama's stalker is finally back? Don't you dare come close to oneesama without my approval you hear me?" Kuroko stood in front of Mikoto to protect her.

"Stalker?" Touma sighed at that remark. "Can you guys please give me a break? I just came back and these thugs suddenly give me this work out!" Touma complained pointing at the unconscious enemies around him.

"Sure why don't you come with us for awhile to relax?" Mikoto offered.

"I'm afraid that will not be necessary oneesan..." A voice from behind interrupted their conversation. The voice was very familiar to Mikoto. Why? Because it was her own voice.

"Y-you!" Mikoto was surprised to see her clone sister behind her.

"Misaka has already offered Touma to stay in Misaka's house while he hasn't found a place to stay." It was Misaka10032 the Misaka clone who was closest to Touma and the group. She walked past Mikoto and Kuroko and wrapped her arms around Touma's right arm. Touma blushed as he was speechless about the action.

"What are you doing?!" Mikoto shouted in horror.

"Misaka is being honest with herself. Which the original cannot do Misaka says this in a pitying tone towards the original." Misaka replied with an emotionless face.

"Honest?" Somewhere in Kuroko's brain something snapped. "What does she mean oneesama?!" Kuroko cried out to Mikoto as she pointed flailing at Touma and Misaka. "Don't tell me you are!"

"You are what?!" Mikoto interrupted Kuroko before she could finish?

"Misaka is sure that there is a term for this sort of behaviour. Misaka says this as she tries to recall. I think it's called tsun..."


"Tsun?" Touma turned to Misaka beside him curiously what this 'tsun' was.

"Tsundara? No Misaka is sure that's not it. Misaka will continue to think."

*twitch zap*

"Y-you guys..." Mikoto snarled angrily as electricity started to form under her bangs.

*twitch twitch*

"Hmm... Tsunjire? No, no that's not it Misaka is having a hard time remembering." Misaka shook her head as she leaned closer to Touma.

"Stop messing with me you idiots! Such a thing could never happen!" Misaka yelled her heart out as her body released bolts of electricity that shot out everywhere.


"Uwehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Touma shouted as he grabbed for Misaka's and Kuroko's hand to escape the wrath of the angered lightning goddess.