Chapter 5: A New Life Style = A New Arena

Part 1

The Tokiwadai School

This school is so big that it encompasses 1/8 of Gakuen Toshi and mind you Gakuen Toshi is very big. Inside this construct are the most promising ESPers Gakuen Toshi has ever gave birth to except for some level 5's who decided to go solo or underground.

Right now it's 9am in Japan, too early for serious business, but inside Tokiwadai the principal is sweating badly in front of an esteemed director of Gakuen Toshi. The principal has her lips on a curl as she try to look confident in front of the 6 feet tall director wearing a tuxedo with a black neck tie and pitch black shades to cover his eyes. The principal herself is pretty young, about 30 years old perhaps, and she also wears glasses but right now those glasses are on the table because she forgot to wear them because of intimidation coming from her guest.

"S-so sir what you're saying is that you want us to take this level 0"

"A level 5!"

The director sneered angrily as he corrects the principal who immediately gulped her own saliva to calm herself down then corrects herself.

"And yes you heard me right. You are to take this new level 5 in your school without fail."

"B-but what is this person's ability? I just can't simply."

"This guy has the ability to take away your job and send your family to the streets! How you ask? Through us firing you if you don't do as I say!" The director roared.

The principal cringes in fear as she starts making all the necessary paper work for the boy's transfer. The director is pretty pleased to see her all worked up and grins.

"I-if we want him to transfer here we will need to inform his high school first."

"Do not worry about that. That's already taken care of." The director replies calmly with a confident smile on his face.

Meanwhile in Misaka Imouto's place 9am:

The spike haired boy wakes up after having an awkward dream in which he rather not remembers. Months ago he left the academy to visit his home town so today he needs to fix his status in his school and enrol.

"Ahhhnnn~" He yawns and looks at the time. He isn't late yet but he figured he better hurry.

Luckily no one is awake yet so he's able to use the bathroom immediately. Then after taking his time in bathing he dresses himself with the school uniform he always wore before. Me makes his way out of the mansion careful that he doesn't wake up the others.

However just before he got out through the main front door.


A white haired boy meets him on the way out with a frown.

"Me?" Asked Touma.

Touma takes three steps back careful not to agitate Accelerator who's already looking at him with an irritated face.

"Not my business or anything but where are you going this early in the morning?" Accelerator asked.

"Not sure why it would concern you but if you have to know I have to enrol again at my high school."

"What?" Accelerator says this aloud then began laughing.

"A-ha-ha-ha-, schools are for squares. Strong people like me don't need them." Accelerator bragged.

Touma can only look weirdly at Accelerator and walks past him.

"Sorry if I'm weak then," says Touma with a sarcastic tone.

Before Touma can walk further Accelerator grabs his shoulder for his attention. Touma got surprised because he thought Accelerator was going to attack him for a second.

"I'm not sure but I have a feeling you also made enemies with the people chasing Last Order and me. Be careful."

"Thank you," Touma is surprised that Accelerator didn't sound rude or evil this time around. "You also have a caring side I see." Says Touma before moving on.

"What? Shut up! I'm just concerned that you'll lead the enemies to us!" Accelerator denies.

"Haii- haii."

Touma waves lazily at Accelerator behind him and continues walking the way to his school. He observed the changes in the city that happened while he was away as he walks. In only a few months some houses are demolished, some houses are built, some buildings have different design and some buildings aren't there anymore.

The city isn't the only thing that changed. Touma has changed a lot after going away for a few months. In his hometown where nobody relies on science or magic he was able to train in 3 different martial arts a little namely Jujitsu, Karate and Kungfu. He isn't a master of any of these but thanks to his innate ability quickly adapt fighting styles he reached an average rank in each discipline meaning he's fairly good with each and can combine techniques from all the three disciplines.

But even then his most powerful weapon isn't his newly learned fighting skills but his imagine breaker. Being in a city of ESPers who makes their own realities physical brawling is almost suicidal so he needs to counter with his imagine breaker.

As he reaches school he expects no one to notice him. After all he's just a level 0 that can be found everywhere… however.

"Look! It's the new level 5!"

A man with shoulder length hair and square chin shouted and alerted everyone of Toma.

"Huh? Where?" said Toma.

Toma looks behind him to see the new level 5 as he's sure enough the person was pointing at his direction.

"I don't see anyone… Oh I get it someone with the power of invisibility!"

Toma claps his hands while a horde of students approach him.

"Grab him!" Shouts a bearded guy with blond hair wearing shades.

"What? Me?"

Touma is shocked to see that they're actually coming for him and starts running the other way around.

"Don't let him get away!" Shouts a random girl in the crowd.

"You people are making no sense! Grahhhh! Fukou da!" Screams Toma.

The horde chased Touma everywhere. His main problem were speedsters and teleporters who would teleport or dash beside him to grab him. He deals with these people using his imagine breaker and cancel their teleport or dash halfway near him.

"What the, why can't we teleport to him?"

Asks a muscular spike haired blond guy as he continues to chase Toma with the horde.

"Maybe because you're too weak? You're only a stupid level 2 right?" A speedster mocked him.

The teleporter isn't very happy about that comment and retaliated.

"And why can't you chase him? Isn't that you're only purpose in life?"

"Oh great they're fighting amongst themselves."

Toma easily managed to escape through a blind alley because the other members of the horde didn't have the ESPer ability nor the physical ability to chase him.

"What was that all about? Za- ha- ha" Toma asks himself panting.

"It's really annoying how you don't know it yourself." A voice replies beside him and causes Toma to turn.

Toma knows that voice but still got surprised thanks to the horde earlier.

"Ah it's you uhh Kuro-chan?"

That was the cue for Kuroko to kick Toma's shin. The slender young girl is currently on her judgement duties. She's wearing her usual Tokiwadai uniform and the judgement strap around her right arm. Also, she's currently carrying her weapons of choice, a set of pins strapped around both her thighs. She has her hair in two ponytails as always to go with that frown she currently has on her face.

"Ittai! What was that for?"

Toma grabs his shin and tries to rub the pain away while jumping on one foot. Kuroko on the other hand has this satisfied feeling of hurting an enemy.

"You should at least know your rival's name," says Kuroko with contempt.


Toma looks oblivious of what Kuroko just said but everybody who knows her personality would hit the mark. Apparently Toma isn't the sharpest when it comes to these things and can be considered pretty dense.

"I was ordered to bring you to our school."

Kuroko says this with a very dark mood. Her clenched fist and twitching eyebrows are evidences that she isn't happy with the job. The only thing stopping her from turning Toma into a pin cushion with the spikes strapped around her thighs is her commitment to judgement.

"Why? I wasn't the guy who destroyed the vending machines you know! Or that ATM machine either!" Toma defended.

This is a reference to before when Mikoto kicked a vending machine for him and ended up breaking it. Also with the time when Misaka Mikoto zapped the ATM bank to help him remove his stuck ATM card.

"That's not it you idiot! I'm very familiar with the culprit of those vandalisms this is for a different matter!"


Toma tries to remember other incidents but couldn't. Well he can remember the few times a few structures collapsed because of his fights with both magic and science faction but he doesn't know how he's linked to all that.

"Whatever it is I swear it isn't me."

Touma looks uncomfortable having a member of judgement telling him to come with her. He can only imagine bad reasons why.

"It's nothing like that. Even I am startled with the reason but please just come. Geez how does onee-sama deal with a hopeless imbecile like this."

Kuroko threw that insult as if she was talking to herself.

"I am still here you know," says Touma.

"Whatever let's just go! Onee-sama is waiting for me!"

Kuroko hurries running to grab Toma's hand in an attempt to teleport both of them. Upon grabbing the boy's hand however she finds her ability to teleport unusable.

"What? Why can't I…"

"You know it's impossi-" Toma tries to warn her about his power but is immediately cut off.

"Shut up I just need to concentrate more!"

Kuroko closes her eyes holding Toma's right arm with both of her hands.

"I think I hear voices coming from this alley!" A man shouted not far away who Toma assumed to be one of those chasing him.

"Shit they're coming!"

Toma, acting automatically, carries Kuroko off her feet and runs the opposite side from where he hears the footsteps and the voices.

"What are you doing? Let me down!"

Kuroko protests being carried and waves her feet up and down trying to shake Touma off.

"Sorry but I have a feeling that if I do it won't end nicely." Toma apologizes.

He will constantly look behind him to find close to thirty men chasing him. Some of them he recognizes to be from his school and some of them are complete strangers wearing jackets or sleeveless shirts.

"You already have a fan club! It must be tough to be the newest level 5." Says Kuroko.

"Yes, well I always experience th- wait what?"

Toma is shocked to hear what first didn't register completely. Did Kuroko just call him the newest level 5? He is sure he heard her right but he isn't completely sure if she was serious.

"There must be a big mistake here because I'm a level 0!"

He argues with Kuroko while running in top speed. They finally reached the shopping district where many malls and shops are built but it's too early to have people.

"I think we lost them ha- ha- ha," says Touma while panting heavily and trying to catch up with his breath.

"Look again!" Kuroko shouts.

"There they are!" Shouts some people coming from their front.

"What! Another group!" Touma says with despair.

He notices that this time the group charging at them consists of men and women. They do not look friendly as some of them were brandishing clubs while there was even one using her power to control the wind in her palm.

Toma looks behind him but he sees no opening as the previous group chasing him also appears. There's only one way out and that's his side. He has to take the way to the river where he's sure no one else can be drawn in unwillingly if ever he needs to fight.

"Where are you going? And put me down!" Asked Kuroko.

"I can't get past those people while carrying you! I'm going somewhere open so I can drop you off and take these guys on if I can't escape them."

"Eh? Don't tell me all this time this guy is worried about me." Kuroko thought to herself.

"There's a good spot!"

Toma spots the sandy river side and jumps to it. He gently puts Kuroko down and then turned to the people pursuing them

"These men have nothing to do with you please leave now. There's plenty of room for you to run away here then teleport once you're in a good distance."

Toma gives Kuroko an advice wearing a worried look on his face.

"Onee-sama now I see why you've taken a liking to this guy."

Kuroko smiles blankly to herself. For once she looks happy having this spike haired boy around.

"However Kuroko will not lose to such a hopeless guy!" Kuroko roared.

She took out about 8 pins strapped around her thighs and holds them between her fingers on both hands. She has a serious look on her face yet one can see the smirk she's hiding under it.

"Lose?" Toma felt weird about what Kuroko just said.

"I am Judgement! I will not lose to these thugs! I suggest you run away!" Kuroko says proudly emphasizing on the 'you' to intimidate Toma.

"Gave up running huh?"

A man with rugged shoulder length blond hair wearing purple shades stepped forward from the crowd consisting of about 45 people. He has an arrogant look on his face as he looks at Toma like looking at a thousand dollars that dropped on the ground.

"Why are you after me?"

Toma asks as he tries to negotiate. Fighting is always his last resort, as much as possible he wants to run away from trouble if he cannot talk it out.

"I heard rumours that you are the new level 5! The eighth in fact."

"And you actually believe those rumours?"

"There's no hiding it you know? The board of directors released your name after you got labelled a level 5. Even Judgement received the notice yesterday." Kuroko whispers to Touma.

"The girl's right." The man who approached them interrupted.

"Every single group in town now knows your name and probably will come after you. But I know you Kamijou Toma, I know you're just some punk kid. Just a level 0 punk kid! Gwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" The man laughs arrogantly.

Everyone in the gang laughed with their leader. Each has their eyes on Toma with a malicious grin on their face.

"If you know that then why are you still after me?"

"That's because if we beat you, no matter how much of a fake level five you are our ranks will be raised!"

The man now has an ambitious look on his face. He's probably dreaming about the things that will change after his been promoted to a higher rank than he is now.

"That's stupid! It doesn't work like that in Gakuen Toshi!"

Kuroko interrupts the man's thoughts and starts with a speech of her own.

"Inside Gakuen Toshi effort is everything! You will not be rewarded for something cowardly like ambushing a level 5!"

"Shut up girl!" The man roared at Kuroko.

"If it's true what you said then everyone of us here you see right now should be all level 5's!"

The man scorns at Kuroko with an angry look on his face. It's a look found in almost every lowlife criminal everywhere. The look of someone trying to justify their deeds by pointing out the injustice in society.

"You level 4's and level 5's, you people pampered by luck! You will never understand how we feel! But now everything's about to change thanks to you Toma-kun! Be our stepping stone to luxury! Everyone attack!"

"Not so fast!"

Kuroko teleports her pins to hit the jackets of one of the members which makes him fall on the ground. She quickly draws out another set of pins and this time aims for their leader.

"I'm a level 4 teleporter! If you do not want these pins inside your throats then leave!"

Kuroko threatens anyone who dares come close.

"Hwoah kakkoi."

Touma praises Kuroko from behind. It was his first time to see a powerful teleporter in action.


Some of the members are beginning to think twice and takes some steps back. The leader however feels different.

"Do not be afraid of her, I have something here that I'm sure she'll love."

The leader takes out a gun from behind him. It wasn't an ordinary gun, instead of a nuzzle it has a mini megaphone speaker on its tip.

"That is!"

"Ah so you recognize it Ms. Level 4. This is an anti-skill developed weapon. I believe you saw some prototypes before since you are from Judgement but this is the finished product."

"Oh cra-"

Kuroko tries to teleport the spikes she has with her to the leader but it's too late. The man shoots her and sound waves blasts out of the gun like weapon."


Kuroko is immediately knocked down to her kneels as if she was punched on the gut. Inside her brains feels like a thousand needles piercing her skin as the supersonic waves passes through her.

"Kuroko Shirai-san!"

Toma is surprised at what just happened to his companion and kneeled on one foot to examine her.

"See that? The more powerful the ESPer the more the damage." The leader of the gang boasts then turns to Toma.

"As for you, seeing that you're unaffected by this proves you're not a level 5. But you're current rank is all we need! We will make our group known by having a level 5 fall before us!"

"Yes way to go boss!"

The members cheers as if they already achieved victory. After a few jittering and mocking they were finally ready to attack the two.

"Hah! You're not the only one who can teleport things!"

A teleporter whose a member of the gang threw a stone aimed at Kuroko and teleported it just as it was about to leave his hand.

"How about no?"

Touma catches the stone from midair. With his imagine breaker he was able to remove the stone from teleportation. Now he looks at the gang with a serious stare, the same stare he had when he beat Accelerator.

"What the hell! How did you do that?" The enemy teleporter freaks out and retreats to the comfort of his gang.

"Impossible. He was able to stop a teleporting object and catch it with his hand?"

Kuroko who hasn't recovered yet from the attack is astounded by Toma's performance. As a teleporter she knows how impossible it is to stop a teleported object much less to catch one.

"So you think you can use people as mere stepping stones right? This ambition of yours… I will destroy it! You heard me? I will destroy your dillusions!"

Toma takes a big stomp forward while clenching his fist. His eyes are focused at no one particular he's aim is to take them all on.

"W-what?" Some of the members are intimidated and starts to look at their leader for instructions.

"He's just talking big! He's nothing! Now finish him off!"

The leader orders his members to attack while he continues to aim his megaphone gun at Kuroko to prevent her from using her power.

They closed in on Toma wielding clubs, bats, knives and other melee weapons while their power users did their job. A wind user is fanning her hands to summon gusts of wind that's able to cut the skin but since she's only a level 1 the wind cannot penetrate through flesh but can still cause cuts. Their teleporter who was discouraged awhile ago regained his confidence and started teleporting more stones at Toma. A speedster backs away to gather momentum and runs towards his target to deliver a devastating flying kick.

Toma looks at the wall of killing intent approaching him. In his eyes they are all in slow motion. This is not a power but the result of his experience from fighting more powerful fighters and his recent training of the martial arts. Only the speedster moves normally in his eyes. His body also reacts as fast as his senses. He is able to take the proper stance to take out the current enemy in front of him in the blink of an eye. Just before one of his enemies wielding a club strikes a blow he decides to make a move.

"Tora no yashi no kougeki!"

Tora no yashi no kougeki (tiger palm attack)- this is a simple palm strike with a twist. Using the body as a big joint, force can be applied from all parts of your body to travel to your palms thus creating a devastating blow. This includes twisting your feet, taking a step forward at the same time twisting your torso in a lashing motion to channel the force of the body to the arm.

The palm strike is devastating and causes the enemy to fly three meters back and to crash on his comrades behind. Four people including the guy Toma just hit are on the ground.

Four people lost their courage to fight and starts running away but there are still more than 20 people charging at him. This does not include the leader who's still standing safely behind with his megaphone gun aimed at Kuroko.

"Hey take out their leader so I can help."

Kuroko whose eyes are still squinting from pain points at the leader.

"Got it!" Toma nodded.

Toma runs head on against the group and delivers a strong punch to the first guy he confronts. He hits him right on the face and the man is immediately out cold. Another man wearing a jacket takes this as a chance to stab Toma but Toma is able to rotate and adjust his stance and dodges the attack. Toma followed with a back elbow strike which hits the enemy's jaw knocking him unconscious.

"Clear the way!"

The speedster calls out to his allies as he plans to crash his feet on Toma's chest with a flying kick after running 120km/h. His allies immediately open a path for him to Toma and cheer him on.

"Stop kidding with me!"

Toma dodges the kick and catches the speedster by the neck almost choking the guy. His imagine breaker nullifies the man's power making him unable to retaliate as Toma prepares to use him as throwing dummy.

"E-even speed can't take this guy out?"

One of the delinquents lost his nerve and fell on his bum after seeing how Toma dealt with their best power user. The others too step back because now they feel that the person they challenged is not a normal level 0.

"I-is this guy really a level 0? Are you sure he isn't a level 5?" The wind user asks their leader.

"Yes I'm sure! My anti-skill gun didn't work on him did it?"

While the enemies start to argue with each other this is Toma's cue to act and take out the leader. He heaves the speedster he had on a hold and hurled him to the leader who's still busy trying to calm his members down.

"What the- shit!"

The speedster landed on his boss and the gun that suppressed Kuroko got knocked out of his hand. The members get disoriented while some tries to help the two up. It is too late now because there's a very angry level 4 about to wail a storm of pain on them.

"You low lives!"

Kuroko, who's finally able to get to her feet, teleports a pin to lodge inside the megaphone gun and completely destroy it inside.

"Oh crap! Everyone run!"

A delinquent shouts and everyone follows his lead to run away. The leader too reveals himself to be a coward and uses the girl ESPer wind user for leverage so he can stand up and run away. This causes the girl to fall down unable to run as Toma and Kuroko walks toward her.

"N-no please stay back!"

The girl pleads for mercy. She's about 15 years old, slender white body and has short red hair which is kept in place with a pink head banned. She's wearing the uniform girls wear in Toma's school which means she's probably only a level one or level two at best.

"Give me a good reason why I shouldn't send this pin inside your eye."

Kuroko is first to threaten the poor girl as she flashes a pin between her fingers. She looks really pissed and for good reason. After all she is the victim of a psionic wave attack awhile ago that made her unable to user her powers and caused her great pain to add.

"W-we were only asked by a boy from Tokiwadai."

"A boy from Tokiwadai? I thought that school was a girl's school."

Toma pictures Misaka Mikoto and Kuroko in his head after hearing the school's name.

"Not exactly, there's a boy division of the school. It's only known as a girl school because the aces of the school are girls." Kuroko explains.

"Ah! I get it."

"Welll anyway, tell us more. Who is this guy?"

"He claims to be a level 4 in your school and- buh…"

Before she can tell Kuroko and Toma everything a swift blow to her head causes her to faint. It is an attack from behind by the manipulator of the whole incident who's about to make his appearance.

"These imbeciles can't be even trusted in dealing with a worthless level 0."

A man wearing a cap with grey hair that hangs lazily in front of his eyebrows confronts Toma and Kuroko. He kicks the unconscious body of the girl aside. This makes Toma angry as one can tell by looking at his unhappy frown.

"You're behind all this?" Kuroko asks.

She takes out the remaining pins she has around her thighs preparing to attack the enemy in front of them.

"I don't think I like that." The man grins.

The man's arms suddenly disappear as if it is invisible. However that is not the case as the arms reappears and takes a hold of Kuroko and disarms her.

"What? What kind of power is this?"

Kuroko freaks out as the arms put her in a hammerlock.

"I'm a level four and I have the ability to send any part of my body."

"That's a useless ability."

Toma yawns to mock the guy. This is his way to invite the man to attack him and let go of Kuroko.

"Really? Look again."

Suddenly the man has his arms back on his body but the arms bounding Kuroko are still there.

"I can clone the body parts I send. Do you know what this means?"

"Yes it means you can pick your nose while doing perverted things to yourself at night."

"Why you useless piece of trash! Take this!"

The man is already annoyed at Toma and goes ballistic. He sends a clenched fist directly in front of Toma but the spike haired boy just lazily knocks it away with his right hand and makes it dissipate into thin air.

"What the fuck? What did you just do?"

The man's surprised as this is the first time anyone did that to his power.

"None of your attacks will work on me so please stop it." Toma advices his opponent after dispelling the limbs that had its hold on Kuroko.

"An ability to send clones of your body parts to places that is indeed a weird ability."

Kuroko sways her right arm to shake the strain the hammerlock caused away. She and Toma casually approach the guy who's now unsure about winning this confrontation.

"I'm level 4 too you know? And now that I know your power I'm not sure if you can use that to me again."

Kuroko warns her assailant flashing a pin and her judgement strap.

"Like fuck, you can take me on!" The guy roars angrily and he feels his ego being attacked.

The guy sends a muscular arm to take hold of Kuroko but the teleporter manages to teleport away. The man turns around and looks everywhere to locate his target but Kuroko out flanks him and crashes an elbow on his neck to force and pin him down face first.

"Gwahh!" The man screams in pain as Kuroko returns the favour of putting the guy in a hammerlock.

Kuroko is still mad and annoyed on how she was saved by Toma and decides to release some of her frustration on this poor man. She constantly applies extensive pressure on the hold and makes the guy scream in pain. Toma can only look with pity at the poor guy.

"You guys will pay for this! Especially you!"

The man threatened Toma who didn't seem to care.

"How many level fours do you think are angry that a level 0 surpassed them into becoming a level 5! They will go through your friends! Your neighbours! Ha-ha! They will- oof!"

The man felt a shoe crash on his jaw before he can complete his statement. Toma is mad after hearing their plans of involving Toma's friends. He can imagine Mikoto, Misaka Imouto, Tsuchimicado, Index, Kuroko and a little glimpse of Accelerator being troubled by these people.

"If you want to live I suggest you don't involve my friends in this. If you want to have a go at me then all you guys need to do is come and try!"

Toma shouts a challenge to the city and all the so called level 4's the man said were angry at him. He particularly didn't think about what he just did but he just wants to protect his friends from these people.

"Eh? Did you just accept the challenge of these guys? You know that's just aggravating them right?"

Kuroko looks at Toma with a sceptical look. She's right, calling these people to come at you is literally just calling them to come at you. Level 4s have big egos especially those who're just a few steps away into becoming level 5s.

"I know, but it's not like this is the first time someone is interested on my head."

Toma sighs as he remembers a few names that want him dead. He vigorously scratches his hair as he figures out that his troubles just doubled.

"Fukou da!"

Part 2

It's 10:00 am and Misaka Mikoto's day starts of in a very awkward manner. Her roommate who she expects to wake her up thirty minutes earlier from this time left ahead of her only leaving a note to inform her that a job has come up and she won't be coming to school together this morning.

Mikoto ate very little breakfast and only rinsed to make up for the lost time. Her shoulder-length light brown hair still has the evidences of a person who just woke up. Her usually neat attire is messed up and she fails to notice that one of the collars on her uniform is standing up.

"Huff- uff, darn that Kuroko!"

She laments at a certain someone for not waking her up. The reason for her oversleeping can be blamed to a certain Gekkou Show that night that she couldn't resist. She watched until it was 2am past midnight.

When she finally reaches the hall where her classroom is located she is stopped on her tracks by the principal. She immediately steps on her breaks and almost stumbled.

"Ah Ms. Mikoto!"

The principal looks happy to see her. Usually the principal has this arrogant attitude around her but not this time. She looks like her cat just died and someone tied the corpse on a rope and swung it around rodeo style until it was reduced to chunks of meat flying all over the room.


Mikoto sounds surprised but tries to be polite. It's not every day the principal calls your attention. She wonders if it has something to do with the vandalisms she caused around the school especially the vending machines.

"Have you seen your friend Kuroko Shirai? I asked Judgement to do a job for me and I think they asked your friend to do it. I'm afraid she hasn't arrived since then."

The principal looks unsettled and fidgety.


Misaka felt relieved that it wasn't about the plagiarisms. If it was she can't be able to deny it because the machines would have fried chips.

"Please do not worry about Kuroko she's a very strong and capable girl!"

Mikoto roots for her kouhai and calms the principal.

"Oh I'm not worried about her. I'm worried about the boy she's supposed to be escorting!"


Mikoto is disheartened that the Principal is more concerned about the mission than her student.

"Well please do not worry. Knowing Kuroko she's probably on the way here now."

"No I can't stop worrying! I know! Mikoto-san you're a level 5 and a very reliable young girl would you please find your friend for me?"

The Principal looks so wilful to ask. Mikoto can only imagine how important this boy is.

"B-but I have my class."

Mikoto points at the classroom she's supposed to be in a few minutes past.

"I'm the principal I say when or where the class is! Right now you're on vacation until you find your friend and that boy!"

The Principal pushes a document on Misaka's chest. Mikoto looks at the document and finds out that it's a 'Pardon Letter' that can be used anytime to get out of class for the reason of Special Ability Training.

"O-okay then."

Mikoto starts running the opposite way to outside the school grounds to look for Kuroko.

"The place she should be is called 'A Certain Highschool'!" The principal shouts.


Meanwhile at Misaka Imouto's Place:

An hour after Toma left the mansion everyone else is finally awake. Misaka Imouto Serial Number 10032 is first to leave her room (other than Accelerator who's already reading a book in the livingroom) to prepare everyone some breakfast.

She's still in her sleeping attire a blue baggy silk shirt and baggy green pajamas. Her hair is in a mess hanging around her sleepy eyes as she holds her goggles in her left hand and walks towards the kitchen.

"If you're looking for the black haired moron he left an hour ago to enrol in school."

Accelerator calls to her as she enters the living room after going down the stairs. Accelerator has his left leg on top of his right leg sitting down as he reads one the books available under the table beside the couch.

"I see says Misaka."

Misaka looks somewhat sad.

"Please tell everyone that Misaka is going to buy some groceries requests Misaka."

Misaka gets a basket from the kitchen where she intends to put the groceries she plans to buy.

"Are you sure you don't just want to follow him?"

Accelerator asks with a teasing tone.

"Misaka is very much certain of her intentions as Misaka's not a tsundere like a certain someone."

Misaka snobbishly turns away from Accelerator.

"W-what? Are you implying that I'm a homo? Cause I'm not!"

It seems that Misaka pressed Accelerator's buttons unconsciously.

"Misaka wasn't implying anything as MIsaka is referring to the original. However Misaka is intrigued on how you got that idea."

Misaka turns a piercing eye at Accelerator which seemed to shoot lasers that drills holes inside Accelerator's ego.

"Hey you come back here! I'm not a homo get it!"

Five minutes later:

"Why the hell am I out here with you?"

Accelerator finds himself holding a basket walking beside Misaka Imouto.

"You kept chasing after Misaka shouting 'Homo Jyanai!' And now you're hear with Misaka."

"Fuck I need to control myself!" Accelerator thought to himself disgusted at how he's manipulated.

Accelerator is wearing a black shirt to go with his blue jeans. He has his ESPer choker around his neck, his cane on his right hand and a basket on the other hand.

"Can we hurry this up? I feel ridiculous."

Accelerator protests with an annoyed and disgusted face.

"Misaka asks if Accelerator has never gone out to buy groceries before."

"I have gone out to buy food before but I've never gone out to buy food before with a girl in her pajamas!"

Accelerator points out the fact that Misaka Imouto didn't even change before going out.

"Ah, so with this, Misaka understands that Accelerator would be more comfortable if he goes out with a boy in pajamas instead," says Misaka with an emotionless face.

"Yeah- wait what?"

Accelerator immediately turns to the clone with a flustered face.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Homo jyanai!"

Accelerator waves his cane to show his frustration.

There's an awkward atmosphere surrounding the two as they make their way to the grocery store. Misaka frequently gives Accelerator a stare with the side of her eyes which Accelerator always spots and suspects she's thinking bad of him.

After five minutes they finally arrived in the store

"Misaka wonders what everyone will want to eat says Misaka as Misaka looks at all this variety of food."

Misaka asks Accelerator the moment they entered through the glass door of the store.

"I'm not picky about anything. The scientists that raised me always gave me astronaut food if not vegetables."

Accelerator has a sad melancholic look on his face. He's probably remembering his sad childhood days where he's locked up along with many other kids who were pre-destined to be master vector controllers or die.

"Misaka understands as Misaka was born and grew up in the care of Scientists too says Misaka while picking a good cereal."

Accelerator suddenly remembers that he's a part of the team that caused the birth of the Sisters. Everything returns to him at this moment, the sins that he committed, the number of sisters he killed and their dying look as he ended their lives.

"I- I'm sorry."

For the first time today Accelerator has a different look on his face which has always been annoyed since he got out with Misaka.

"I'm sorry that I killed so many of your sisters."

It's very hard for someone like Accelerator who always stood on the top of everyone else in the city. Also his hard life before prevents him from apologizing normally. He was always required to kill or be killed, to hurt or be hurt and to take advantage or be taken advantage of that it seemed normal to him to trample on people. It was until the Last Order came to his life when he finally broke this mean streak.

"Misaka is not bothered at all says Misaka as she takes some pork meat and beef meat from the freezer."

Accelerator is bothered by this statement of Misaka and looks surprised.

"I killed more than 10,000 of your sisters and you're not bothered at all?"

"It cannot be helped for Misaka wasn't trained to have emotions then says Misaka as she checks this chicken's quality."

Misaka is poking a whole chicken on its breast with her finger.

"Every Misaka thought that Misaka is just a product that is dispensable and that Misaka is not important. Also Misaka believes that you too are only a victim of the project says Misaka as she puts this chicken in the basket."

"You're just like that brat huh?"

Accelerator sneers as he pictures Last Order in Misaka Imouto's shoes.

"Misaka feels irritated at that comment. Misaka is not some shitty brat that does not know a thing about life says Misaka as she looks at you irritatedly."

Accelerator feels relieved as if a death sentence was just removed. It's true that he received Last Order's forgiveness before but to receive it from someone he failed to kill is really refreshing.

"Hey I think you bought too much meat!"

Accelerator looks at the contents in the basket and scolds Misaka.

"Meat is good for you explains Misaka as Misaka makes her way to the register. Also our companion the silver haired nun seems to enjoy meet a lot so Misaka decided to buy what more members will eat."

"Tch, whatever I hope you're a good cook because I'm tired of eating astronaut food."

Accelerator gives a tease before they exit the store.

"Misaka has been living alone for these past few months says Misaka with a proud tone. Misaka is confident about her culinary skills now. Ah!"

Misaka Imouto accidentally trips on the door stop and causes her fall down face first but he quick thinking saves the contents of the basket.

"God! You're as clumsy as that shitty brat."

Accelerator leans over to help Imouto up to her feet. However before he can help her, a buzzing sound caught his attention. His instinct told him to dodge before he could check what it was.

A lightning strike destroyed the glass door behind Accelerator as he dodged the lightning strike by rolling. It wasn't a normal lightning bolt he's sure that it was filled with more than a billion volts because it caused a mini EMP that shut the whole store and the surrounding buildings down.

"You fiend! So you're still after my sisters?"

Misaka Mikoto looks very angry as she stares down at Accelerator who struggles back to his feet. She's the original, the person whose genes gave birth to all the sisters including the Misaka Imouto with Accelerator right now known as serial number 10032. Her feet are wide apart and her hands are in fists to show her anger. Her surroundings spark with electricity as she continues to release waves of energy to be used as weaponry for confronting Accelerator.

"You, this is a misunderstanding."

Accelerator gets his ground and tries to explain but a piercing strike went past his head missing only by an inch and destroys another window.

"Shit she's serious. I can't beat her like this but if I go ESPer mode I'll cause too much commotion." Accelerator thinks to himself.

"What's wrong? Why are you not reflecting my attacks?"

Mikoto summons an arc lightning which Accelerator could barely dodge by leaping away. She has no idea about Accelerator's condition and believes that she's being mocked by the strongest in the city.

"If you're not going to use it then please don't mind if I bury this on your chest!"

Chunk! That's the trademark sound of the railgun! It's Misaka Mikoto's trademark move which has a muzzle velocity of around 1030 m/s (2307.2 mph) and she can fire them at a rate of 8 coins per minute.

"Oh fuck!"

Accelerator has his hands on his choker to activate ESPer mode but it's too late. The electromaster has already decided to release the railgun and in no way can his fingers be faster than it.

A blinding white flash sparked to signal the release of the railgun. A sure kill move if successful and it's going right for Accelerator's heart. However approximately .025 milliseconds before the railgun was fired another blinding glow sparked near Accelerator. Another railgun intercepts Mikoto's railgun. It isn't as strong as the previous but its explosive power was enough to redirect the attack to safely land in an unpopulated spot.


Mikoto is shocked to see her railgun countered. Who was it? She looks at the right side of Accelerator and sees a Misaka Imouto who has her arm raised in a railgun posture.

"You? Why?"

Misaka has her mouth open as she waits for an answer.

"The original is too rash says Misaka as Misaka tries to explain the situation."

Imouto lowers her hand and approaches Mikoto.

"But he tried to hurt you!"

"I tripped while carrying a basket that's all says Misaka acting as Accelerator's defense."

"Still why are you with him? He wants to kill all of you sisters!"

Mikoto is confused. The last time she met Accelerator is when Toma gave him that falcon punch that blew Accelerator out of the project.


Misaka Imouto tries to explain some more but Accelerator taps her shoulder to stop her.

"It's true I'm a murderer of over ten thousand sisters! I'm a genocidal maniac who slaughtered innocent girls while following a bunch of nerds blindly! But believe me when I say that all that is in the past now!"

"What are you saying?"

Mikoto can't believe that the previous arch enemy she had is saying this in front of her.

"Right now, the sisters are again threatened by the organization that forced me to kill! Please I know this will not absolve me of my sins but allow me to protect the sister in my care!" He says this with the Last Order in his mind.

"N-no it can't be. How can I believe you?"

Misaka Mikoto right now isn't feeling hatred for Accelerator but guilt. She remembers the fact that she is also a part of that project as she gave birth to over ten thousand sisters and indirectly sent them to their deaths. She's terrified that if she believes Accelerator right now and another one of the sisters is killed she will no longer be able to take the guilt.

All the strain in her head is causing her to be unable to make proper computations required for an ESPer to properly use their power. Sparks are flying all around her body and some lightning bolts from the clouds are drawn to her to add to her 3 billion volts.

"This is dangerous says Misaka as she suggests to retreat to follow survival protocols!"

Even another electromaster feels endangered in front of the enraged Mikoto.

"It's too late! I'm not sure I can stop this even with my ESPer mode!"

Accelerator fears the worst and pushes Misaka Imouto behind him. If this is to be the end let it end with him protecting a sister he once tried to eliminate.

"Ah! I- I can't control it!"

Mikoto screams as she struggle to control her own power. However the ocean of electricity she summoned is already far from her abilities. Some robots near the area have already closed the street for having a "DEFCON RED Level 3" threat to everyone.

"Please everyone run!"

Mikoto pleads to Accelerator and Imouto to run away as far as possible. The raging currents of electricity turns into a ball of pure energy and continues to expand to swallow everything in its path. The metallic objects near her are drawn and starts floating around because of the magnetic field.

"There is nowhere to run," Accelator whispered.

The ball of energy is already too big to escape. There's no running away, there's only waiting. Waiting for the explosion in which only Mikoto will probably survive. Accelerator hopes that his body will block most of the electricity and save Misaka Imouto who's behind him.

"I'm sorry! I- I can't-"

Just as Mikoto was about to lose hope she feels a hand pat her head. The energy immediately dissipates as if it never happened.

"Baka! Are you trying to destroy the city?"

It's Toma, pushing down Mikoto's head as he teasingly scolds her.


Mikoto is in tears and is overwhelmed to see Toma who stopped her from murdering everyone inside a kilometre radius. Unable to hold her tears she buries her face on Toma's chest and starts to muffle her cries.

"So the invincible hero does it again."

Accelerator praises Toma as he himself dropped on his buttocks because of nervousness.

Bzzt. A spark behind Accelerator flashed.

"Hey are you okay?" Accelerator asks Misaka Imouto.

"Misaka is not sure but Misaka thinks she wants to pull the original away from Toma."



Toma calls and taps Mikoto's shoulder to cheer her up. When Mikoto looks up to him and pulls herself away he walks to Accelerator and pulls the white haired boy up.

"This is the guy who risked his life for the sisters just three days ago. Please give him some slack."

Toma introduces Accelerator with a smile on his face. Accelerator on the other hand felt embarrassed and is red all over.

Mikoto feels relieved. Now that Toma is beside her she's assured that nothing bad will happen with her and her sisters. For some reason she feels anyone, even a full powered Accelerator is not a threat to them as long as Toma is around.

"Hey you scoundrel what did you do to onee-sama!"

A high-pitched angry voice scowled at Toma. It's Kuroko Shirai the girl who's given the task to escort Toma to Tokiwadai.


Mikoto is surprised to see her kouhai, the person she's supposed to find.

"The principal asked me to look for you because you were taking long. Where's the boy you're supposed to escort?"


Kuroko points at Toma still with an angry look on her face.

"What? Why? Did you do something perverted to one of the girls in our school?"

Mikoto looks at Toma with a jealous stare.

"Misaka also wants to ask the same question as Misaka somewhat feels the need to strangle you."

Misaka Imouto tugs Toma's sleeve from behind.

"It's nothing like that!" Toma says this loudly.

"It's something about transferring to our school for becoming the newest level 5."

Kuroko explains to everyone then folds her arms lazily.

"Ah so it's like that…"

Mikoto took a moment to register everything in her brain.


Mikoto screams in surprised continuously looking at Toma then back to Kuroko.

"It's true and apparently it's because of defeating some loser level 5."

Kuroko carelessly says this without knowing the people around her.

"Garbage level 5?"

Accelerator's eyebrow twitches after hearing that insult.

"Some jerk with a glass jaw that got blown away in one hit!"

Kuroko continues to unconsciously pound Accelerator with demeaning words. To Accelerator, each feels like a gaebolg (a really powerful spear used by Chuchulain in the legends) to the heart as Kuroko continues to trample on his pride.

"Ah yes, one blow…"

Accelerator whispers as his soul starts to depart his body from his mouth.

"There, there calm down! Get it together!"

Mikoto helps the person she was about to obliterate just awhile ago by patting his back.

"She doesn't mean it just take it easy." Toma got in between Kuroko and Accelerator just in case a fight starts.

"Please don't be discouraged says Misaka as Misaka feels sorry for your pathetic state."

"You're not helping!"

Mikoto spanks her imouto's arm.

"Ouch! Sorry says Misaka as she apologetically bows."

"By the way who might you be?" Kuroko asked as she wonders why some stranger is talking to her.

"I'm known as Accelerator. The level 5 this guy beat in one blow." He says with an annoyed face.

"Eh- ehhh?"

Kuroko screams as she freaks out knowing who the person in front of her is.

This chapter is dedicated to Yashi my unkawaii gf for helping me proof read this chappy. Arigatou and aishtemasu.