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Bella's POV

Edward left me.

He never wanted me.

He never loved me.

He lied to me.

Instead of crying I ran out of the woods and got in my truck. I dug my keys out of my pocket and shoved them into the ignition turning them until the truck started with a roar. I drove as fast as my truck would allow.

I pulled up to the familiar house and the door swung open as Jacob ran out.

Jacob's POV

I was sitting on the couch when I heard the familiar roar of Bella's truck. I ran out the house as fast as I could smiling hugely.

"Bella!" I yanked the truck door open and pulled her into a bone crushing hug. Then she was sobbing onto my shoulder.

"Bella?" I was perplexed. What was wrong with her? Did I hurt her? I picked her up and carried her to the garage where I sat down pulling her onto my lap. "Shhh, it's okay. I'm here." I whispered soothing words of condolence to her until she stopped crying.

She looked up at me, her eyes red and puffy and her cheeks still stained with her tears. "He left me" was all she said.

I was so angry.

I started to shake.

I was seeing red.

How dare the prude hurt her! What's his problem?! She' perfect in every way!

I could faintly hear someone yelling at her to move, then everything was black and I was running on four legs.

Wait four legs?

What the hell? Have I lost my mind?

Then I heard someone else in my mind.

Sam: Jacob, its Sam Uley, this is gonna be very confusing but you are a werewolf meant to protect the tribe from vampires. You just phased for the first time."

Jacob: What the fuck?! Why are you in my head? Wait I'm a werewolf? Since when!?!?! What about Bella?! Vampires?!

Sam: Calm down so you can turn back into a human and we can talk this out.

Jacob: Ok. Ummmmm how?

Sam: Just think about being human and will your self to let it happen.

Though it took Jake some time he eventually shrank back into human form and much to his embarrassment he was completely nude.

Moments later Sam threw him a pair of cut off shorts mumbling something about them being an extra pair. I hastily pulled them on. "Now tell me what the hell is going on" I demanded.

Sam sighed loudly at this and looked at me.

"Do you remember the legends?" He asked me tiredly.

"Yea, don't we all know them?"

"Well there true. All of them. You are a werewolf. You turn into a giant wolf that hunts vampires. I am the alpha. We are a pack and we all share each others thoughts. AS you can see our clothes kinda get shredded when we phase. You have to learn to control your emotions, because if you don't you could hurt the people you are around. There are a lot of other minor details that will be explained later, right now we need to get to the hospital." His jaw was locked and his face was grim.

Sam stood up and started walking away. I was still standing there feeling very confused when my thoughts turned to Bella. How come Sam never said anything about her? And why the fuck did we need to go to the hospital?

That's when it all clicked. I must have hurt her when I phased.

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