I needed to call and let the girls know that Leah was in the hospital and find out if the guys were ok. But something stopped me. Emily was hysterical, and if she found out it would do more harm. Maybe I should just tell Kim. I let out a huge sigh and pulled my legs underneath me. The rusty stench of blood was nauseating and suddenly I was extremely tired. I grabbed Leah's phone that felt like a ton in my pocket and dialed Sam's house number. Embry picked up. I felt so much better after hearing his deep soothing voice.

"Leah, hello? What's going on?"

Tears sprang into my eyes and I let out a small whimper.

"Bella! Baby, what's wrong, where are you?"

"Embry…I'm at the hospital still.. Leah…. I don't know what's happening."

"Hold on sweetheart. I'm on my way."

He hung up and I put the phone back in my pocket. I moved over to the couch in the waiting room and laid down. I closed my eyes saying I was only going to rest them for a minute. Minutes later I was picked up by Embry. He hugged me to his chest squeezing me tightly. Over his shoulder I saw Jared , Kim, Quil, and a scared looking Jake. Embry took a deep breath and when he smelled me he looked down. His eyes widen at the blood, "What the hell?"

I sniffle and just hug him again. "I love you."

"Bella, I love you too, now what is going on?"

"Sam's dad, and so much blood..Embry, there was so much damn blood. Then Leah got sick and the cop wouldn't shut up and then she started crying and hurting and they took her. No one's told me anything."

Embry sat me down with me. When I looked up Jake was walking over to the nurse's counter. I watched as he talked to her. Then he slammed his fist down on the counter knocking papers over. The woman squeaked and ran around the counter and into a door that said Employee's only. He stood there and tapped his fingers on the counters growling softly. The woman came back and told him something and his face dropped. I knew something was wrong. He came over and sat beside me and Embry and put his face in his hands.

"What's wrong?"

"Leah went into premature labor. They stopped it. They said it was the stress. Sam's father….isn't doing well. They still have him in surgery."

I move out of Embry's embrace and pull Jake into a hug and he let out a huge breath. "Bella, I have never been so damn scared, in my entire life."

"It's ok Jake. Leah's fine….the baby is fine. We're all fine."

He gives me a skeptical look then sighs. Jared and Kim walked over and Kim hugged me tightly. "We're gonna go back to Sam's. Emily and Sam need us right now."

"Ok. Kim?"

"Yes Bella?"

"Tell Emily I Love her….and Sam too"

"Ok Bella."

Kim and Jared left and soon after a doctor walked out and asked for the Uley family. We walked over and he gave us the look. "I'm sorry to say, that Mr. Uley didn't make it through surgery."

Embry and Jake looked away but I didn't. I stared him in the eyes. "Tell me everything."

I knew that Sam would want to know later. Maybe not anytime soon. But he would eventually.

The doctor went through the whole procedure. (Ok, so I'm probably way of, but ya here's me trying to sound super dr. smart!) "We started a blood transfusion and went straight to work on the lacerations on his chest. They were deep, and Mr Uley's left chamber in his heart had caved in. Most likely from the alcohol he had consumed and the shock of getting attacked by a bear. We tried to repair it but he had lost too much blood."

"Ok, when can we see Leah?" I had to know she was ok.

"She's asleep but two can visit, He glanced up at Embry and Jake then turned around, "Follow me."

Embry nudged me forward, "Go ahead."

Me and Jake walked down the hall and into a door that had a green paper beside the door. The paper had MORPHIS written on it. Keeping the wolves a secret was important. Leah was asleep. Jake ran over and grabbed her hand hugging her. He pulled back with tears in his eyes, "Don't you ever scare me like that again. I love you."

I didn't want to stay long. So I hugged her and whispered in her ear "I love you Leah, I'll be back."

I trudged back into the same damn waiting room and Embry was by my side in seconds. I leaned heavily on him. If he wasn't a wolf he wouldn't have heard me ask "Can we go home?"

"Yes, can I see Leah's phone?"

"In my pocket"

He reached into my pocket and pulled the small phone out. He called someone and asked them to come get us then he slid the phone back into my pocket.

He picked me up like I weighed no more then a bag of feathers, and he cradled me to him. I laid my head down and closed my eyes. I fell asleep listening to Embry's even heartbeat. I remember us getting into a car and Charlie talking and that's about it. Because at the moment I felt so relaxed sitting in Embry's lap.

I woke up with a jolt when Embry got out the car. I looked around disoriented about my surroundings when I noticed we were in the police cruiser in front of mine and Embry's house. Brady and Collin were standing on the porch watching us anxiously. "Bella, sweetheart. Let's go inside."

I stood up and walked to the house, about half-way there Brady and Collin engulfed me in a hug. "I love you momma" They said to me.

They helped me in the house with Embry waving bye to Charlie.

"Embry. I want to take a shower."

"Ok baby."

"Can you guys go cook some dinner for your mom?"

The twins nodded there heads somberly and headed into the kitchen sending me worried looks over there shoulder.

Embry carried me up the stairs and into the bathroom where he turned the hot water on full blast. The room steamed up really fast and he helped me undress, peeling the blood soaked clothes off of me. He stepped into the shower with me and washed me lovingly until I had no trace of ever being covered in blood on me. We stood there holding each other until the water ran cold.

We got out and wrapped towels around us running across the hall into the bedroom. I put on some comfortable pajamas and headed downstairs following Embry who was wearing basketball shorts. We walked into the kitchen where Brady and Collin were trying to follow a recipe for meatloaf. I laughed at how there faces scrunched up as they kept reading. "How about we just order Chinese food or something?"

There eyes lit up, "That sounds good momma"

Collin hugged me again and Brady kissed my cheek and they walked out into the living room. Embry pulled me to him smiling and leaned down to kiss me. "I'll go order it."

Despite everything that had happened I was happy sitting in the living room, cuddled up to Embry with Brady and Collin sitting at my feet. All of us eating Chinese food and watching tv.