Top: Ancients---the vampires that existed before the rise of the werewolves. They are very strong and beautiful, and most are moneybags with a territory space and slaves or pets. They are also very hard to kill and the most painful way to die is for every drop of blood to leak out of the body slowly. A bite from an Ancient turns a human into a normal vampire. If they offer blood, then the normal vampire would be called his or her 'fledgling' (like it mentions in the fic.)

Normal vampires---they are average-looking and can't really be distinguished from humans unless they bite. They are easily killed by silver bullets. Bites from normal vampires turn the human into an Inferior vampire. (mentioned below)

Inferior vampires---these are more like zombies and like dark wet places, they mostly feed off of sewer rats and stay in the underground sewage pipes. Sunlight actually does bother them. If a human is bitten by it, they also turn into an inferior vampire. (There will be more about them later in the fic)

Hunters: they are different beings, aka advanced humans. Mostly they are half-breeds and cannot age. The most well known hunter is Juliann. They do not have last names to identify themselves. Ichigo is not human, that's all I'm going to say now.

AN: I hope this cleared everything up before the fic. Review and I will type out more of this. Enjoy. I promise it gets better later. Have patience. I ALSO HAVE A POLL OF WHAT I MIGHT START NEXT, IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR OPINION AND VOTE!


He had been stalking the limping figure for half an hour already and the slow drizzle of the rain made him feel even more fed up. It was time to go in for the kill. Ichigo cracked his knuckles and jumped down from the small second floor window he had been crouching upon. He had already guessed where the bleeding vampire was headed. There was a small abandoned warehouse five minutes from where he was standing and Ichigo turned around and headed for the shortcut.

It took him half the time to get there and he was mildly surprised when the blond vampire appeared from a corner. Ichigo cocked his guns and stepped forward. He was expecting the vampire to turn and flee in another direction, but the blond surprised him by running straight at him. The hunter didn't have time to take in a breath as the air whooshed out of his lungs. Ichigo's vision blacked out for a moment and he found himself lying on the ground. He had gotten knocked down by a bleeding normal vampire. It wasn't even an Ancient. How humiliating.

Ichigo stood up quickly and took several measured breaths before walking toward the door. He had positioned himself in front of the entrance a few minutes before but now the vampire had disappeared into his hideout. The orangehiared man glanced at his watch. It was six thirty. Another half hour and his shift would be over. The thought of going back to the house made him feel both relieved and wary at the same time. Thirty minutes left to bag a kill or his mentor wouldn't be happy. Going back without a kill and she was likely to starve him for another day. Ichigo's stomach growled and he grimaced in annoyance. He had gone on for two days now without a single bite of food and still no kills. He was starting to feel impatient.

The hunter kicked open the thin door with a loud deafening bang. The time for stealth was over. He scanned the dark room and found a trail of blood leading to a dark corner. The vampire was sure clumsy and weak. The thought made him grimace again. It should have been an easy kill, but he had already wasted two silver bullets and the thing was still alive. Bleeding, but alive. Ichigo followed the blood and turned the corner. He cocked his gun and took aim at the huddling shadows.

"Wait! Please don't shoot." He glanced at the crouching vampire. He was bent over something with a protective stance. "Please, just spare me and my wife…"

The orangehiared man turned his eyes to the bundle of blankets the vampire was holding. Sure enough, a woman poked her head out of the torn cloth and looked up at him. For a moment onyx black met ocean blue and Ichigo glanced at the blond again.

"How can she be your wife? She's not even human, or your kind." He said calmly. The woman was shielding her stomach protectively and glaring up at him.

"Brian knows fully well what I am." She said in a cold voice. The hunter narrowed his eyes when he realized the woman was pregnant. Vampires weren't supposed to be able to give birth or impregnate some other form of life, let alone a werewolf.

"Please, just leave us and our baby alone. I swear I haven't killed recently." The blond man, Brian, was still pleading. The woman surprised Ichigo by standing and squaring her shoulders.

"If he's going to kill us, then I'm not going to go without a fight. No matter what happens, I love you, Brian." She said calmly without a hint of fear.

The vampire watched as the light-haired hunter flinched suddenly and faltered. Ichigo tried to clear his suddenly hazy vision. Those words… he had heard the same ones in his dream. And suddenly the woman before him changed. The brown hair was replaced with deep reddish brown and the eyes were warm amber. Then the vision disappeared again and he steadied himself with a shake of his head.

For a moment, the werewolf and the hunter watched one another. The orange haired man didn't move. Then Ichigo slowly dropped his guns and placed them back into his belt.

"I don't know why I'm doing this…" he admitted softly. "But I suggest you get out of here before tonight is over. I can assure that you come to no harm in my watch but if the others find you, I don't know if you'll be this lucky. So leave this city and go somewhere else."

After his rather long speech, the dark-haired man turned and began making his way out of the warehouse. A soft 'thank you' was the only warning he got before the woman embraced him from behind. Ichigo froze and forced his arms to remain by his side. Natural instinct told him to reach for the guns. After what seemed to be eternity, the werewolf released him. He turned around and looked into the blue eyes again. They were shining gratefully at him. Ichigo nodded briefly and turned to go, only to be blocked by another person at the entrance.

"Ah, what have we here… a hunter and a couple of misfits together? Aren't you supposed to get rid of these things?" he froze when he saw the figure standing at the door of the warehouse. Ichigo cursed silently under his breath. How could he have not noticed a vampire following him? Maybe the hunger was slowing his senses down…

The figure stepped closer and Ichigo recognized him. It was one of Kenpachi's fledglings. Before the vampire could say anything, he turned and motioned for the two figures behind him to leave. The woman gave him one last fleeting glance before leaving.

"What do you want? Don't you have better things to do that follow me around?" he asked the vampire when the sounds of footsteps faded. The leech smirked and stepped closer.

"Well well well… what will mama say if you went back empty-handed?" he asked softly and suddenly lashed out. The move was fast, but not fast enough. Ichigo dodged him smoothly and turned to face the vampire again. He didn't hesitate before whipping out his guns and firing at the vampire's chest. The normal vampire didn't stand a chance against the silver bullets and went down like a rock. The force of the shots had propelled him several feet away and the hunter didn't waste any time as he walked briskly over, drew out his silver killing knife and plunged it into the vampire's throat. He applied more force and there was a sickening crunch as blood sprayed everywhere. Ichigo didn't even flinch as the warm crimson liquid splashed over his face. The vampire gurgled weakly and went silent. He watched without emotion as the knife turned blue briefly before going back to its silver color*. That was enough to buy a meal at least.

He stood up and watched as the bloody corpse broke down into ashes. Thank goodness it was a normal vampire. He didn't want to deal with Ancients right now. All he wanted to do was go back to his bed and sleep. No, he didn't want to sleep. He wanted a hot shower. Being in his line of work was bound to have some nightmares now and then, but recently, the nightmares had become so frequent that sometimes he didn't even know if he was in reality or still trapped in one of his dreams.

His attention was still focused on the nightmares when he stepped into the warm brightly-lit kitchen. Ichigo was dripping wet and covered in vampire blood but his younger fellow student, Rukia still hugged him. Ichigo didn't return the hug. His attention was on the tiny old woman sitting at the kitchen table. It was their next door neighbor, Mrs. Maple. Her eyebrow shot up when she saw him in his disheveled state.

"Good heavens child. What did you get yourself into this time?" she asked and patted the spot next to her. Ichigo kicked off his boots before pulling the dark black sweater off of his body. Rukia whistled at his bare chest but Ichigo ignored her and sat down with a faint squish from his wet pants. Mrs. Maple was hugging her cat and she smiled at him before handing him a cookie.

"I made your favorite chocolate chip cookies just now. They're fresh out of the oven." She said with a smile and Ichigo smiled back awkwardly. He wasn't used to being nice to people. After all, his job of killing vampires sure didn't need a smiling face. The carrot top looked up when he heard footsteps approaching and his mentor came in, balancing a tray full of cups and a teapot in her arms.

"You're back." Juliann greeted him simply. Ichigo nodded and watched as she set the cups down and poured the old woman some tea. "Ichigo, go take a shower and come down for dinner."

He nodded again and made his way up the elegant mahogany steps leading to the bathroom. Before he stepped inside, the door across the hall opened and he turned just in time to meet the dark eyes of his older 'brother'. Ulquiorra didn't say anything as he buttoned up his shirt and slipped the dark jacket over his shoulders. Ichigo watched him descend the stairs silently.

Ulquiorra was always merciless no matter who he was dealing with. Perhaps that was the reason their mentor favored him. The brunet had never hesitated in killing someone. Ichigo studied his own hands silently. The hot water was dripping off of his shoulders and down his cold body. For a moment, the light haired man leaned against the smooth wall and took a few deep breaths. He had failed to kill the vampire and his werewolf mate today. What unnerved him was that it wasn't the only prey he let slip out of his fingers. There was a little girl whom he had let go and still regretted even now. But maybe the couple would be different. Maybe the baby would change the vampire's murderous ways. He certainly hoped so. The girl he had let go had murdered a whole kindergarten before Ulquiorra had shot it in the head before killing it with his own knife.

Ichigo had been severely punished when he came home. The scars on his back were still visible over so many years and were a painful and humiliating reminder of his failure. But he still couldn't pull the trigger today. Perhaps he had hoped the child she carried in her was still innocent and still had his or her fair chance at life. Or was it because the woman had reminded him of the beautiful woman that had haunted his dreams ever since he could remember? The orange haired man shuddered when he remembered the bloody dreams.

Ichigo soaked in the water for a few more minutes before walking to his room and pulling open the door. The sight of someone passed out on his bed made his left eye twitch. His other older 'brother' Shinji, was sprawled on his bed and snoring his head off. The stench of beer and alcohol made him grimace as he quickly moved across the room and into his closet. He dressed quickly in a creamy white sweater and faded blue jeans. His impressive collection of weapons and leather gears were safely hidden at the end of his long closet. The sound of snoring greeted him again as he stepped out of the silent closet. No wonder Ulquiorra didn't want to sleep in the same room as Shinji.

Ichigo walked over to him and slammed his foot down on the other man's spine. The bloodcurdling scream he released didn't even make him flinch. The older hunter slid off the bed and groaned in pain.

"Man, you're taking after that damn emo. That's really bad…" Shinji mumbled as he squinted at the orange haired man. Ichigo just shrugged and raised his foot to kick again and the sandy haired man jumped up and backed out of the room. Ichigo curled his lip at the sight of his spoiled bed. Stupid Shinji was so going to pay…

Dinner went by without any trouble and Ichigo leaned against his seat as he watched Mrs. Maple chatting with his mentor. The room's atmosphere was relaxing and he soon found himself nodding off.

He was inside the dark room again. The feeling of dread came back as his feet traced the same path again. No matter how many times he tried to stop his legs from moving, he always managed to make it to that room. The voices were still the same, one dark cold man's and a scared woman's voice. There was always a loud pain filled roar at the end of his dreams. That was what scared him so much every time.

"Please father, don't hurt him!" a woman's pleading voice screamed near him and Ichigo reached his hands out desperately trying to find his way through the darkness. His heart filled with dread when he heard the all too familiar sickening sound. It was the sound of bones breaking. There was another pained roar and another man's voice rang out.

"Fuck you, James." There was another sickening crunch and the woman gave another dry sob. Ichigo squinted when the light from torches greeted his eyes. His stomach lurched with dread as he set his eyes on the familiar figure again. The woman bound to the silver cross was a vampire, no mistaking that but the way she screamed and pleaded for her father to stop made her seem somehow too delicate to be such a bloody creature.

The hunter swallowed the bile rising in his throat when he turned to face the man sprawled on the ground a few feet away. His dark brown hair was dyed a deep red with his own blood. His arms were hanging at an odd angle and there were whip slashes along his back and chest. The flesh peeled back to show the bones underneath.

"I'm sure you would love to see your beloved werewolf skinned alive before your eyes?" the silver haired man moved to the woman's side and grabbed her face forcefully and spoke into her ear. Ichigo watched helplessly as tears poured down her cheeks she shook her head and opened her mouth to plead again. He slapped her before she could get the words out. The woman's head snapped to the side with a loud crack and he watched as her broken neck healed slowly. The man on the ground snarled again.

"Now, tell me where you hid that disgusting spawn you made with him! Tell me, Masaki!" the older vampire hissed as he fisted her hair. The woman hung limp in his hands and for a moment Ichigo thought she was dead but then her eyes snapped open and she spat in his face.

"I would rather die than tell you where our child is!"

The silver haired man's lips were drawn down in a firm line as he stood straight and nodded slowly. "Very well then. Sosuke." he motioned for someone in the shadows and Ichigo stepped forward to stop the vampire. But his hands only passed through the dark haired vampire as he stepped forward hesitantly. The pain in the dark brown eyes made his heart lurch.

"I'm sorry…" the words were whispered into the air as he handed the stakes to the older vampire. The vampire smiled thinly and stepped forward.

"And now, to pay for your sins for mating with a disgusting werewolf…" Ichigo grimaced and looked away when the first stake was placed in her left wrist with a loud crunch.

"Isshin, I love you! I will always love you!" she shouted her last words before a thick stake was pushed though her throat. Ichigo fell to his knees and covered his ears to block the screams of anguish and pain from the man in the corner. He was pushing against the bindings and clawing at the ground.

"Leave her here. The silver will prevent her from healing. Open the portal and let her bleed to death here. Leave him to watch." The words were calm as the older vampire accepted a silk towel from a girl in the shadows and wiped his bloodied fingers. Ichigo watched as a thick plate was drawn from the ceiling and a concentrated stream of sunlight poured down upon the impaled figure. She didn't move.

"Masaki!" the man screamed. There was no reply.

Ichigo bolted upright in his bed and took several deep breaths. He fumbled with the light switch blindly until a warm hand pressed against his shoulder and squeezed comfortingly. Almost immediately, the neutral mask slipped back on and he turned his head to give Shinji a flat stare. The other man was watching him warily.

"It's alright now, no one's going to hurt anyone…" he leaned forward and hugged the younger male briefly. There was a short snort of disgust from the corner and he turned to see Ulquiorra leaning against the wall polishing a gun.

"Are you alright? Maybe you shouldn't go on the mission tonight… I was going to wake you up downstairs but Mama told me to carry you upstairs." Shinji scratched his head with a small smile. Ichigo was grateful for the dark room. His face was slightly flushed at the thought of being carried by an older man at his age.

"I'm alright. Thanks." He said quickly and slipped out of his bed. "Where's my suit?"


Half an hour later, they were glancing up at the large mansion perched on the hill. The gates opened slowly and Ulquiorra nodded at the butler before leading them inside. There was a party held at one of the Ancient's house and Ichigo wasn't impressed by the glamour of the furniture as they strolled down the long hallway. Each of them had a button camera and communication devices. He stretched his arms uncomfortably in the suit. Even though he had the leather outfit he usually fought in underneath the dress shirt, he was still uncomfortably restricted in the monkey suit. They had practice taking off the suit as fast as possible at home but he always had trouble with the dress pants.

"We will split here and meet back in half an hour. If any of you takes out the target before that, remember to contact." Ulquiorra said calmly. Even though Shinji was the eldest of the three, Ulquiorra was still a better leader. Perhaps it was the way Shinji was always so laid back and Ulquiorra was such a tight-ass. The three nodded at one another and left for their respected destinations. Ichigo had only taken a few steps before a voice sounded behind him.

"Ah, what have we here? You are bold to come here, Ichi-kun." Ichigo stiffened at the nickname before lashing out at the figure behind him. Kisuke laughed and sidled up to his side again. "So who is it this time? I take it that someone decided to hire you to take out another of our kind?"

The hunter ignored the sarcastic Ancient and began walking toward a deserted hall. Kisuke walked after him with a frown. "Now, sweetheart, don't ignore me…"

Kisuke blinked when the hunter was suddenly pressed against him, knife at his throat. "Go annoy someone who actually gives you a fuck." He said icily before turning away.

The vampire smirked and licked his lips while rubbing his throat thoughtfully as he watched the hunter saunter away. His eyes trailed down to the thin waist and smooth ass. Ichigo was too attractive for this kind of job.

"This party is fucking loaded with Ancients… by the way, how are you guys doing? Oh shit, Aizen found me! I'm out." Shinji's voice came over the mic in Ichigo's ear and Ulquiorra's voice followed soon, sounding oddly breathless.

"Ah…Kenpachi, that damn bastard found me as well…" the mic went silent as Ichigo walked into a spare dining room. He almost rolled his eyes. It was fortunate he didn't have any familiar vampires in the party. Kisuke had been taken care of so he didn't need to worry about that idiot.

Ichigo froze when he felt arms wrap themselves around his middle and sharp teeth nicked his throat teasingly. He elbowed the person in the gut and turned around with his guns drawn. There was a rustle of fabric and Ichigo blinked as the woman disappeared from his view. He turned. The female vampire licked her lips and crossed her slender legs on the table she was sitting on. The thigh-length boots were slightly distracting and Ichigo shook his head at the thought.

"What are you doing in a place like this, little hunter?" she purred at him. The woman leaned forward and showed a good portion of her chest.

"I assume you are Constance? " Ichigo asked smoothly without missing a beat. Her eyes widened in surprise and stepped away from the table. She came closer and trailed her fingers along his arm. Ichigo remained unmoving and she came even closer.

"So…what would you want with me?" she asked with a purr and trailed her fingertips over his jaw. He parted his lips and fixed his smoldering amber eyes on her face as he took her fingertips into his mouth. It was all the invitation she needed and the female vampire pressed him against the wall and pressed her lips against his. He parted them and teased her tongue for a few moments before turning his head to the side and letting her lips trail over his throat.

It didn't take long for her to bite down. Ichigo winced mentally and grimaced. But the woman was too lost in the rich flavors of his blood to notice the gun aimed at her stomach. Hunters had the best tasting blood in all of the races but it was tricky to drink from them because ironically a vampire is most weak when they're feeding, and a hunter is not an easy meal.

The shots were muffled and he watched calmly as the vampire stumbled back with a curse. Her white dress was stained with dark blood. Ichigo shot the vampire in the head a few times, changed bullets and shot again. Even with the muffler on his gun, the sounds of her screams attracted people and Ichigo was soon faced with several normal vampires. They were probably the servants and had heard the noises first when they were passing by on their shifts to fetch food and wine for the partying vampires.

It was time to finish this. Ichigo had last enough time flirting with the female and he was going in for the kill. Ancients were hard to bring down and he would need every bit of energy he could need. Normally the job was done by all three of them but this was a special circumstance. He shot several vampires that had gotten too close and grabbed the woman by her hair. He was about to plunge the knife into her throat when she looked up at him and pleaded softly.


He hesitated and blinked away the familiar vision of the woman from his dreams that had temporarily replaced the vampire's face. The fraction of the second was enough for her to hit him in the temple hard. The blow would have downed a normal person but he twisted his head to follow the blow and was only momentarily dazed, but that was enough for her. She stood up and gave him a disgusted look.

"Hmm… you're such a nasty little thing… I almost feel sorry I have to kill you, you would have made such a good pet…" she reached down and grabbed Ichigo's throat. She leaned closer and bit down hard, only this time the vampire didn't bother to make it pleasurable.

There was a loud scream ringing in his ears. No wait, the sound was coming from his own throat. Ichigo thrashed violently in her grip. The pain was too immense. His body felt like it was on fire, being pricked with a million needles and having his skin peeled off at the same time. Ichigo tried to force the pain from his mind as he make a grab for his knife weakly. More pain greeted him as the woman broke one of his wrists. His other hand grabbed the hilt and with a last bit of energy, the orange haired man swung his arm blindly and caught her across the throat. The gash wasn't deep but it had done its job. He fell to the ground when the vampire released him and grabbed at her throat weakly.

"Ichigo! Hey, are you alright? Ichigo! Answer me!" a voice was shouting in his ear and Ichigo grabbed the wall for support. The door was a few feet away and he wanted to make it before the vampire caught up with him again. The ground tilted dangerously and he nearly fainted from the pain. The hallway hadn't seemed this long when he came in. a shadowy figure stepped out of nowhere and blinked at him in confusion and shock.

"Ichi-kun? What happened to you?" Kisuke asked and Ichigo felt a sense of relief as he threw himself at the vampire.

"Get me…out… of here…" he managed to croak and felt the world tilt and spin before he went limp in the vampire's arms.

The sounds faded along with his vision. The last thing he saw was the smiling face of Masaki. He reached out for the comforting image and whispered something that came to his mind.


Top most powerful vampire WAS Starrk and then James comes in second. But the two of them are gone or dead right now so the next in line is Dominique. (she is Jame's fledgling.) Masaki is actually related to James and Seth before they turned into vampires. Hopefully this wasn't too bad.