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"What do you mean he hasn't come back yet?!" Shinji's loud voice broke through the silence. He was sitting at the kitchen table, his body being closely examined by Rukia. Ulquiorra leaned against the wall and kept his face carefully neutral. Juliann fixed him with a calm stare. She didn't reply. The older hunter stood up with a low snarl and began pacing restlessly. Ulquiorra sat down next to Rukia. His face betrayed none of the real frustration he felt. He knew from experience that shouting at Juliann hardly did any good.

"What happened to your eyes, Shinji?" the light words made the sandy-haired man flinch. He didn't answer and made his way upstairs muttering darkly under his breath. Juliann turned back to her cooking. Ulquiorra curled his lip at the woman. She really didn't seem to care about her younger apprentice. The brunet hunter stood and sighed. It was obvious he and Shinji would have to take things into their own hands. He wracked his brain for any sort of plan. The sounds of running water upstairs jarred him out of his thoughts and the hunter flushed slightly when the person came into his head.


He was the only vampire he knew with the widest circle of contacts. He would probably be the first one to know anything. Ulquiorra hesitated when he reached for his cell phone. Was he really prepared to unleash all the memories from his previous life? Kenpachi would definitely ask for some sort of payment. He blushed again at the thought of all of Kenpachi's sexual harassments. That was one vampire he didn't like to associate with. But this was an emergency. Taking a deep breath, Ulquiorra dialed his number and stepped outside.

"Babe, how rare. You were the last person I expected a call from. How may I be of assistance?" the husky voice on the other side made Ulquiorra want to kill something.

"Cut the crap, Kenpachi. I wanted to ask you if you saw Ichigo recently." He said flatly. The other end remained silent. Just as Ulquiorra was about to hang up, the vampire spoke.

"No. I haven't heard or seen him." the laughter from his voice was gone and Ulquiorra bristled instantly.

"You're lying! I've been dealing with you long enough to tell. Now if you don't tell met he truth, I'm going to go over there right now and skin your hide." Kenpachi remained silent. Ulquiorra's left eye twitched. "NOW, KENPACHI!"

A sigh sounded from the other side. "Fine, I'll tell you when you get here. It's not too safe talking on the phone." He gave the address and hung up. The brunet sighed in relief and stepped back into the house. Shinji was dressed and checking his weapons when he entered his room. They didn't speak but Shinji nodded when he saw Ulquiorra's face. They had worked together long enough to understand each other without words. It was ten minutes later that they were standing outside the large hotel Kenpachi had spoken of.

"Top floor, room 340A." he said in the elevator. Shinji whistled and grinned slightly.

"Man, this is expensive shit. Just this elevator must have cost a fortune." He said cheerfully and rubbed his cold hands together to warm them. Ulquiorra smile slightly but didn't reply. He could tell Shinji was just trying to lighten the mood.

The door was ornate glass and stainless steel, an odd combination. The two hunters readied their guns and knocked.

The sounds of footsteps reached their ears and Ulquiorra gripped his gun firmer. There was a soft click as the door opened slightly and the person that greeted them smiled. "Come in, hunters. I guess he is expecting you." The vampire made a welcoming gesture and stepped aside but both made no move to step inside.

"You're supposed to be dead." Shinji broke the silence, his voice oddly flat. Stark arched a black brow and frowned.

"I doubt that's how you should greet your elders." He said in a not too amused tone. Ulquiorra clenched his teeth and aimed his gun. The Ancient moved too fast for him to comprehend. The next thing he knew, his guns were being pulled apart by the pale slender fingers. Stark clicked his tongue and gave both men a thin smile. "Now, wouldn't you boys like to come in and have something to eat?"

Ulquiorra's fingers twitched and he swallowed slightly before entering the room. It was a VIP suite and very fashionably decorated. But he wasn't into the mood to admire the golden fountain next to a large white statue of a tiger. He had always been the more sensitive one and the power rolling off the Ancient was enough to set his skin tingling. Shinji didn't seem to be bothered by it and recovered his shock pretty fast.

"Damn, how do you people afford these things?" he stared in awe at the large glittering fountain. Stark threw his head back and laughed, his fingers still held Ulquiorra's now useless guns.

"Well, you can say we have friends in the higher circle of society…"

Ulquiorra looked around and noticed Kenpachi was absent. That was odd. Normally he would have pounced already. The brunet turned to see Shinji talking to the older Ancient in hushed tones. He wouldn't be missed anytime soon. He was eager to get business done so Ulquiorra moved cautiously into a hallway. There was a loud bag and a door opened. Kenpachi stumbled out of the hall still buttoning his jeans. His dark hair was tussled and wet. The hunter turned his eyes away quickly.

"Put on a shirt before you come out, for heaven sakes." Stark's stern voice broke the awkward silence and the tall vampire stuck his tongue out in a childish way and disappeared. A few moments later he came back dressed in a pair of faded jeans and a white shirt. Ulquiorra gave a silent sigh of relief. It was much easier to talk to him with a shirt on.

"We're here, so tell me where he is then." He said coolly. Stark gave them an interested look and sat down next to the other vampire. Shinji tossed Ulquiorra's guns back to him, reassembled.

The tall Ancient sighed and dragged a hand through his wet hair. "Actually, I'm not sure where he is right now. It obviously has something to do with Constance. She was talking about getting a present for her nth birthday." He replied with a roll of his dark eyes. "My guess is that she did something, but what is a mystery."

Ulquiorra cursed inwardly and pinched the bridge of his nose. He could already feel a headache coming. Shinji was leaning against an elegant glass table and frowning.

"Excuse me, but who are we talking about here?" Stark's smooth voice cut through the silence and Ulquiorra grunted.

"Ichigo." He said softly. The last thing he expected was for Stark to look suddenly tense. He flinched when the atmosphere went dark.

"Do you mean the Ichigo that is a hunter? Tall, orange haired, in his twenties?" he asked in a hushed tone, suddenly sounding tired. Both hunters nodded in surprise. Kenpachi groaned and pressed his face into his hands.

"I have a feeling this is gonna get even worse…"

The older vampire stood and frowned at his fledgling. Kenpachi just groaned again.

"What is the meaning of this?" he asked in a cold voice.

"Ok, look. It started a week ago. I took his shift for the night because he went to his friend's house to have dinner. What's his name again, Starrk? I don't remember much after that. Just someone knocked me out and then there was a lot of pain and I woke up in your fucking manor. I just got out today." Shinji stepped forward and offered all he could remember.

It was Stark's turn to sigh and the vampire turned to the clear fountain, dipping his pale long fingers in the water and not speaking. Ulquiorra thought he imagined the sad look in the Ancient's eyes. They stood like that for a few moments. Then the vampire spoke in a strained voice.

"Well, we have to get him out as soon as possible. This could get out of hand if the werewolves finds out."

Shinji stiffened. "What do the werewolves have to do with this?" he demanded. Stark smoothed a hand through his black locks before turning to meet their eyes solemnly.

"Because Ichigo is Isshin's only heir and the wolves would be stopping by to check on his son."

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