The nurse smiled, taking the flower from Valiant, " did you know? My favourite" she commented smiling at him

Valiant grinned boyishly, "Im glad you like it" he said happily

She smiled, picking the bug from the bright yellow flower that he had given her, and depositied it into her mouth, and swallowing it whole

Valiant smiled, as she ate it, "Your beautiful" he commented

Nurse smiled and kissed him gently upon the nose, "Make sure you come back"

Valiant smiled, "Of course I will"

She smiled, blushing, "For me?"

Valiant grinned and kissed her, "Of course for you!"

She smiled kissing him back, as he held her close and said, "And when I get back, Im gonna marry you"

She grinned and kissed him, "Good" she said praying that he would come back safely, to her.