Chapter One: Roxas Anderson

I pause my music when I feel Demyx tugging on my hoodie's sleeve. I turn slowly and send him an annoyed look, frowning around the straw in my mouth I quickly turn away when he doesn't say anything. I have to do a double take though because his face is actually serious. I turn fully towards him and pull my hood down, but he's not staring at me, here's where I notice he's looking right past me.

I look over to Zexion about to ask what the hell is wrong with Demyx. To my astonishment he isn't reading but looking in the same direction, his one visible eye slightly wider than normal and even my small, blonde friend Naminé is looking up from her sketch pad, though her sad features are hard to read. Now, my friends are all actually quite weird but this is even freaky for them. I wave my gloved hand in front of Demyx's face and he lifts his chin using it to point at something behind me.

Now I'm scared, because I hate when there's something behind me, mostly because I can't see it and well if it's behind me it probably snuck up and is going to assassinate me. I turn slowly, sucking on the straw that I stabbed into my Nesquik milk box.

Have you ever spewed milk out of your nose? If you have then you know how uncomfortable it is. Demyx squeals and scurries away from me and my nose milk that's now all over the lunch table. Naminé shifts further taking her sketch pad with her and Zexion just makes a 'tsk' sound in the back of his throat. But anyways, if you're wondering why milk is flying out of my nose I won't keep you in the dark about it.

Roxas fucking Anderson is standing right beside my freaking lunch table. I blink furiously and stare up at the blonde haired dude that rules the school, and who I've had the secretest of crushes on since grade nine (but I'm like the zillionth person to like him). Now is when I notice the complete silence of the usually bustling, and horribly loud cafeteria. I'm also just becoming aware of all the eyes on me, watching me and waiting to see why Roxas is standing here.

You probably don't understand why everyone is acting like the apocalypse has just arrived, well let me clear something up for you. The hierarchy of my high school goes as follows:

Roxas and his friends at the very top, my sister Kairi, included. They rule everything the teachers don't see. They are the group of teenagers people in this school would sell their soul and their baby sister's souls, just to sit near them at lunch.

Then there's Seifer Almasy with his goons, and let me tell you how badly I want to punch him in the face. He's taken it upon himself to make sure our school is loser/freak free. This in turn means I usually get into a fight 5 to 6 times a week.

After those idiots, there are miscellaneous students. These are the ones not everyone knows but you know that they're pretty normal, the ones that eat the gossip right up. Kind of like the people who read the tabloids, you know average folks who like to know what's going on in some celebrity's life. They take up at least 70 % of the school's population and really, they aren't much.

Then there is the staff of the school. The principle and the teachers, you know the ones that make sure all us crazy kids don't kill each other or uhm…burn down the building. Not like I've tried, don't give me that look!

Anyways, I bet you're wondering where my group and myself fall into this mass hierarchy. Well we are at the very bottom, under the teachers and annoying social workers that I'm sure no one likes. At least I know I can't stand them.

My group is considered like, the scum of the earth. We're probably the gum stuck under the high school's hypothetical shoe. It's just Demyx, Zexion, Naminé and me. If anyone is talking about us, I assure you they're all bad things.

Now you see why everyone is so amazed that The Roxas Anderson is standing right by me, Axel Martinez, leader of the freak show?

Talking to me or anyone I associate with is like social suicide, you loose whatever rank you have in the high school food chain and fall right along side us. The only way people say anything to us is if they are picking a fight or trying to harm our self-esteems. Little fuckers don't know I could care less. The only reason I get into fights is to defend my friends.

Anyways, back to me spewing milk out of my nose because of Roxas. I stare up at him, hiding my dripping nose in my black sleeve and just watch him. He's perfection in every way, shape or form. He's got the perfect blonde hair, with those big, baby blue eyes that make more then half of the teenagers in my school wet themselves (and I don't mean tinkle) and completely flawless skin. He's a little (a lot) on the short side, but don't let that fool you. He's the school's star quarter back and has been since freshmen year and on top of that he's leader of the track team.

So, I'm wondering right about now why exactly he's standing there staring at me, looking a little disgusted. Well, part of that could be the milk on the table but that doesn't explain why he's here. I'm Axel Martinez, the weirdo that transferred in half way through freshmen year because I got expelled for setting my last principle's car on fire, I'm the guy people avoid in the hallways because I'm supposedly some crazy-ass meth dealer who's on edge all the time (that is such a horrible rumor, I've never even tried meth!), I'm also the biggest faggot in the school and I'm probably the biggest outcast of them all. So why is he here?

"Martinez, right?" he says and his voice is comparable to angel farts or something else nice and soft, though he has this stern 'I-don't-give-a-fuck' undertone to it.

"I be him," I say and sniffle a bit, ew I can smell the chocolate milk in my nose.

Here he puts his hands flat on the table, bringing his face really close to mine and I kind of lean my head back looking like a scared animal. Then his tiny hand shoots up and wraps around my hood's edge and tugs me right back so that we're practically breathing the same air again. I know at least 4 dozen girls that would kill to be in the position I'm in right now.

Then he kisses me. Right in front of everyone and my eyes are so big, I think I look like a Tariser monkey. His lips are so soft and he kind of smells like chocolate, or that could be the milk residue in my nose…no it's definitely him. I can feel my heart pounding in my throat because, I won't lie, I've fantasized about this way too much and the real deal is a million times better.

"You're my boyfriend now," he says pulling away and casting a look over his shoulder, I don't notice who he's looking at because I'm still sitting in the same position he left me in. I fight the blush off my cheeks and blink crazily.

"Wait, what?" I ask after I recover from the initial shock and straighten up, realizing he just told me I was his boyfriend. Yeah, you see the problem with that sentence? He told me, he didn't ask me. I probably wouldn't have been so angry if he would have asked nicely, I don't like being told what to do.

"You heard me Martinez, I'll see you after school," he says and goes to turn away; I grip his wrist and stop him. Damn, thank god I have long arms.

"You can't just come here and…like…do that!" I say flailing my free arm around and he looks at me like I'm stupid.

"Yes I can, I'm Roxas Anderson. I can do whatever the fuck I want," and he's got the cockiest smirk I've ever seen, and I realize that it's even cockier then mine.

"But…what if I don't want to?" I say defiantly and he raises a perfect, blonde eyebrow at me.

"You like being all the way down here? Always stuck at the lunch table by the garbage? Always having Siefer beat up your little…posse?" and he says this like he knows the answer, but fuck I don't want to say yes and look like a desperate fuck. I probably would have been all over him under different circumstances.

Plus, I've handled it all since freshmen year, I can tough it out a little longer…but then I look back and see them. My pathetic-can't-fight-for-themselves friends and I feel my heart tear in two. I can tough it out, but they've been struggling since day one. Demyx barley wants to come to school.

"Fine…whatever," I hear myself grumble and he smirks.

"Thought so. I'll drive you home after school, be out in the parking lot at 2:35," and now he tugs his wrist free, but it's not like I was even holding him forcefully anymore and walks away.

I'm still waiting for the pig's blood, you know. Even as I turn back around and stare at everyone at my table that's looking at me like I've grown a second head.

"So…you're dating Roxas Anderson?" Demyx says slowly, and Zexion doesn't go back to reading which means I have to answer.

"Uhm…yeah, I guess I am," I say and blink owlishly as the cafeteria erupts into noise again. People screaming out gossip or texting away to all those who stayed home today and missed the show. I hear my name being shouted more then usual.

"How does it feel?" Demyx asks and I stare at him like he's the stupidest thing on the planet.

"Exactly like it did when I was single, only now I feel like a tramp," I grumble and cross my arms over my chest. Naminé is looking at me thoughtfully and finally decides to say something.

"I don't trust this," she says quietly and I look at her, tilting my head to the side and smiling softly at her.

"How come Nami?" I ask and she looks towards Roxas' table, then back at me.

"I'm not sure; I just don't have a good feeling about it," I scoff as she looks at me worriedly; I roll my eyes and take my iPod back out.

"I'm a big boy, I can handle myself Nami," I say and drown out all the noise as I hit play again, the sounds of The Electric Six filling my head pushing everything else out.

What a fucked up lunch.


I run out of my last period, and I mean run. I can tolerate school as much as the next guy but man, I cannot wait to get home.

I'm at my locker now, tugging on my jacket and wrapping my scarf around my neck. I used to hate winter accessories when I was younger, but since Nami knit this scarf for me I find myself wearing it even when it's not cold. It's really long and made of soft, thick, red yarn. I love the way it feels on my skin and I nuzzle my face into it. I hear people laughing at me but I don't care. I do probably look crazy, shoving my face into my scarf.

"Hey Ax, ready to head out?" Demyx says walking up beside me, he's always lugging around his heavy-as-hell guitar case. I look at him nodding my head and smile as we walk out of the school. Then it hits me and I stop, eyes going wide.

"Shit! I'm supposed to meet Roxas behind the school," I say and Demyx looks terrified.

"Well, go!" he says and looks at me, probably wondering why I'm still standing in the same spot. I bite my bottom lip and think.

Why should I even listen to that jerk? I don't have to obey his every whim, and I'm sure as hell not going to run after him if he decides to drive away and leave me standing there in the parking lot like a complete reject.

"No way, I rather walk with you," I say and throw my arm over his shoulder as we continue on our way to our houses.

"I don't know man, what if he like…beats you up!" he says worriedly and I frown at him.

"Demyx, why would my…boyfriend…beat me up?" I ask and raise my eyebrow, he says nothing and I sigh.

"Look, quit worrying about it! At least tomorrow we won't have to sit by the garbage!" I say and smile brightly down at the normally-spunky blonde. He smiles a bit at that, I know he's always hated sitting there.

"Maybe we can sit by the windows," he says and I smile, nuzzling my nose into his cheek.

"That's more like it!" I say and he laughs, shaking his head.

"You're a dumbass you know,"

"How?" I look at him and just as he's about to say something, the roar of an engine cuts off all conversation.

A black SUV also decides to drive right up on the sidewalk and cut us off completely. Demyx flies back, terrified because he probably thinks it's the FBI and they're here to take him in and question him. I stay rooted to the floor and I will never, ever admit to being even a fraction of an inch, scared.

The driver's door opens and a small head of blonde hair bounces out of the black SUV.

'For fuck sakes,' is all I can think to mumble under my breath as Roxas walks around and leans on his hip in front of me.

"It's 2:45 you know," he says, watching me with those stupid eyes. I wish he was ugly, like really ugly so that I could look at him without my stomach tying up in knots.

"Oh, no I didn't but thanks for telling me," I say and go to grab Demyx. I tug his jacket sleeve and start trudging through the snow to get around the huge fucking beast of a car. Roxas watches me struggle and I turn to glare at him, after realizing there's no way I can get around the car because its fender is pushed right up against a fence.

"Can you move your car?" I hiss and he raises an eyebrow at me, tilting his head to the side as if I hadn't asked him in plain old English.

"I said I was driving you home, why are you going to walk?" he asks and I glare at him

"Because I'm capable of walking, thank you very much and I need to take Demmy here home," I say and start heading to the back of the car so I can go around that way. I feel Roxas grip my sleeve and tug, hard. I stumble and pull Demyx back too.

"Ah, Ax what the fuck!" Demyx squeaks and Roxas is just standing there, with an iron grip on my jacket.

"I'll drive you both home," he says, a smirk on his face when Demyx visibly brightens.

"Oh fuck man, that would be awesome!" the lazy ass traitor says, already climbing into the back seat. I glare acid, daggers, poisonous darts and everything else at the back of my best friends head.

"Well, come on then…babe," Roxas says and I turn my glare to him, going to climb in right after Demyx but a harsh tug on my belt has be stumbling back out. I turn to look at the stupid blonde who's holding onto my belt which is dangerously close to my ass.

"What? Aren't you going to give me a ride too babe?" I growl and he throws his head back laughing, then pins me against the SUV. I really hate how he can just fucking man handle me.

"You'll sit up front with me," he says and his body is almost pressed up completely against mine, to the point where everything is almost touching.

I swallow thickly and stare down at him as he casts another look over his shoulder and let's go of me. He heads around the back and climbs into the driver's side. I try and spot whatever he was looking at but I don't see anything. I grudgingly climb into the passenger seat and let the little shit drive me home.

I'm doing this for my friends; really…this has nothing to do with having a small crush on Roxas since the first year. Nothing to do with that at all.

Fuck, I can't even convince myself.

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