Hello everyone, and sorry that this is not an actual update. This is in fact very serious, so before you close this I'm begging you read it.

I was just informed by my dearest friend PinkFloydLady that there is something awful happening on called Redbottom, or something of the sort created by Lord Kelvin. I'm not too sure about all the details but what I have heard is that stories with 'mature' themes are being reported left, right and center for being in violation of the ToS. It's supposedly this program that scans stories and flags them when they have inappropriate content. The thing is, some stories don't even have anything bad, yet they are still being reported.

This post is just to say that if something does happen, and if this is real (if you know anything about this please, message me and let me in on the facts!) I will be leaving . I'm only saying this because I know a few of you follow my stories and I wouldn't want you all to be like 'whoa wtf?' and leave you all hanging. I could continue to write, but my posting will be somewhere else. Maybe on y!gallery, or deviantart. I'm not too sure.

My y!gallery name is the same (Sharmander) and my Deviantart account is Claaiiireee. I haven't posted anything there yet, but if something happens all my stories will be moved there and you guys can continue to follow them if you would like to. Just let me know if anyone's still interested in reading outside of .

Thank you all so much, and if this is really happening I am going to miss this website very much ):

Signed with a heavy heart, Sharmander.