Author's Note: So I got bored the other day, studying for an exam and working on my original novel and for some reason was telling my sister about this fic that I wrote forever and a day ago. I pulled it up on my computer again and realised that what I'd done already made a nice little introspective piece and that I didn't really want to do anything more with it. So after about 3 years of no updates, I thought I'd chuck this on here. Enjoy!

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My Husband Kills People

I am sitting next to my ex-boyfriend. My husband would hate that. He hates the fact that another man knows me as intimately as he does. He hates that another person shares so many memories with me that he does not share. He has always been the jealous type; possessive too.

But it is not my husband's jealously that troubles me now.

There are seven of us in the jet copter but it's so quiet, I might as well be on my own. I'm glad it's that way; I don't think I'd be able to cope otherwise. My husband is fond of silence too. He thinks humans put too much stock in words. He thinks humans put too much stock in emotion too, but nonetheless he is my husband. He has always been contradictory.

And I guess, in knowing that, I am more worried than the others.

After all, I know him better than anyone. I know what he has seen. I know what he has been through. I know what he dreams about at night. I know every crevice of every scar on his back. I know that he likes to watch the stars. I know he prefers cotton sheets to silk, and thinks coffee tastes horrendous. I know how proud he is of our son.

I alone know how much he loves me.

But that look of his face today - that glint in his eyes, that smirk - those I fear because they are alien. Alien just like him, but alien all the same.

I have not seen him look at someone like that in a long time. Not someone he respected, not someone he considered a friend. He may as well have turned and looked at me like that, because that's how bad it hurt. It was like he had ripped out my heart and stomped on it.

My husband is not supposed to be that man anymore.

I've worked for ten years to make him comfortable with his life, to help him accept the hand he has been dealt. And ten years have disappeared in the blink of an eye.

My husband is the murderer he once was. My husband kills people.

I know his power. I know his temper. I know his moodiness. I know he hates crowds. I know he prefers to let everyone think he hates them. I know he can kiss me and make me sure there is nothing more perfect all the universe over.

And I know he has killed people.

Not bad people. Not enemies. Not evil sick people. Not people who have hurt him. I cannot hide behind that.




My husband murders innocent people.

My husband has destroyed entire races, entire species, entire planets.

My husband is evil.

My husband kills people.


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