You guys made me jealous with all the wonderful Kuki/Hoagie friendship fics. I tried to write my own. I failed. Because Kuki is hard to write.

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Kuki was used to strange things. Abnormal occurrences were normal in her life. So when she skipped into the kitchen one afternoon after school with the intent of having a bowl of Rainbow Munchies, she vaguely took note of her good friend and near-sibling, fourteen year old Hoagie standing by the counter. It wasn't unusual to find him in any place where food could be found, so she didn't consider any motive as to why he would be in that particular spot. What she did not see was that he was glaring at the polished marble surface with an intensity that would frighten anyone who knew the normally jolly pilot.

After finding her 'special' bowl in one of the higher cupboards, she chirped greetings to him and received an annoyed grunt in reply. Picking up on his negativity and being rather confused by it, Kuki crept up behind him, standing on emerald-lacquered toes to peek over his shoulder.

"Has the bread offended you in some way, Mr. Gilligan?"

He glanced at her and went back to his angry staring contest. "Only the heels are left. I can't make a sandwich with the heels."

Not seeing the problem, Kuki scooted around him to look at the slices of wheat bread in front of her friend. "Why? They look fine to me."

"I hate the heels."

She giggled. "Since when does Hogarth Pennywhistle Gilligan Junior hate any type of food?"

Hoagie poked at the slices. "Since my inconsiderate teammates started leaving the ends of the loaf and not bothering to get any more." He threw her a pointed look and she held up her hands in defense.

"Abby gets the food, you know that." Of course he knew. Abby, while unable to resist getting candy at least once while she shopped for supplies, was more trustworthy with the team's grocery list than her comrades. Hoagie would shop with his stomach, which would lead to too much food that would go bad too soon, Kuki would spend the money on sugary cereal, causing them all to get sick eventually, and Wally would lose the list and the money before he walked out the door. Even if Nigel had still been around, even he would screw something up.

Unfortunately, Abby had been dragged away on a family vacation, leaving Sector V on their own, and she hadn't had time to restock the fridge. He contemplated the predicament and, coming up with an idea, looked at Kuki with pleading eyes.

"Go buy me some bread?"

She blinked at him. "No." and with that, she grabbed the two remaining slices of their last loaf and stuffed them in her mouth. Hoagie gaped at her.

"What was that for?!"

She shrugged and swallowed. "No bread, no heels, no problem. Make some cereal."

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