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There are times in a persons life where they think that life couldn't possibly get any better. Those times for me are when I come home from work and walk through my front door. It is usually the first time that day that I am able to see my beautiful fiancé awake. It is also usually the only time during the day that I am able to relax. Today was no different.

Tanya strolled into the living room staring at me with her gorgeous smile. As I envelope her into a tight hug I feel all the stress and worries of the day leave my body.

My fiancé is one of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on. Her long, dark, strawberry blonde hair was so soft it belonged on a baby's head. She had these big blue eyes that make me want to fall into them and never come out. And her body, oh man, her body. She worked hard to keep her body in the shape it was. But man was it perfect. Tight, toned, and always leaving me feeling like I could cream in my pants just by looking at her.

"Hey baby." I sighed into her hair.

"I'm glad your home Eddie. Why don't you go take a shower and get dressed. Rose is coming over with a few people to have a girls night in. You are going out with your brother for a boys night." I pulled back to look at her.

"What are you talking about? I thought we were going out for dinner tonight." She giggled and sat down on the couch.

"We were supposed to, but Rosalie called and said she booked a new model. Apparently since this girl turned eighteen everyone has wanted her, but she chose to work with Rosalie. So she's bringing this girl over tonight along with a few of the other models to have a girls night in to get to know her."

She's been doing this a lot lately. Not that it bothered me. It actually made me happy that she was spending time with my family. But this is the third time in a month that she has canceled on me to "hang out with the girls." Usually they leave and I sit at home awake all night waiting on her to come stumbling through the door drunk. But this time apparently I'm being forced to leave my own home.

A guys night. Sounds appealing, but if you knew my brother in law you would be a little worried about the trouble that would be caused. I couldn't argue about going, I wasn't in the mood. So I just sighed and did as I was told. I went to take a shower and got dressed to leave. I took a little longer in the shower, just letting the water run down my back with my eyes closed. It was obviously going to be the only relief I was going to get this evening.

She hadn't even asked about my day…

Okay, so maybe my life isn't as perfect as I liked to dream it was. Yes I had a great job as a doctor. At twenty-six years old I had already finished my residency, becoming one of the youngest doctors on the Seattle Grace staff to have done so. I was also engaged to a gorgeous woman whom I had been with since my Freshman year in college. But things were slowly falling apart in my once extremely great relationship. I just wasn't quite sure what it was.

Two hours later I found myself sitting at the bar with my brother in law Emmett and a couple good friends of ours, Jasper and Jacob. They had dropped their girls off at my house to spend the evening together.

I had met Jacob in college. I had ended up being his tutor for one of his classes while I was trying to earn a few extra bucks. He was a few years younger than myself but we hit it off. He later introduced me to his cousin Emmett, who had hit it off with my sister, and a year after meeting they were married. Jasper has been one of my good friends since Elementary school and luckily he got along with everyone.

Jasper, being the only single one, was trying to find himself a good girl for the night. So here we all sat checking out the women in hopes of finding someone for him.

"What about her?" Jacob asked pointing to a pretty blonde. She was laughing and joking around with a brunette whose face was turned so we couldn't see. But the blonde looked to be Jaspers type, or at least the type he usually went for. Easy.

We sat there for a few minutes watching the girl interact with her friends, before she turned and noticed us all looking straight at her. She flashed a huge smile at as and began batting her eyes. Jacob began laughing beside me at the site.

"What?" Jasper asked eyeing him curiously.

"She's one of those, Jasper. Definitely your type. I doubt it will take you long to hit that." Emmett snorted and started shaking his head in agreement. At the sound of Emmett's boisterous laughter the brunette slowly turned to see where the noise was coming from and my breath caught.

She wasn't attractive in the supermodel sense, no, she was in a class of her own. Her eyes were a chocolate brown color with a light that I couldn't help but be drawn to. She had a perfect heart shaped face, and her skin looked to be made of a silk. Her eyes scanned the table before finally landing on me. A smile slowly grew on her lips and she closed her eyes and turned back around.

"The brunette. Definitely the brunette." Jasper said still staring in her direction. Emmett and Jacob just nodded in response with big goofy smiles on their faces. The thought of Jasper and the goddess at the bar made my stomach flip. The next few minutes went by and the next thing I knew I was ordering my third drink, or at least I thought it was my third, still thinking about Jasper and that girl.

"What?" I barked noticing the three sets of eyes watching me. "Why don't you go get your girl man?" I choked out at Jasper. He eyed me curiously and shrugged before getting up from the table and walking towards the dance floor. I hadn't even noticed the girls leaving their table.

"Man, what's your problem?" Emmett asked still eyeing me. "You were fine when we got here, then suddenly you're pounding back drinks and biting Jasper's head off."

"Nothing…I don't know." I sighed pulling my hand through my hair. I really didn't know. I hadn't even talked to this girl. Didn't even know her name, but the thought of her being with Jasper pissed me off and I didn't know why. I had Tanya at home. I shouldn't have those thoughts running through my head. Especially after just one look.

"Tanya told Rosie that your brains been elsewhere when you two are together. Are you cheating on her?" I choked on my drink and my eyes widened with his question.

"Emmett? Seriously, man?"

"Well, I didn't think that sounded like you. But Rosie agreed with Tanya."

"What!? Tanya thinks I'm chea…."

"Hey fuckers, get your asses out here," Jasper yelled as he walked up to the table. "Bella has 3 friends who need dance partners. They know you're all taken so no worries. Just get your asses out here."

We all groaned but followed him anyway. Introductions were made and we all began dancing. If that's what you really want to call it. It seemed that us guys just more or less stood there and let the girls grind up all over us.

They continued to dance all around us, trading partners every so often. I found out that the one we had originally been looking at was Jessica, another blonde of the group was Lauren. She tried to grind all over my junk and I had too keep pushing her off a bit. I wouldn't have minded so much, but I just really didn't want her on me. She had way to much makeup on, and her breath smelled like she had eaten a skunk. I wanted to praise the lord when they switched off again. A few seconds later I found myself slow dancing with a cute little brunette named Angela. She laughed about Lauren and apologized for her.

"Her name's Bella." I looked down at the girl in my arms. "The one you've been staring at since we came in. Her name is Bella." Had I really been staring at her?

"I…uhh…" Angela chuckled.

"Don't worry about it. She's been pretty taken with you as well. How about I go dance with the big guy and have her come to you?" I was….I don't know what I was. Nervous? Shocked?

She'd been looking at me as well. How had I missed that? If I was staring at her all night shouldn't I have noticed that she was staring back? Did I want her to come dance with me?

Of course I did. But it wasn't such a good idea. I had Tanya at home. This girl that I have obviously thought was attractive shouldn't be the one I was eager to hold. But yet….I was. I was eager to hold her in my arms as we danced. I was eager to bring her close to my body and breathe in her scent. I was eager….and I didn't even know her.

It wasn't a good idea. I knew it wasn't a good idea. I shook my head to let Angela know that I was fine and told her I was just going back to the table. She smiled at me and went back to dancing with the other girls.

I ordered another pitcher of beer and headed to the table. I couldn't allow myself to dance with those girls again. My will to stay away from Bella was strong, but if I touched her I had a feeling I would lose all of my resolve.

It's been close to a month since the last time Tanya and I have had sex. Yet another sign that things weren't going that great in my life. My dick was getting awful tired of my hand and I knew that if Bella were to start rubbing against me I would be finished in an instant. She could probably just look at me and make me undone. I just wasn't ready to deal with that.

"Hi." I heard a timid voice beside me. It was soft and gentle and yet…still went through my body and straight to my dick. I hadn't even looked at her yet and my body was already reacting. The hairs on my arms were standing and there was a tingling feeling on my shoulder. "Hello?" she said again. "Are you okay?" The tingling disappeared and I realized that she had had her hand on my shoulder.

I took a chance and looked towards her. "I'm sorry. Yes, I'm fine. Would you like to sit down?" What the hell was I doing?

She nodded and took the seat beside me. She sat the glass she had in her hand on the table and for the first time that night I noticed a slight pink tint to her skin and realized she was blushing.

"Um, so your name is Edward right?" she asked, distracting me from my blatant staring. I nodded as I took a drink from my mug. "So tell me about yourself Edward?"

"Aren't your friends going to miss you?" The get to know each other conversation, again, wasn't a good idea. Of course, it could turn me off her. I always hated girls with no brains. So maybe she was one of those girls.

"Oh." She said quietly. "I'm sorry for interrupting." she grabbed her glass and started to stand up.

"No." I grabbed her wrist. The damn tingles causing me to flinch my arm back. "I'm sorry again. For being rude. You can sit. We'll talk. I just assumed….well….I don't know." What the hell is wrong with me? Asking her to sit back down! I'm so fucked.

She sat back down in the chair beside me with a sigh. I couldn't take the chance to look at her again. The first time had sent warning signals through my brain and caused a bulge in my pants. I had seen her take a drink out of the corner of my eye and finish it off in one gulp. Maybe she's a lush.

"Would you like some of this?" I asked motioning towards the pitcher I had just gotten; noticing that I had already drank over half of it. She nodded and pushed her glass towards the center of the table. "So, tell me about yourself Bella?" I asked as I poured her glass full.

"Well, I don't….I don't really…I don't know what you want to know?" I chuckled at her shyness and looked at her as a beautiful blush crept up her face. I put my hand out on top of hers and looked her directly in the eyes. I was trying to convey that it was okay to be around me, that she didn't have to be shy. But I'm not sure it came across that way. She looked up at me through her eyelashes and smiled. There was a tingling racing through my arm and with that smile it went straight to my dick. Great.

I pulled my hand back and wrapped it around my mug along with the other. "How about we just talk and see how that works out?"

And that's what we did. We just talked. About everything and nothing at all. We just drank and talked. It was the first time in a really long time that I have felt this relaxed. Of course that could have been from the copious amount of alcohol I consumed. But either way I was relaxed and enjoying Bella's company.

We talked about the fact that she had just turned 21 and was an English major. She lived with her father for the most part, and was in Seattle visiting her sister who had just moved here. We talked mainly about her. I wasn't comfortable talking about myself. Mostly I worried that if I did, the truth about Tanya and being in a committed relationship would come out and I didn't want that to scare her off. I liked our conversation.

"Hey, Edward," Emmett boomed from behind me. "Bella? What are you still doing here? The girls thought you already left?" She looked up at him. "They left themselves about 20 minutes ago."

"WHAT?! No. No. No. No." She stood up knocking the chair over and rushed towards the door.

I jumped up and stumbled forward. Emmett laughed and grabbed my shoulder holding me up. He was talking but in the haze I didn't understand a word he was saying. I shook him off and ran towards the door, following Bella.

She was standing under the street light, frazzled and looking up and down the street like she was lost. As I got closer I realized that she had tears slowly falling down her face. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her into me.

"What's wrong, love?" I whispered into her hair. A whiff of strawberries assaulted my nose and I closed my eyes hoping I would remember this moment in the morning. The smell of her was like heaven.

"Jessica has everything. She has my key card and my wallet. They were my ride. They have my cash." She cried into my shoulder.

We stood a few minutes that way. Me holding her and smelling her hair and her mumbling about ways she could find her way back to the motel she was staying at. Jasper and Emmett came out eventually and we pulled apart quickly. Emmett stared at me for a few seconds as if he was trying to figure something out, before shaking his head and said they were heading out for the night. They had ridden together; I thought it was better to drive myself in case I wanted to leave early. Apparently Jacob had left to get home to his pregnant girlfriend, Leah, over an hour ago.

"Hey," I said pushing her away "How about I take you to the motel?" she narrowed her eyes and began to shake her head. "Its fine really."

"But you've been drinking, Edward."

"Then we'll take a taxi. I'll make sure you get there safely and then I'll go home." She was shaking her head no again. "I'll pay. I know you said that you don't have your money. It's no big deal, Bella. I can pay." She stared at me curiously before closing her eyes and slowly nodding yes.

We hailed a cab and immediately one pulled up. I grabbed her hand as soon as I got in and pulled her flush to my side and began rubbing soothing circles on her thigh. My brain was mush and I didn't realize what I was doing till after I had already done it. What I was doing felt right and I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop myself from touching her; I couldn't stop myself from breathing her in. She was my drug and I couldn't get enough.

It was a short ride to the motel she was staying at. I paid the cabbie and stepped out to say goodbye. We stood there staring at each other, neither one of us saying a word. We were like magnets. The pull was unavoidable and our lips crashed together. The cab pulling away broke us apart. Both of us gasping for air.

I stepped off the curb to watch the cab bounce down the road and round the corner. Bella giggled behind me and I turned to see her with her hand over her mouth trying to hide it.

"Come on, you can wait inside for another cab," she chuckled. "It looks like you're going to have to call them."

"I don't think….."

"It's the middle of January, there is snow on the ground and you don't even have a coat on. I don't want you to get sick. So come inside." She grabbed my hand before I could protest again and followed her into the lobby.

The redhead behind the desk looked busy playing a solitaire game. When she saw us she straightened up and sent me a large smile. I assumed it was supposed to be attractive, which it might have been had she not had a large smear of red lipstick on her front tooth.

"Can I help you?" She didn't once take her eyes off me. She didn't notice Bella standing beside me shooting her glares with her lips pursed together.

"I lost my key card. Isabella Swan room 232," Bella said. I looked down at her and smirked to myself at the look of anger on her face. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her close to my side.

"Don't worry, love, I prefer brunettes, and maybe a little less lipstick." I whispered in her ear and kissed her temple. The red head sent death glares towards Bella as she watched the interaction.

"Ok, Miss Swan" the red head hissed. "We will be charging the credit card on file for the replacement key card."Bella nodded and smiled back at her.

Once the new card was handed to Bella we made our way towards the elevator. I was still holding tightly onto her waist, not wanting to let go and part with the warmth of her body.

As we stepped inside the elevator, once again that pull was unavoidable and our lips smashed together in an aggressive kiss. We were both trying to take everything the other was willing to give. We broke away gasping for air and laughing. Once the doors opened we started moving slowly down the hallway. Neither one willing to break any physical contact with the other.

Somehow we made it inside her room. She jumped up wrapping her legs around my waist. I backed my way towards the bed and sat down, neither one breaking contact.

"Edward…" she moaned into my mouth, obviously feeling my bulge rubbing against her.

"Bella you're so sexy. God, you make me feel good." I tugged on the shirt letting her know that I wanted it off. She smirked and obliged. Her hands slipped between us and quickly began undoing my jeans. I hissed as I felt her tiny hands make contact with me.

I gripped her tighter and rolled her over on the bed so that I was gently lying on top of her. Both of us grinding together to create some type of friction. She felt so damn good and I wanted more. I pulled her up slightly and unsnapped her bra slowly sliding it down her arms.

My hands slid down her perfect, tight little body until I reached the edge of her pants. I pulled my head back slightly looking into her eyes for permission. I found nothing that caused me to stop my movements. In a quick flash I had her pants pulled off, leaving her laying before me in nothing but a pair of black see through lace panties. A moan escaped my lips before I could stifle it back.

"God, Bella. These are fucking hot." I said gripping them firmly in my fist. "But they need to go." I ripped them off her and heard her gasp.

"Holy fuck." I sat back on my knees and stared down at her, taking in all her beauty. Her peaches and cream skin was calling to me to kiss and touch. Her pert nipples were taut with want. Her body was perfect. She was so beautiful. More so then anyone I've ever seen.

"Edward….please….please touch me. Do something, Edward." she whispered, bringing me out of the spell. I quickly slid out of my pants and crawled back on top of her.

"Are you ready my beautiful Bella?" I asked kissing across her neck and collarbone. I aligned myself up perfectly with her heat and leaned back so I could see the look on her face. I was waiting for her to stop me, but all I heard was a soft, "please" fall from her lips as her eyes slowly closed.

I bent my head back and softly kissed her lips as I slowly pushed myself into her. A gasp of pleasure escaped her and I began to pump and kiss her lips more passionately.

"Bella…Bella…you're so damn tight," I moaned into her mouth. Bella's hands travel up my side shooting sparks through my body. At that moment I felt like a hormonal teenage boy again. I was going to cum and I was going to cum soon.

I gripped under her knee and pulled her leg up. "Cum with me, Bella," I whispered into her neck. Our breathing began to accelerate along with our motion, as she meets her thrusts with my own."

"Harder, Edward." Her fist in my hair gripped tighter causing me to cry out. Not in pain, but in pure pleasure. My pumps became faster and frantic. My grip on her leg tightened, bringing it higher up my side allowing me to go deeper.

"Now, Bella. Cum….NOW!" I bellowed and she obliged yelling a string of profanities. I followed seconds after. "Oh, shit…."

I collapsed on top of her both of us gasping, trying to get our breathing under control. I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer so that she was flush against me with her head resting on my chest. It felt right having her like this with me. She fit perfectly against me, like to matching puzzle pieces.

"Thank you." Bella said, just barely above whisper.

"For what, baby?" I pulled my head back slightly trying to get a look at her face.

"For making me forget."

I wanted to ask what she meant. I wanted to make her feel better and not just with sex. I wanted to hold her and make all her worries go away. There was so much that I wanted to know about her. But my body had other ideas and slowly blackness surrounded me.