Title: Defining Relationships
Author: Warangel88
Pairing: C.C./Lelouch
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for the middle of R2
Author Notes: Based loosely off a conversation that I had. Thanks Alex for Betaing
Disclaimer: I don't own Code Geass.

Lelouch honestly didn't know what he would have said in C-World to stop his father from taking C.C.'s father's code.
The only thing that really came to mind to was to desperately cry out, "Stop! She is my…"

Lelouch's voice trailed off after that, because even he couldn't find the correct words to describe his relationship with C.C.
They weren't necessarily lovers, despite the fact they had kissed quite a few times in the past. There were quite a few women who had a crush on Lelouch, but he honestly didn't have time for fleeting romances. While he may have cared for many of them, it was mostly just in friendship.

So would that make C.C. his friend?

Lelouch wasn't a very good friend if it did. Sure, he pretty much gave her his credit card to buy pizzas and accessories from Pizza Hut, but otherwise he pretty much remained emotionally detached from the girl.

Lelouch didn't go to the mall to hang out and thought going to Pizza Hut would be more to her liking. C.C. couldn't get enough of them, even when she had amnesia and no memory of pizza, much less technology, which was somewhat amusing to watch.

A comrade?

Lelouch had plenty of those, and not a single one of them was nearly as close to him as C.C. It could've been because he hid behind a mask, both figuratively and literally, or because of the fact he pretty much spoiled her.

Lelouch even shared his grand suite with C.C., although that was not saying much since he always shared a room with her ever since their second meeting at the mansion -- not to mention the pizzas he let her buy with his credit card.

Lelouch figured that "partner" was closer to the word he was looking for; after all, C.C. had always been by his side, the only one who knew him for who he truly was. The the "real" C.C. that is; the one who was immortal and wanted to die, not the human side of her that she had reverted to after their trip to C-World.

Lelouch glanced at the female sleeping on the couch, holding the overstuffed Cheese-Kun close to her. He grabbed the blue blanket hanging over one side of the couch and covered her body with it.

His relationship with C.C., the lime-haired girl was complicated, and he could perhaps spend the rest of his life defining exactly what the immortal witch to meant to him.

-the end

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