Days later I woke up in a hospital bed. Edward was there, as was my mum. Emmett wasn't, because obviously, mum couldn't see him, or she'd probably pass out...kind of like I did when I found out. My mum had been really worried about me, and tried to make me move back to Phoenix, but I couldn't. I loved it in Forks now, which mum couldn't understand – I was only seventeen, after all, and to her, well, it would seem weird. But I loved Edward – suddenly I had been thrown into this and he was my life now.

And I had found Emmett again. And I wasn't about to throw that away.

Edward took me to the prom that year. I actually enjoyed it. A few years later, he asked me to marry him. For some reason, I accepted, even though it went against everything I had ever stood for. But I loved him, and it was what he wanted. The wedding was beautiful...Alice organised it of course. It was everything I could have ever hoped for.

He turned me two months into our marriage.

The Cullen family moved from Forks a year after Edward and I got married. We lived in many places, and were very happy.

My father unfortunately passed away from a heart attack when he was young, ten years after we moved from Forks. I found out about it from a short newspaper article, which Billy Black had written as a tribute to the Chief of Police, and, as he put it, one of the best friends a man could have. He was also one of the best fathers a girl could have, I had reflected after attending his funeral – from a distance of course. Edward was there for me through it all.

Phil and Renee died from a car accident two years later. Renee had never coped with my supposed "death" well – losing two children was just going a bit too far. But Phil had been there through it all, and looked after her. When they had died, they were just driving back from a baseball game – I had been told she was happy when she died. She had lived a decent life – and she always knew how to appreciate life. She had died happy, and there was a small comfort in that.

As I sat in our most recent house, my head leaning on Edward's chest, my brother leaning against my legs, with Rose leaning into him, Alice and Jasper sharing an armchair and Esme and Carlisle sitting on the other couch, I knew that this was my true family. This was where I was meant to be...and even if it wasn't the most natural course of life, I had found love – and that is the most natural thing there is, is it not?

Emmett laughed loudly at something in the film, exclaiming at how cheesy it was, and if I could have blushed, I would have, as I realised just how cheesy my silent reminiscing was. It didn't matter to me, though, because I loved my family. I was a Cullen.

I looked up at Edward, and he smiled at me. "I love you," I whispered to him.

He smiled, "I love you, too."

"Shut it, you too!" shouted Emmett, "We're trying to watch a movie!"

I laughed. Yes. I was definitely at home here.

The End.

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