"Charles Andrew Swan get your ass down here. I'm going to be late for school," I screamed at my father.

"Isabella, don't use that word," scolded my mother, Renee.

"He needs to move it," I muttered under my breath.

"I coming, Bella. Are you really that excited about going to school," grumbled Charlie coming down the stairs.

"No, I just want to see everyone," I snapped.

"Well, lets go already," chuckled Charlie.

My parents and I had just moved back to the small town of Forks, Washington, the place I was born after being gone for six years. We moved away from here when I was twelve years old. That was when Charlie was offered a position with the FBI. The only problem was the job meant we had to move. Renee and I were not happy about having to move away from our friends and family, but we knew this was a great opportunity for Charlie so we moved. We had lived in Phoenix, Arizona for the last six years before Charlie and Renee decided they wanted to move us back to Forks. The move to Phoenix was really hard for me. In Forks, I left my best friends. The six of us meet on the first day of kindergarten.

I was a shy timid little brown haired girl. I was standing by the front door clinging onto Renee when a little reddish/brown haired boy with green eyes came up to me and grabbed my hand. I felt a tingle run through my arm when he touched me.

"Hi, I'm Edward Cullen. You and I are going to be best friends," he greeted me.

"I'm Isabella Swan but only my mommy calls me Isabella. My daddy calls me Bella," I said through my tears.

"I think I am going to call you B," said Edward.

"Can I call you E?" I asked with a small smile.

"Sure. Why don't you come sit with us?" asked Edward as he pulled on my hand gently.

I gave Renee one last hug and followed Edward to a table with two boys and two girls. The first girl had long blond hair. She was taller than me. The other girl was smaller than me. She had dark hair and bright green eyes. The boys were tall also. The first one had curly blond hair and blue eyes. The other boy was kind of chubby. He had curly brown hair and bright blue eyes.

"This is Bella but we are going to call her B. B, this is Rosalie and her twin brother, Jasper, my brother, Emmett and my twin sister, Alice. B is going to be our new best friend," said Edward as he pulled me into the seat next to him.

From that moment on the six of us were joined at the hip. We did everything together. We spent nearly every afternoon at Edward's house since our parents worked. Emmett's parents had been killed in a car accident when he was a year old so he was placed with Edward's family. They adopted him not long after he moved in with them. Their mom, Esme, always had a glass of milk and a plate of cookies waiting for us. Their father, Carlisle, was a doctor at the hospital. We spent numerous nights camped out on each others living room floors. I was the only one in our group they allowed to use nicknames for them all. Emmett was Em, Alice was Ali, Rosalie was Rosie, Jasper was J, and Edward was E. They all called me B. Carlisle and Esme insisted on having a nickname for me since the others did so Carlisle called me Bellerina and Esme called me Bellsie.

As close as I was to others, I was the closest to Edward. We would spend hours playing the piano together or reading on the hammock in the back yard. Every time I fell and got hurt he would be the one who held me while I cried. He was my best friend. I was fixing to start seventh grade when Charlie was offered the job with FBI. The night they told me about the move, I ran out of house crying and screaming about how I couldn't go with them. I didn't want to leave my friends, my Edward. I went over to the Cullen's house. I climbed into Edward's bedroom window. He was laying on his bed looking at some car magazine when he looked up and saw me crying in his window. He jumped up and pulled me into his room.

"B, what's wrong?"

"We're moving. Charlie is taking us to Arizona," I whispered through my tears.

"What?" he whispered.

"He got a stupid job with the FBI and now he is dragging us to Phoenix. It's not fair," I pouted.

"But he can't take you away from me. I need you to much," said Edward as he let his tears fall.

"I need you to, E," I said as I cried.

We laid in the bed for the next hour crying into each others arms before Charlie and Renee came and got me. That was the day that I knew I was in love with Edward. I was devastated at having to leave him but I didn't have a choice. Three weeks later, I was standing in my bedroom having a tearful good bye with all my friends when Edward asked them to leave us alone for a minute. They left and he turned to look at me.

"I will never forget you, B," whispered Edward as he put his arms around me.

"Me either, E. You are my best friend. I don't want to go," I cried.

"I don't want you to either but we will find each other when we are grown. I promise to find you," he whispered.

"I promise to find you to, E,"I whispered. Edward tilted my face to his and pressed a gentle kiss on my lips.

Ten minutes later, Charlie, Renee and I got into our car and left Forks. I watched from the back seat as my friends faded into the distance. Charlie and Renee promised me it would be ok but it wasn't. We emailed each other but it was never the same as being together. I tried to make friends but nobody understood me the way they did. They teased me for being to smart, to pale, to clumsy. None of them felt like home to me. Edward was home for me. Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper were home for me. I just focused on my school work. It wasn't my home but it was what I had. I kept telling myself that one day I would find them again. One day I would get my Edward back. I never got over Edward. He was my best friend and my first love. I have never stopped loving him. For awhile, my love for him got me through the hard times.

Then just when things seemed to be bad enough they got worse. I got sick. I was thirteen when I started getting mind splitting headaches. For a few months, I didn't tell Charlie or Renee. I didn't want to be a burden or make them feel guilty for ruining my life. So I would just sit in the closet for hours to keep the light from bothering my eyes. They realized pretty quickly that something was wrong when my vision started getting worse. I got glasses but they didn't help. Everything just got worse. For the next two years we went to several doctors trying to find out what was going on. By the time I was fifteen, I had lost complete sight in my left eye. Finally, a few months after my fifteenth birthday, we found out what the problem was. I had a brain tumor pressing on my optic nerve behind my left eye. They said they needed go in and remove it but that I would never regain my vision in my left eye and probably lose what I had in my right eye. After a lot of discussion and fit throwing by me, we made the decision to have the tumor removed.

It's been three years since I lost my eyesight. I can see little rays of light and color out of my right eye but I can't really seem to make out much enough to be able to see. I still can't see anything out of my left eye. I have to wear sunglasses all the time so the light won't hurt me eyes. I spent months after my surgery learning how to walk again, to talk again. I needed help with everything. Charlie and Renee tried to make the best of the situation but we realized that we needed to go home. So Charlie resigned from the FBI and moved us back to Forks. He and Renee were going to open a bar. I think they were almost as excited as I was to be back. I was just afraid my friends wouldn't accept me now that I as blind.

It was the middle of January. The others came back from Christmas break two weeks ago, so I was starting after everyone else. I was a little nervous about starting after everyone else had. Charlie parked the car in front of the school. I pushed up my dark glasses on my face and got out of the car. I unfolded my cane and took Charlie's arm. We slowly made our way into the school and up to the office. Charlie held the door open for me and I tapped my way to the desk. I could hear the person behind the desk gasp slightly when they saw me. I heard them shuffle over to me and Charlie.

"Can I help you?" she asked timidly.

"My daughter is new to the school. Her name is Isabella Swan," said Charlie.

"Oh yes, we have been expecting you, dear," she said as she patted my hand. I resisted the urge to pull my hand back. I really don't like being touched by people I don't know. "It's good to have you here."

"Thanks," I muttered.

"Bella, I am going to go. Do you need anything else?" asked Charlie.

"Nope, I'm good, Charlie. See you at home," I chuckled.

"Ok, Renee, will be picking you up after school," said Charlie before he stepped out of the door.

"Here is your schedule, dear," she said pushing a piece of paper into my hand. "Will you need help getting around the school?"

"I will for the first couple days," I said, folding up my cane. "Can you see if Edward, Alice or Emmett Cullen or Rosalie or Jasper Hale, can help me?"

"Let me see. Alice Cullen seems to be in all of your morning classes. I will call her to the office. I am sure she would be willing to help you, dear," she said patting my hand again.

She called Alice down to the office. I could feel my nerves building at being reunited with my old friends again. What if they didn't like me anymore? What if they didn't think I was good enough to be their friend now that I am blind? A few minutes later, I heard the door to the office open and was hit by the sent of lilacs. I turned to face the scent and heard the footsteps stop suddenly. The owner of the scent gasp loudly.