Summary- The Animal Demo Robbers goes and steals some items including the Dark Moon Gems and one of Dark Moon gems transforms the 8 into past gems alterations. Will they be able to stop A.D.R and with their transformations

Disclaimer- I don't own anyone but the Groat and the A.D.R and the Gems and the various jewels. I don't own the Shredder name.

Dark Moon Gems

Alteration Exchange

"Guys, this is insane." Kuwabara replies.

"Why?" Yusuke asks.

"Well, you guys didn't turn evil, become intelligent or gain big muscles."

"Well, you two didn't become magically babies, fat or get scared out of your mind." Raph replies.

"What are you guys talking about?" Leatherhead asks.

"The Kingdom Crystals and the Dragon Stones." The guys reply.

"Well, guys the Animal Demo Robbers are at it again stealing several of things." Koenma replies.

"Let's go!" Leo replies annoyed.

Meanwhile A.D.R under Groats leadership tries to steal some items on a list Hang Roo's hand. They get the place where the items are located.

"Great, Mates, Mr. Groat wanted these items: The Ruby of Dreg, The Diamond Statue of Lionguese, and the sword of Gritish." Hang Roo replies.

"We alssso get a bonussss by bring the Dark Moon Gemssss as well." Snake-Eyes replies.

"Are you kidding if I didn't know better the Detectives and the Turtles should be coming right now?" Bongo replies.

"That's strange." Dingo Starr replies. "They always come when we steal something."

"I knew it this was a good day, Mates." Hang Roo replies excitedly.

"A good day to go to jail." Raph replies.

"See!" Bongo replies.

"Let's go, Mates, but let's leave the surprise while running." Hang Roo replies as the A.D.R ran off and left the Grey Dark Moon Gem near the exit.

"We have to stop them." Yusuke exclaims.

What anyone didn't know is that the Dark Moon Gem was cracked and it started to glow and blind the Turtles and Detectives as then infuses them with its powers. It stops glowing soon after.

"What the shell was that?" Raph asks.

"I don't know, Raph, but it didn't do any thing to us." Don replies as he picked up the Grey Dark Moon Gem.

"We have to find out our side effects to this gem." Kurama replies as they walked toward the lair.

At the lair, the guys go to Koenma, Leatherhead and Prof. Honeycutt to what the Grey Dark Moon Gem does and all 3 examine the gem and came to a conclusion.

"We don't know!" Koenma, Leatherhead and Honeycutt reply.

"What!" Kuwabara, Yusuke, Mikey, and Raph reply.

"We don't know what this gem does in fact the Dark Moon Gems were never used until now." Koenma explains.

"Oh, great!" Raph replies annoyed.

"Well, guys it's off to bed I go." Yusuke replies as went to Leo's Room as the others went into the other rooms too.

The Next day, Koenma, Leatherhead and Prof. Honeycutt are still examining the Grey Dark Moon Gem. They hear an evil laugh and All three turn around and wonder what that is.

"Are fellas awake?" Koenma asks.

"We are now." Yusuke replies in a sinister tone.

"Yusuke, are you ok."

"Yes, Koenma, I'm ok."

Yusuke laughs sinisterly with the other 5. The wise one are in shock seeing everyone but Kuwabara and Mikey evil.

"Oh, dear!" Honeycutt replies as he saw 6 glowing red eyes.

"What wrong fellas?" Leatherhead asks worried.

"We're evil that's what!" Leo replies in a sinister tone.

"Where are Kuwabara and Mikey?" Koenma replies.

"We're right here." Kuwabara replies frighten.

"Boo!" Hiei replies.

Kuwabara quivers and Mikey trembles in fear. The other 6 laugh at Kuwabara and Mikey for being scared.

"Guys, where are you going?" Honeycutt asks.

"Do some…" Yusuke replies but soon gets a headache. "What the…"

"You guys were evil and you two were scared." Leatherhead explains.

"Huh?" The 8 reply confused.

"Ok? The A.D.R is stealing some more items from the Museum." Koenma replies.

"Ok, let's go guys." Leo replies.

They got the Museum with A.D.R. The A.D.R are coming out with more items they stole but they see Yu Yu Turtle gang coming. The Yu Yu Turtle gang get there but the A.D.R start to snicker.

"Mates, it's the Turtles and Detectives…ha ha ha ha." Hang Roo started to laugh with others following along.

"What so funny?" Yusuke asks.

"Big head much." Bongo replies.

"Huh?" Raph replies.

"6 of you have big heads and the other two are…"

The six heard crying as the A.D.R escape. They turn around to see Kuwabara and Mikey as babies. They are all in shock.

"Uh oh, fellas, we have an infant problem." Yusuke replies intelligently.

"Yeah, and we have to have solution to their problem." Raph replies in the same tone.

"We were mystical infants so these two must have superpowers we didn't have previously." Hiei replies intelligently.

"Which are?" Leo replies in the same tone.

"Let us see back at the lair." Kurama replies.

Back at the lair baby Kuwabara and baby Mikey crawled around. The other guys wait to see what power the other two have.

"What are their powers?" Don asks.

Baby Kuwabara all of sudden crawl away in super speed and baby Mikey pick up a nunchuck with his mind and tries to hit the guys with it.

"Great a baby with alacrity powers and a baby with tele…" Raph replies as he and the other held their heads.

"Wow, my brain just popped." Yusuke replies calmly but turns into shock seeing Kuwabara and Mikey. "Babies!"

"That's Kuwabara and Mikey!" Leo replies.

Baby Kuwabara sped off. Yusuke's jaw drop in shock. The others does as well. Kuwabara is still running around laughing.

"Wait, Kuwabara!" Yusuke replies as chased after baby Kuwabara.

"Mikey, stop hitting me with…ow…your…ow!" Raph replies getting hit with the nunchuck.

"I can't catch him!" Yusuke replies exhausted. "He said I was trouble."

"Maybe I can." Hiei replies running after baby Kuwabara catching him.

Baby Kuwabara cries hard and baby Mikey with him. Hiei is getting annoyed with crying and he tries to calm down Kuwabara but he ends scaring him more.

"Hiei!" Kurama replies as he got baby Kuwabara who calmed down and Don having baby Mikey who did the same.

All of sudden Kuwabara and Mikey turn back to normal. Kuwabara and Mikey look around and they see the others staring at them.

"What happened?" Kuwabara asks.

"Baby troubles." Raph replies.


"We figured out we the grey dark moon does!" Koenma replies as he started laughing.

"What wrong now?" Yusuke replies annoyed.

"Guys we have muscles." Don replies looking at himself.

"We don't!" Mikey replies in a fat tone.

The 6 laughs along with Koenma at Kuwabara and Mikey. Kuwabara and Mikey groans annoyed knowing how the other six felt when they were that way.

"Now that's funny!" Yusuke replies laughing.

"Hardy har har!" Kuwabara replies annoyed.

"Well, what Koenma was trying to say is that Grey Dark Moon Gem turns you into Kingdom Crystals and Dragon Stone's blue crystal and silver stone's transformations." Honeycutt explains. "And the A.D.R has the moonstone dark moon gem."

"We'll get it." The 6 reply as they laugh at Kuwabara and Mikey.

They got to the Museum and A.D.R was there. The A.D.R is collecting what they have and they see try to pick up the last item.

"Almost have the…" Hang Roo replies as he turned around and the 6 muscular and Kuwabara and Mikey fat. "Uh…Mates, we have a problem."

"Yes, you do." Yusuke replies cracking his knuckles.

"Run!" Dingo Starr replies as he and the A.D.R get what they have and escape but leaves the moonstone dark moon gem and it glows and turn the guys back to normal.

"We're normal." Don replies.

"You guys are." Kuwabara replies angrily.

"Picking at our expense." Mikey replies in the same tone.

"Come on we were joking besides Koenma started it." Raph replies as he, Kurama, Don, Leo and Yusuke start back up.

Kuwabara and Mikey chased the other 5 while Hiei was watching …

To be continued…

Up next: The past "animals" the 8 become.