Summary- The guys are chasing the A.D.R and the A.D.R are leading them to their but is stop short when they gain animal feet. Will stop the A.D.R from escape with their animal feet?

Disclaimer-I don't own anyone but Groat and the A.D.R and the jewels at the museum, I don't own all of the Dark Moon Gems including the Moon Gems and Dark Gems.

Funny Feet Fiesta

"There they are!" Yusuke exclaims seeing the A.D.R.

"Look what you did, Dingo!" Bongo replies angrily.

"Hey, I had an opportunity, so I took it!" Dingo Starr replies slyly.

"Well, mates, let's get them the slip." Hang Roo replies as he tossed the Black Dark Moon Gem on the ground and then it glows stopping the 8 in their tracks. It then infuses them with it energy. It stops glowing afterwards.

"Whoa!" Kuwabara and Mikey reply confused.

"Ok?" Yusuke replies in the same tone.

"Nothing happened to us?" Raph asks.

"That's good!" Hiei replies.

They were about to run after the A.D.R until…

"Guys, I have an issue!" Raph retorts angrily.

"You always have issue!" Yusuke replies teasing.

"Look at his feet!" Don says in shock as he saw…

"Rhino feet?" The other 6 guys reply in shock.

"That's funny!" Kuwabara replies as something rips.

"Kuwabara, I didn't know you had bull's feet!" Yusuke teases.


Kuwabara looks down at his feet. He sees he has bull's feet. His eyes widen in shock.

"Hahahahaha!" Mikey laughs hysterically at Kuwabara.

Kuwabara growls at Mikey. Mikey walks behind Don and He gulps hard.

"Eep!" Mikey yelps as he heard a yelling.

"Guys, I have a problem." Leo replies looking down at his feet.

"Lizard's feet!" Don replies confused as he felt his feet change. "Whoa! Mine are monkey feet."

"Hn! A Turtle with Monkey feet!" Hiei says nonchalantly.

"So is small person with rabbit feet!" Kurama says to Hiei pointing at Hiei's feet.

"I'm the lucky one."

"Lucky to be the smallest!" Yusuke teases.

"I can't move!" Mikey replies frantically.

"Heavy footed, Mike?" Kuwabara teases.

"Hardy har har!" Mikey replies giving Kuwabara a glare.

"Whoa!" Kurama replies as fell and then look down. "I have pig's feet!"

"Eww!" Everyone but Hiei, Don and Leo replies and then they laugh.

Kurama gives a glare at Yusuke, Mikey, Kuwabara, and Raph. All 4 gulp. All of a sudden ripping is heard again.

"Urameshi!" Kuwabara says teasing as he looked down at his best friend's feet.

"I have bird's feet." Yusuke says in shock. "The A.D.R makes me mad!"

"This was caused by the Black Dark Moon Gem." Kurama says seriously. "It turned our feet into animal's feet."

"Let's go get them." Leo says calmly.

The A.D.R got back to the lair. The A.D.R put everything down and Groat comes into the room.

"We lost them, Mates." Hang Roo says exhausted.

"But you could have led them to my lair." Groat says angrily.

"Ssssorry, Mr. Groat." Snake-Eyes says scared.

"Did you get the thing I asks for?"

"Yes, we did." Bongo replies.

"Good, so I will make them pay."

"Well, well, if isn't the A.D.R gloating again." Raph replies.

"The Turtles and Spirit Detectives." Groat replies. "I wish I could stay but I have plans."

Groat disappears. The Yu Yu Turtle gang are in shock.

"Whoa! Who was that?" Mikey asks.

"What did he mean by that?" Kuwabara asks.

"Never mind we got the A.D.R." Yusuke says.

"Mates, look!" Hang Roo replies as they saw the 8 feet.

"Those are some funny feet!" Dingo Starr replies laughing hysterically as the 8 just growls at them.

"Hey, mates, maybe…Ow!" Hang Roo yells in pain when Mikey stomps his tail.

"Now, who has the cure Dark Moon Gem?" Hiei asks darkly.

"He does!" The A.D.R points out pointing to each other.

"Well, let's see which one has?" Kuwabara says slyly making the A.D.R gulp.

"Bye!" The A.D.R replies as they ran off leaving the Moonstone Dark Moon Gem.

The moonstone Dark Moon Gem glows and turns the guys feet back to normal. They soon get the Moonstone Dark Moon Gem.

"Well, that's over, I hope." Yusuke says as the Moonstone Dark Moon Gem blew up in the guys faces.

"Now that was random!" Mikey says in shock.

"I agree." Kuwabara says in the same.

Meanwhile Groat is setting up his plan. The A.D.R watches what he is doing. Groat puts all of the item in his possession.

"Now that I have what need…" Groat replies. "I, Groat will take over Demon World."

Groat laughs.

The End

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