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Some of the names or characters where unknown so I made them up. The only faithful part about The Hay Adams is the fact is a Hotel in Washington DC across from the White House. They also have suites available however the prices I have given are HIGHLY under rated (try by $1800/night) but Booth couldn't afford that so I just gave him a discount. My story my rules.

Happy New Year Is A Placed Called The Hay Adams

Lying in bed after dinner at Bones' he thought about how she had made his Christmas a lot more bearable. She had included him in on her dinner with all the squints, Max and her cousin Maggie. She had asked him what his favorite foods had been at Christmas Dinner. He had told her they were the ones he remembered his Mother fixing before she died. When he arrived he had been shocked to find all of his favorites gracing every bit of counter space she had. She had cooked spiced ham as well as turkey (he had told her his Mother had always served ham), corn pudding, mac and cheese, a green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and she even managed a butternut squash lasagna, salad and roasted red onions for herself. She had bought apple and pumpkin pies at the diner but after all her work cooking who could blame her. Beside he loved the diner's apple pie. Of course everyone knew she had gotten the pie for him, but only the two of them knew about the rest of the dinner. He was so touched that she had gone to so much trouble to make sure his day was just right. He had to find a way to thank her. He lay there thinking until the morning trying to come up with something.

As he continued to think through the week he became a little more concerned. He wanted to show her his thanks before the end of this holiday season and that meant New Years Eve. They had spent last New Years with Parker and it had been fun. He knew she was almost as disappointed as he had been at the thought there would be no Parker this year. His visitation rights with Parker sucked. If Rebecca continued to pull this crap he was going to have to do something. But back to Bones what could he do?

Booth looked up to see Charlie walk by on his way to get coffee. "Hey Cahrlie, how's it going, the wife good,"

"Yeah we're good I guess," Charlie said in a slightly depressed voice.

"You don't sound so good you get in the dog house gain?"

"I think so, I was supposed to get her sister and her husband their gift, so I thought a nice night at the Hay Adams for when they next came to town would be great. We get a Government discount so we could afford it."

"Sound's nice so what was the problem?"

"Now Kathy wants to know why I didn't get the same gift for her. Like I was supposed to know she would want to stay at some hotel in town."

"Well Charlie," Booth laughed good naturedly "looks like your getting a nights stay at the Hay for you and Kathy real soon."

The more he thought about Charlie's problem the more an idea began to form. Could he get a reservation at the Hay for three nights, New Years Eve and New Years and the day after at this late? It would be a place he could take her where she would want to relax and not work. First he needed to call the Hay. He called and talked to the Manager, he really didn't like to play the celebrity card but this was important so he pulled out his big guns. He told the Manager he was surprising his partner Dr, Temperance Brennan with a room to finish writing her new novel in so of course he had thought of the Hay first as it was one of their favorite Hotels. Then he held his breath as he told him he needed the room for New Years Eve, New years Day and the day after. Strangely enough they had a cancelation and were not busy (he let out the breath he did not even know he was holding) so he booked it in Booth's name right away. He also informed Booth since he knew of Booth's tireless work in the city there would be no charge for the room. Booth told him he was not able to receive any gratuities so the Manager told him he had forgotten to tell him the government rate for him was $100.00 per day which Booth could charge to his card. That taken care of he now needed to get Bones to go along with the plan.

So now on to the convincing, "Bones," he asked that evening as they were sitting in her office finishing paperwork. "What are you doing this New Years?"

"Probably nothing," she replied in an preoccupied tone. "Parker isn't here like he was last year so there isn't much to celebrate is there?"

"Thanks Bones thanks for reminding me that makes me feel so much better. Say do you think about you and I drowning our sorrows together? We can both complain about those who left us alone."

"Booth that is neither fun nor productive,"

"I know, but at least we wouldn't be alone. Come on Bones please spend New Years with me, Please?"

Out came the puppy dog face, why did he have to bring out the puppy dog face. Why did he have o the puppy dog face. "Ok I will where are we going?"

Oh I made reservations at a Hotel, you'll like it. I promise it will all be very platonic."

Platonic just what I wanted from him she thought. Oh well at least I will be with him at New Years and not alone.

Earlier New Years Eve he had gone to the Hotel and been an early access to get the room ready. He had told the Manager Dr. Brennan was particular and he wanted to make sure she had everything she needed so she could stay dedicated to her writing. They had a beautiful suite facing the White House with a large soaking tub. In the bath he placed a tray on the counter with all of her favorite bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotions. There were candles in her favorite scents all around the room. He had even been crazy enough to purchase scented rose petal sachets for the bathtub. The white fluffy robe he had bought for her was hanging on the back of the bathroom door ready for her use. In the sitting room of the suite he had placed a CD player with some of her favorite music to relax with. He had stocked the mini frig with her favorite champagne, wine, beer, and cheese. There was a large fruit basket on the table and a large box of her favorite Belgian Chocolates'. Looking around the room he believed he had everything ready for her. He hoped her three days of relaxation were ones she would remember.

He had agreed to pick her up at 6:00pm New Years Eve. She still had no idea of where they were going. He had told her to bring only casual clothes, however since they had decided to go to the New Years celebration at the Hotel she was also bringing formal clothes. They would change at the Hotel.

He had a pair of jeans, a few t-shirts and his tux. The last item to go into his case was a large box of condoms. His conscious had fought with him over this. He removed the box and put it and put back several times. He was sure he would not need them. However, condoms had become a habit since the last time he forgot. The last laps was called Parker. While Parker was the love of his life, the next time he had a child he wanted to be in a committed relationship. Hence he always put a box of condoms in his suitcase even when he knew he would not need them. To him a large box of condoms in his suitcase was like wearing suspenders and a belt. You might not need them but they did give you that extra feeling of safety. Burying the box at the bottom he closed it and went to pick up Bones.

As he was driving over to pick her up he was thinking about his idea, hoping it was a good one. I need to surprise her, and say thank you. She had done so much for him. This was the lease he could do for her. She was going to have fun relaxing, and they would have fun drinking, eating and watching movies. It was going to be a great three days just paling around. You keep telling yourself that's all it's going to be. You have created the greatest seduction setting ever. Do you really think she won't be tempted? No I don't! This is Bones we're talking about, we are just partners. Even if I loved her she doesn't love me I'd know right? Look you haven't been the best judge of character since your surgery. You last told her you loved her in an atta-a-girl way and that was just plain chicken chit and you know it. Yeah I know it but she wasn't ready to hear anything else. Hey wait a minute why am I arguing with myself this is just plain stupid. Remember I once told you Mrs. Regan talked to herself because she said she was the most intelligent person she could talk to. She had all the references. Yeah well we're here now so shut up, he said as he ran up the stairs to get her.


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