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Chapter 21 The Family Begins

As they were laying in bed she turned to her husband and asked "well Seeley are you ready for today?"

Pulling her into him and nuzzling her hair as much to feel it on his skin, as for the wonderful smell he sighed and said, "yeah, I knew it wouldn't last forever I just wish…" and he let his sentence fall off there.

"I know Booth but we ran out of time. I am already starting to show and the baby will be here in less than four months. Do you want to exclude Parker from all of the joy of planning for his brother or sister?"

"Of course not Bones, I just wish we could do both. You are off all day today right?" He looked at her for confirmation, making sure she had taken the day off as they had planned. They had quite a lot to do and this was their last day as a secret couple. After tonight everyone would know. He wasn't really sad, at least he didn't think so he had just been so happy these last six months.

She snuggled deeper into his chest and as often happened their breathing began to synchronize after only a few breaths. He stretched out as she snuggled tighter to him knowing their proclivity of waking early would be to his advantage this morning as he saw the early color of dawn begin to color the walls. He sat up in the middle of the bed cross legged as he had many times before. In the last six months this had become a favorite position. It allowed them both the freedom to move but also allowed the one thing neither had thought they had needed during love making; they found they needed to cuddle, to wrap their arms around each other, to enfold each other, to cocoon each other. "Come here my love" he whispered to her taking her strong dainty hand into his larger one.

She came to him immediately sitting on his thighs leaving enough room for each to use their hands in preparation for the love to come. It was still amazing to both of them the mere suggestion of making love would have them ready. They found however that sometimes, especially in the morning, when they had the time to enjoy the experience they took time to bring each other to the brink over and over again before finally joining each other fully. They loved the bedroom talk, touch the entire experience and that was what he had planned for this morning.

Starting at her ear he nipped and licked little kisses along her jaw line to her lips, once there he drew her bottom lip into his mouth giving it little bites as he did so. He then began a battle with her tongue, neither willing to give in until better thoughts prevailed. Soon he was off down to her breast to capture a hardened nipple sucking it into his mouth sucking hard.

"Seeley, that feels so good, you are driving me crazy, making it impossible to wait, please fuck me now please," she begged.

Aha she had started begging early that was a good sign for him. He knew how hot she was how much she needed him. He could feel her heat; feel her dripping on his thighs. He slid his tongue over to her other nipple and paid it the same attention as the first, smiling at her whimpers, until he decided to give her a little break. He slid his fingers down her abdomen to the curls at the junction of her legs. Gently pushing the curls apart he began to apply light pressure while running his fingertips from front to back then back again as he added a soft massage of her outer core to his insistent suckling of her breasts. Soon it was impossible for her to sit still and his thighs were slick with the moisture of her need.

He gently picked her up and held her over his erection and helped her seat herself firmly filling her up completely. From the very first time she had made him incredibly hard, large and wanting, this morning was no exception, as they now began their beautiful intricate dance. After all of the "practice" they could now tell when one needed the other to stop and they could synchronize their movements perfectly. Sometimes she would lay her head on his shoulder sometimes it would be him just for the feeling of togetherness. Finally they were ready to come together. They just looked into each other's eyes and came together in one explosion.

She sat in his lap until they had returned to earth "Seeley, I think we get better and better at this every time." She yawned and snuggled into him.

"I think your right my love." He lay her down and watched as she became more comfortable. Looking at the clock he cursed it under his breath. He had allowed three hours for them this morning and they had taken four, a personal best for them he thought as he laughed to himself. He got up and started the water in the shower making sure it was warm enough. Going back to the bedroom he picked her up and carried her into the bathroom placing her in the shower. Joining her taking her favorite scrubbie and peach scented soap he started washing her back.

"Mmmm. Not that I don't appreciate the attention but to what do I owe the honor?" she smile back at him.

He laughed at her sexy flirty voice and smile "It's going to be a long hard day I want to make sure the beginning of it is as peaceful for you as possible." Once they were done he got out of the shower and completed the one thing in his morning ritual he was never too busy to do, the one thing she always teased him about. He got down on his knees and reverently kissed her abdomen right over where her body was growing their baby. "Good Morning little one, it's your Daddy. I love you."

"You know it can't hear you right?" she reminded him.

"Bones how many times do I have to remind you, our Baby is not an it! Besides today we get to find out if she is a he or a she. You still want to know right?" he asked anxiously. They had discussed it and she had left the decision up to him, he had decided he couldn't wait.

"No Booth" she smiled curling her arms around his head. As he continued to place little kisses on her abdomen she leaned down and kissed his hair, I promised you could choose I won't change my mind. Now we need to hurry we need to be at the Doctors Office in an hour. Then back here to make sure everything is ready for tonight."

Sitting in the Doctor's Office she was quite uncomfortable and squirming.

"What's wrong Baby?" he asked with concern.

"You try drinking all the water I had to drink for this examination then sit here while you wait for them to see you. My bladder is full, why don't you let the baby sit on your full bladder and see how happy you are. Besides I want to be done I have too much to do to be stuck here."

The fact the baby was too small to have its weight make any difference and they had been told there was a slight delay in her scan didn't make her any happier. Booth wisely knew to just smile and keep his mouth shut. He had learned from Charlie, when his wife had been pregnant, there were times when the only right answer was no answer and this seemed like one of those times.

Finally, they were called in and Tammy began their scan. First she captured the baby's heartbeat. As the sound filled the room they looked at each other in wonder and Booth bent down to rest his forehead on hers.

Then Tammy gave them some of the usual information, the baby was the correct weight for the due date they had been given about four months away, the length looked good too. There didn't seem to be any other issues then came the questions they had been waiting for "Temperance, Seeley, do you want to know the sex of your baby?"

They looked at each other "Booth" she asked?

"Yeah if it's ok with you" he smiled down at her."

Temperance looked up and said firmly "Yes Tammy we do."

"Ok" said Tammy "let's see if we can get the little prince or princess in the right position …oh and here SHE is. Congratulations you're having a girl. I'll make you some pictures for your family and friends." After taking, the pictures Tammy left Mommy and Daddy alone with the sound of their baby's heartbeat filling the room and the tiny girl's picture centered in the screen.

Booth leaned down and kissed her stomach again. "Hi Baby Girl its Daddy, you are so beautiful. Mommy and I love you so much." The last was said with tears threatening to fall.

At his first words Brennan felt a fluttering that stopped when he stopped talking. No it couldn't be, could it? It was possible even thought it was early. "Booth talk to her again."

"I thought you said she couldn't hear me?"

"Just do it please."

"Hi Princess, you have a great Big Brother too." He whispered against her abdomen.

This time she felt it stronger, a little kick. "Booth she kicked me."

"She did really?" Booth said his voice full of excitement and happiness.

"Yes every time she hears your voice she kicks."

This time he placed a kiss on Bones stomach and said "Hey Princess you gonna play hockey with your big brother and Daddy?" This time thought it was faint, Booth felt the movement too.

This time neither of them held back their tears. Their Princess was real.

Later that afternoon Bones was pacing a hole in the carpet while Booth tried to get her to eat lunch or at least sit down and calm herself.

"Booth what if Parker doesn't like me as a Stepmother? What if he hates me because he feels I stole you from him these last six months, what if…" just then the doorbell rang and Booth went to open it and let Rebecca and Parker in.

"Thanks for bringing him over early Becs, and for coming early yourself. I know it is an imposition but we have a few things to tell you both and wanted you to hear them here before everyone else did." Now Booth started to pace as Bones sat down. It seemed their roles were reversed now the time had come.

He ran his hand through his hair as he started to talk. "You see… it's like this… well…" He looked at Bones but found no help there.

"Oh for heaven sake Seeley just tell us already "Rebecca said.

"Ok, Yeah. Well you see this last New Year's Eve I got Bones a present it was pretty awesome" he looked at Bones and her smile gave him the courage he needed. "It was a week-end at The Hay Adams. Well one thing led to another and we… well we went to Las Vegas and got married." Now he rushed on "We decided to keep it a secret, well actually that's not true I wanted to keep it a secret for a while but tonight at the book party we are announcing it. That was why we wanted you to come here first. We felt it was only fair to tell you alone first and not spring it on you." What surprised him was that they were not surprised. "Wait did you guys already know?"

"Not for reals Dad but everyone has been wanting and 'spectin' it to happn" Parker said. He went over to Bones "so what happens with Dad's partment?"

"We are going to merge the two into one big one" she told Parker.

"Cool can I have the big bedroom with the bath?" he asked getting down to the only questions he now cared about.

Booth looked at him and smiled "we'll see what we can do Bub, but that's not all."

Parker looked from Booth to Bones and asked her "are you having a Baby?"

Startled by his question and the fact he had asked her she automatically answered him "why yes Parker I am, but tell me, why did you ask me and not your Father."

"He would probably tell me I had to wait until I have arm pit hair" he said disgustedly looking at his father.

The women looked at Booth who had the grace to blush and snickered. "Yes Bub we are having a baby girl around April 9th. So what cha think?"

"Think I wish I was getting a baby brother, no way to change it Bones?"

Trying to keep a straight face she told him "No she has already decided she wants to be a girl."

Rebecca looked at both of them "Congratulations Dr. Brennan, Seeley, so is this why the party is tonight?"

"Yes Rebecca it is and please call me Temperance or Tempe, Dr. Brennan is a little too formal. Also we are introducing my newest book The Bone Whisper."

"Which by the way she still won't let me read," he grumbled.

Booth and Parker played video games and Rebecca and Bones spent the time talking about pregnancy. Rebecca shared many things about her pregnancy with Parker, things only one woman would share with another. Bones was glad for the conversation; it made her feel like she would have someone to talk to about her fears. Later when she discussed it with Booth he told her it was ok with him as long as she kept their sex life out of any discussions she and Rebecca had, she laughingly promised to.

Later they arrived at The Hay Adams for their big night. Both had fond memories of how this had been the start for them. They had reserved the Ballroom for their dinner and her newest book introduction. All of their Jeffersonian family, her Father, Brother, his wife and their two girls were all at the same table. The interns were at the next table with the exception of Daisy who was seated with them next to Sweets as they were now engaged. The dinner was great and finally it was time for Booth and Brennan to make the announcement everyone thought they had been coming to hear.

Once she had everyone's attention Brennan began, "more than six years ago I began writing about two fictional characters. One a forensic Anthropologist and the other an FBI agent. Throughout the years, I have been asked if Booth was who I had fashioned Andy after and I had always said no. However tonight I want to read the forward in my new book.

Booth: It was over six years ago that you took me out of my lab and showed me there was a world outside. One that was full of color, one where shades of gray existed. I have experienced being shot with you, suffered through your death, more trauma than most couples go through in ten lifetimes. Still you have always been there. You have always been there as my friend, my confidant and my teacher. Yes you are and always have been my Andy, however no fictional Andy could ever live up to the real man you are.

This Book is dedicated to the one and only true man in my life my husband Seeley Booth."

You could have heard a pin drop, Angela had fainted.


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