Title: The Kiss

Summary: Just a really short point-of-view story, Donner's thoughts at the end of the final episode, "The Kiss"

Pairing: Donner/Zoe

Rating: PG-13 (not all that great at ratings it has some not-too-pleasant imagery, nothing graphic though)

Spoilers: Everything, but mostly the last few episodes

Disclaimer: These characters and settings and whatnot don't belong to me. I just wasn't willing to let them go when the show ended so I'm borrowing them, but I promise to give them back if the show gets renewed and I promise not to make any money off of them.

A/N: I was sad that there was hardly any Defying Gravity fanfiction on the site so I wanted to try to create some. I'm also sad that there are hardly any fanvids on youtube for it so I'll probably try to create one of those too. Please come join me in my obsessive fangirling so that I don't feel like I'm all alone in this fandom. Also, please review so that I know that there are other people who care about this fandom, even if you hate the story.

Seeing Zoe lying there on that bed, Donner found it hard to pull himself together. He tried to keep himself from imagining the possibilities, what would have happened if she hadn't made it back. He tried to see this, her badly burned form, as the lesser of two evils, but he just kept imagining her charred corpse. Part of him hated the Gamma for putting her through all this, but the larger portion of him just wanted to see what she saw when she looked at him.

This is what was occupying the rest of his mind, the thought that she had been pregnant. She had been pregnant with his child, his son if her hallucination was accurate, and he had never even known. How could he have been so stupid? He'd been telling her that stupid story about the pig and his reason for having a blood thing, and she'd been having a miscarriage. She'd been losing his son. He wished he could be mad at her for not telling him but there was just no way. She was hurt enough already. She was so badly injured and he knew she must feel guilty about it because that's what these hallucinations were, right? Things that you felt guilty about, that you wished you could've done differently, like with Sharon and Mars.

Almost for the first time in ten years he felt something like relief, like a giant burden had been lifted. He had done something differently this time. Zoe was lying in front of him and breathing, not dead even though she looked half-dead. She was alive because this time he'd been there. She was alive because he'd refused to leave her behind the way he left Sharon behind all those years ago. He'd waited for her and she'd come back to him, and the scars would heal. Dr. Mintz would take care of her physical injuries, and he would be here to take care of her emotional injuries. Soon she'd be scar-free and just as healthy as ever, and they'd succeeded in their mission, they'd brought the Gamma back. Zoe had proven her maternal instinct by rescuing her baby boy, their baby boy.

Filled with his overwhelming love for her, Donner pulled the mask off his face and leaned in to gently kiss Zoe on the lips. He was rewarded as her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him, smiling gently.